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That one was actually her though. She just needs some money so she can buy a plane ticket to come out to visit you.

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This reply kinda makes it sound like you’re running a very lucrative cat fishing ring.

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Perfect. So for point 1, I can tell her about the time I pooped myself on a bus ride to New York City.

Point 2: compliment her on her symmetrical eyebrows. Bonus point if I mention that she doesn’t have that many wrinkles compared to other 30 year olds.

Point 3: tell her I was so nervous that I threw up in the bathroom sink before coming but it’s okay because I used mouthwash and spit it out the window of my car.

Thanks for the tips!

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I’m not even American (Canadian for what it’s worth) and I would be absolutely THRILLED to see Jon run.

So much of the garbage from US politics is spilling over into my country and I feel like Jon would be an amazing guy to help clean it up.

Please get your shit together America. The world needs you.