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Pro tip, if they ask for dick pics it's not a woman.

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Some men don't get most women gotta be into guys to be interested in their junk. Or with women its not always about looks vs who a person is and their confidence level. Not that women aren't into looks but with them it's so fing complicated it's not usually even worth trying to explain because you really can't. But more or less random women don't wanna see your dick dudes.

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Historical documentaries always show Hitler as an immensely popular figure in Germany at the time. Was the average German really as fanatical about the Reich as depicted or was it more a political uprising brought on by those with power and money?

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Men who think women have the same sexual triggers as them because they haven't been involved in deep enough relationships for women to tell them a lot of shit. Or men who have watched way too much porn which is common now.

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If the bulk of Evangelicals had their way we would be living in a country that resembled Saudi Arabia, completely a theocratic state. Look at our country now with who is president and how easy he can pull the wool over these peoples eyes by waving around a Bible. He's just an old facist wanna be con man. Wave around the Bible in your face while he slips his hand in your pocket to grab your wallet and distribute the funds to all his pals.