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What is the legal justification for Delivery Fees when tickets are emailed or downloaded?

This, in particular, chaps my hide.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t Tampa an area where basements are rare, even for commercial buildings? Since you are doing geophys it sounds like there is a possibility that many of the gravesites weren’t moved, but just built over?

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How difficult is it to maintain your neutrality as a reporter when, as a human, our tendencies are to empathize more with one ‘side’ vs. another?

As a follow-up, what types of stories are more difficult to stay neutral?

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What advice would you give to people around discussing your line of work with teens? Meaning regarding positive and negative aspects of your work?

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That is so incredibly sad, and awful. I know the argument would be that ‘it was the times’ however I can’t see how it was acceptable even then, nor would it have happened to a whites only cemetery.

It’s good work you all are doing. Thank you