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I'm impressed at the quick reactions and thinking of the teenage neighbours. Not surprised their first thought was to remove your pants but who can blame them.

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With a rating of 4.8 at IMDB. I'm wondering, exactly which films did it out perform? I'm not hating or anything, just genuinely curious since that's kind of a low rating.

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How about you let her answer for herself huh? I'm pretty sure you don't know her and can't make those kind of comments yourself.

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I'm interested in how you think that's not the same as cookies changing prices?

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or alt+shift or shift+ctrl. It really depends on how you have it configured. Default change between languages is shift+alt while change between different types of keyboards in the same language is ctrl+shift.

Quick example:

To change between English and Bulgarian I use Shift+Alt. When I'm on Bulgarian, to switch between phonetic and regular bulgarian keyboard I use shift+ctrl.