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DrColdFingers83 karma

Do you do kid's birthdays?

philospectre222 karma

no they're too mean i can't take the criticism

FakeFlipFlops-9 karma

How did you become a musician if you can't take criticism.

philospectre24 karma

idk man ask God bro I don't make the rules here

GardenerOfBees31 karma

Who is your favorite band of all time? Do they influence your music(al style)?

philospectre68 karma

probably radiohead, and yeah I try my very best to rip them off as much as i possibly can, those bastards.

cephaswilco2 karma

You def have radio heads vibe off of the first track I listened to.

philospectre3 karma

thanks :)

jtabor24 karma

Been there, dude. Can you return or sell the gear?

philospectre34 karma

nerp. but oh well at least I'll have fun toys to play with as I gradually descend into madness.

jtabor54 karma

Yerp. You can sell it. You just don’t want to.

Realkers38 karma

can you fkn stop? this does NOT help the victim narrative!!

philospectre4 karma

ya what the hell man! I'm ostensibly a victim here! have some presumed decency!

Adiwik3 karma

Make music.

philospectre7 karma

that too

NorCalAthlete21 karma

Given that the first song title that popped up on your link is “Learn Nothing”, what would you say you’ve learned from this whole experience? And what do you hope to learn in the next few months?

philospectre1 karma

ain't learned one goddamn thing, friend-o.

won't learn nothing neither. refuse to even consider learning a thing.

PM_ur_Rump15 karma

Is there a name for this genre? "breathwave" or something?

Not hating, it's not bad breathwave.

philospectre13 karma

no clue, first ive heard that term

sounds pretty rad though so I'm going to go ahead and say yes?

zomboromcom11 karma

So, is it some sweet gear or what?

philospectre6 karma

yea its pretty rad i suppose.

SaintPaddy3 karma

What are you slingin?

philospectre4 karma

bought effectrix, soundtoys 5 and omnisphere

Jilston1 karma

Hey, I bought omni and soundtoys too muh dood.

philospectre4 karma

theyre sweet eh?

Jilston2 karma

Oh yeah!

I had atmosphere (cracked) a while ago, but I went legit and purchased omni 2 and soundtoys.

Omnisphere fucks me up. Almost too much!

philospectre1 karma

dude i don't know how many instruments being played with sugar packets i can listen to before I go nuts

Shakethecryingaway11 karma

It was ok. Did you quite your day job for this?

philospectre-3 karma

Nah b

EpicDad10 karma

Have you considered doing some live concerts on twitch or something to try and make some dough while you're stuck? (I have no idea what musician do live remotely)

philospectre12 karma

haha i think you have to have an audience for that? actually i have no idea. perhaps ill take a gander...

BluStep10 karma

How many people have you ignored so far telling you it's a bad idea?

philospectre13 karma

people don't usually like come right out and say that, it's much more subtly implied.

but i def ignored all the implications, thats for sure. like a total bozo, amirite?

Jilston7 karma

Hey. It’s ok. I’ve done the same thing...heh, more then once.

Lemme read down the thread a bit.

If you don’t mind telling me, what did you buy?

I understand if you want that private.

philospectre13 karma

no worries

I bought some toys to use in Logic (effectrix, soundtoys and omnisphere).

I mean they kick ass but, yeah lol

HandHoldingClub6 karma

Music producer here!

While you're building your library you should snag helm, spitfire audio labs, OTT compressor, Native Instruments Free bundle, and dexed.

All free! And not like torrent a cracked version, just pure and simple free!

philospectre10 karma

awesome thanks!

cheetofoot1 karma

FWIW, I used to have shared studio space in the same building where the guy who owned soundtoys lives (or lived, now, who knows). Guy was really nice, always really liked him. Didn't even know who he was until I was describing the guy to a co-worker and he's like "That's the soundtoys dude!"

philospectre10 karma

hey that's awesome, thx for sharing. nice to hear that.

VUXX60786 karma

F . Anyway, favorite type of bread?

philospectre8 karma

tough to say. first that comes to mind however, is a freshly baked baguette.

usyed16 karma

I like the music, gonna listen to it on the treadmill in bit.

You got a venmo or something i can kick a few buck to for enjoying the music?

philospectre13 karma


i appreciate the offer, but don't sweat it, just enjoy the chunes :)

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philospectre43 karma

ur mom is wary of proof

MajorMustard5 karma

Are you going be recording a lockdown inspired album after all of this?

If so, how would you make it sound..... lockdowny?

philospectre8 karma

yeah actually im already started on that

to give an honest answer, I would say the lockdownyness is reflected naturally in the total creative indulgence of the project.

in other words, working on it in isolation means I make every decision through the whole process, so I guess the sounds are a little more, personal or something? idk what do you think?

Norgeroff5 karma

What color is your toothbrush?

philospectre9 karma

hella green pal!

Norgeroff4 karma

Oki, thank you!

philospectre8 karma


Mamajess894 karma

Bro, you need some groceries? I will send u some where you at? This shit is insane i may not have to but i got some stuff i can share if need be. Gotta stick together in this messed up world

philospectre2 karma

i really appreciate the offer man but it's ok don't sweat it. I will survive. Stay safe amigo!

Rocky_Road_To_Dublin3 karma

Favourite recording software? I have been using Reaper for my side projects, but it is a little clunky.

Good sounds, by the way.

philospectre5 karma

thx man.

I use logic x but this project was recorded thru pro tools with a pal of mine.

fartpoopfartLALA3 karma

What's your favorite cheese?

philospectre7 karma

method man on the wire

fartpoopfartLALA1 karma

What's your favorite wu tang song?

philospectre6 karma

uh probably CREAM i mean the beat is just a beauty

ShasneKnasty2 karma

Do you have a safety net? Are you being irresponsible just for fun? Are you using this time to write and make music or are you just playing?

philospectre4 karma

to be frank i do have a safety net, it is unlikely that i will end up on the streets. it wouldn't have been such an irresponsible (indulgent perhaps) purchase if this lockdown hadn't swung into effect right after, but yeah, here we are now lol.

and yes i am working on alot of music. to be honest, i just have no idea how to release it and get anybody to hear it.

BlueStoneArt2 karma


philospectre2 karma

thanks for the kind words :)

honestly it's very difficult and frustrating, hopeless even, at times. but seeing words like these are like nice little glowing lights through that mist so i appreciate it.

I'm really sorry about your art show. Do not give up.

charliesurfsalot2 karma

If the apocalypse didn't hit, what was your plan?

philospectre1 karma


MirrorLake1 karma

Keep making music, dude, these are nice tracks.

Is it difficult to get your stuff on Spotify? You could probably make a few bucks on there. And/or release this on Bandcamp and add a 'pay what you want' button so people can download in high quality.

philospectre1 karma

thanks man,

im currently in the process of uploading it all to those platforms

SkankBiscuit1 karma

Can I borrow ten bucks?

philospectre5 karma

hell ya bro

Jaydeeem891 karma

What is your perfect pizza?

philospectre5 karma

if we're talking like proper pizza, then something simple, margherit-ish even, would do the trick.

if we're talking fast food pizza then pepperoni pineapple green olive

dont hate me

SkankBiscuit3 karma

Pineapple and green olive? Fucking animal.

philospectre2 karma

ya well at least im not a biscuit made out of skanks

...or am i?

Bless_all_the_knees1 karma

what do you recommend for learning chords? Im fine as long as i can look at the book but i cant seem to commit em to memory

philospectre7 karma

honestly just do it alot, and then alot more, and then even more, and then you'll realize that somewhere along that road you internalized chord shapes and all that

RedditISanti-1A1 karma

I spent so much on firearms and ammunition and even got some body armour. My gf was trying to convince me to sell one now who's laughing?!

philospectre2 karma

not me! cause im frightened by your guns!

RedditISanti-1A1 karma

I can assure you they will only be used to protect the innocent, or safe and responsible recreation. When they are not being used they are safely stored away from children and potential theft.

philospectre2 karma

ok cool then we can be buddies

RedditISanti-1A1 karma

And if the bad men do come I'll protect you but u gotta play me some dope music to entertain me and take my mind off this apocalypse

philospectre1 karma

thats a deal, fella

Reich2choose1 karma

Is this AMA turning out as well as you hoped?

philospectre2 karma

uh ya actually like way better. some guys gave me some fancy reddit trophy stuff, so now i'm better than all of you!

so long losers

_Driftwood_1 karma

ever think about finding some indie film makers and strike up a deal?

philospectre1 karma

not until now tbh, but thanks for the tip!

ForYourConsiderati0n1 karma

I shat my pants?

philospectre1 karma

i will help u figure this out, don't panic.

ebrizzlle1 karma

I once had a roommate who bought an expensive drum kit and then couldn't pay his rent. So he just sold his drum kit but for considerably less money. He called it his investment strategy. I think he also did the same with a set of Orange Amps(Apparently it has nothing to do with the Half Life Orange Box).

My question. Would you ever consider this investment strategy? Or will you stick to the fist bumps for good vibes retirement plan?

philospectre1 karma

i mean i gotta say that fist bumps retirement plan seems almost too good to be true. fist bumps AND good vibes? i mean come on!

AwkwardSpread1 karma

Can I just say your music is pretty good?

philospectre3 karma

ya, but only if i can say thanks :)

Sythic_1 karma

What would you ask if you wanted to ask a question in an AMA? Does this trick the bots?

I don't really participate in the AMAs, just pointing out things I notice that I hope help to improve your work as you go on. The voice track seems a bit low compared to the music, idk if thats just your music or a common thing in general but I often have a hard time hearing the actual lyrics of songs over the instruments. Also "Centerpiece" is hella clipping at the 3:00+ mark, not sure if thats soundcloud encoding or not but its pretty bad quality at that point (and maybe earlier I'm just skipping around).

Just FYI not really a music person so please don't take my criticism as opinion on your work, I'm just pointing out technical details that I notice. Good luck!

philospectre1 karma

hey man i really appreciate you taking the time! the vocal thing is a deliberate choice largely, but also probably comes somewhat down to shyness tbh.

thanks for the notes I'll take them to heart.

way to psych out those dumb fucking bots btw. humans >

ikeajetpack0 karma

What two letters do you seem best fit between F and king?

philospectre7 karma


amaezingjew0 karma

Alright so how can we give you our money?

philospectre26 karma

honestly i would rather that people just listened to my music, at least a little. i can eat a lot of rice.

morecoffeepleeease-2 karma


philospectre7 karma

I really appreciate the gesture but honestly don't worry about it, I just want people to listen to my music :)