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Wait so reddit posts are sorted by hotness? No wonder my posts don't do well cries in ugly

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Music producer here!

While you're building your library you should snag helm, spitfire audio labs, OTT compressor, Native Instruments Free bundle, and dexed.

All free! And not like torrent a cracked version, just pure and simple free!

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I wonder how often they get stolen. I rarely fly and when I went to baggage claim it said my flight would come out on conveyor 5 after two other flights.

I needed to pee so I did and came back and they switched it to 7 like the moment I left to pee.

When I got there most stuff was gone, luckily my bags were still there.

However I realized just how easy someone could walk in, grab a big suitcase, and leave. The space to the curb and a taxi and gone was like a 10-15 second walk.