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Is it difficult to stay clean in prison? Are the services given to you in prison to stay clean effective? Are some groups in prison easier or better to be around to help you keep clean? (religious inmates?)

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How do you deal with domestic violence in cultures where it is common place or even accepted? An old saying, "beating is caring and scolding is intimacy". In many cultures it is not only tollerated but acceptable. Where the authority of the man of the household is considered undisputed, and enforced with fear and fists, how do you take that power away?

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Don't feel bad about crushing them in Mario Kart, even in these difficult times. It's your duty as a parent to be relentless in their destruction via red shells and well placed bananas. Gloating encouraged.

edit~ Father~parent

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I have sat at the table listening one person rant about how hitting shows how much he loves his family. They tried civil conversation and discussion and a few weeks later he punched another person in the face because she disagreed.

She publicly shamed him by telling about 5000 social media contacts of his actions. Turns out people care if you address the situation directly without caring about what others think. This was a big loss of face for him in a country where saving face is very important. He started singing a different song after that.

This was judgmental and to the point. Usually nobody says anything and stays quiet... allowing it to keep going. Is it wrong to just throw it in the persons face? I find some people are so set in their ways, you need to shock their system to make them really change.

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The only thing I know about prison is what I've seen from the show Oz. So I know nothing. Im not religious, Im just curious if they are more or less likely to use religiobln as a crutch.

It doesn't seem like they're really doing anything(not surpising). So what do you think they should be doing? What do people need on the inside to help them? What can prisons reasonably do to help people who want to be helped?