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You say you want to abolish ICE. Are you aware of how significant a role they play in fighting human trafficking?

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We spend far more on healthcare than we do on the military already. Why is it that every time someone wants to talk about bloated budgets they target the military, but ignore that we already spend more on the very things they want increases for?



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Question regarding this as I’m unfamiliar with Minneapolis / St Paul’s history with regard to police hiring - I know the common argument in other areas is that it’s difficult to recruit from the locals if the locals don’t want to be cops or can’t qualify (background check fails, psych test, etc). Did that play into the previous requirement being struck down?

Follow up question on that - have there been discussions on reconciling potential conflict between wanting more stringent hiring practices for better quality police vs systemic racism and abuse using said hiring practices as gatekeeper devices to continue discrimination?

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Anything ever happen to the guy you said you knew committed the crime? What’s the statute of limitations in Missouri?

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Agreed! This is my biggest beef with all these plans - they focus on paying for it rather than why it’s so expensive to begin with. Same with college for all - when we’re paying administrators, on average, $50k more than the professors, and hiring them at a 3:1 rate over professors / educators, let alone a huge chunk going to the athletics programs that 90% won’t benefit from aside from some fun attending games (which, in some locations, they also still have to pay for tickets for) - I don’t see the benefit to just guaranteeing someone else will pay for it.