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socialist pony party?

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I'm surprised there's not just a page of nothing but flash ads like this. Oh wait there used to be back in the 90s

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If you have as much charisma in the show as you do in life, then i will be looking forward to you on the big screen one day!

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So how long before we can get this interfaced with VR?

Edit, I mean we can already use accelerometers around our ankles and wrists but I still don't see anybody pushing that out on the market because they believe maybe laser scam it's better but it's not one to one

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I remember back in the later 90s that you could get little strippers screensavers on your computer, there's all sorts of cool shit back in the 90s under layers and layers and layers and layers of pop-up ads with no legitimate pop-up blockers. Honestly pop-up blockers back in that day would have made a fucking killing. Script block, adblock plus. And pop-up blocker (strict), I can literally pass through the internet unhindered for the most part,