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Can you comment on the Corpus Aristotelicum, the writings of Aristotle and their relevance in dealing with the problem of the rise of cheap/tasteless sushi joints in North America?

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:) Precisely what I tell the Philistines of friends I keep. Thank you for your counsel.

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Torquil Campbell, is that you? Can you please give us a Q inspired band rant or rave?

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Hey Nealon, any advice for would-be comedy writers? I can't help but feel a kinship towards comedian writers/actors, but how does a non-Jew, Canadian, average chub become a comedian? By the way, I think your character in weeds is spot on, one of the reasons I kept watching the show. Also, Mr Cheezle was awesome, I guess any of your stoner characters are my favourite. Thanks for the IAMA.

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Yes to all three!! A Triumph!