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So, your proof is an attempt to drive traffic to your website. That isn't proof.

Where is the team? We need a photo of real people, not a link to drive traffic to your website. Young entrepenuers leaving corporate jobs should know this.

Also, it's a give and take situation. People are asking questions. You are not answering them. The only 'response' has been to the bot saying to be wary of proof.

Edit: You certainly changed everything in the introduction than when I first saw it! Much better introduction. Glad to see you are answering questions now and that there is a proof of real people behind the website. Also, you fixed the link. Good job.

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How will you 'fight against the profits of big oil'?

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Why only a decade?

Something implemented in 9.5 years would be useless then? Or 9.75 years?

What will you do when the decade is over?

What will you do if nothing changes?

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I think they are surprised that actually intelligent people showed up, with a clear understanding of what they are not doing.

They originally started the AMA with just a link to the website as their "proof", driving traffic to it. Nothing else. This line didn't show up until after the AMA: "We want to share our site visits and form submissions with investors so we can show them that this is a project with real demand worth funding." With just the website address as their "proof" they were most assuredly attempting to push web traffic. I was the first one on their AMA and I caught that immediately and requested additional proof. Their link immediately went "broken".

Their introduction has greatly expanded over the course of the day, but it's what should have been there from Minute One. I'm sure they thought they could come on, chat about "clean solar energy" and the dum dum redditor would hear some buzz words would start sending them cash. Oh, and get on a "wait list".

I'm sure they were shocked when actual professional with intelligence showed up and started asking hard questions that they could not answer. There was a lot of evasion. Worse, the hard questions were never actually answered.

It definitely appears this AMA was more an attempt to drive web traffic so they could show it to 'investors' as 'interest' in their product.

They earlier said they quit their jobs to do this, now it is amended and their data engineer is working on it part time.

It sounds like a rag tag group of college grads think they've come up with the billionaire idea of a web platform and an app. Where the average dum dum can pick a windmill and sponsor it and view the carbon emissions savings in 'real time' that is actually once a month.

The 'ground floor' was quite a bit ago and I think they missed that elevator.

Just my thoughts.

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It's worse. They came here SOLELY to drive traffic to their website. They've clearly stated that, repeatedly. They need the pings to take to VC and show that there is "interest" in their idea.

While on their website, you will be asked to "register" which also will be used as a fund raising tool and will put you on a wait list. A wait list for what, I don't know.