Hi, the title pretty much says it all. I obviously do not want to provide proof to the public that I am who I am for the sake of my own safety and hoping the people who run this page will allow that but I am a 21-year-old (F) who was one out of the many women that have been lied to, blackmailed, and scammed into exploitation by the company GirlsDoPorn.

For the past two years, I have debated on posting something like this here in hopes to connect to other individuals who have gone through or are going through the same thing. For a long, while I have held back out of fear of being condemned due to lack of proof and the herds of misogynistic humans who believe that any one person that has had their legs open are immediately deemed as whores, nothing more, and definitely not someone to be taken seriously. Now that the founders of the company of GDP are being brought to justice and possibly being faced with life in prison (Here are articles to refer to:

GFP founders face child pornography charges

GDP, a group of people who trick amd lure young women into doing porn

GDP faces criminal lawsuit

I feel (and excuse my language) a FUCKTON more confident in speaking out about this. I was 18 years old when I was coerced into working with that God-forsaken company. EIGHTEEN years old. A year older from 17, practically a child. My brain was not fully developed then and at 21, it still isn't!!! Long ass story told in short; I was lied to, told that I would be flown out to San Diego from Washington over 1000 miles apart from where I resided at the time and back for free, I was given fake but very reassuring female references who claimed to have worked with the same company before, I was given fake website links that supposedly displayed pictures of women they have photoshot before and all for the validation of a supposed "photoshoot". Everything they were attempting to sell out to me seemed all so legit so I figured, what could be the harm?

When I arrived there I was picked up by two men and a woman. They drove me to the hotel where I was then told that I only had one of two options: 1.) Perform a video shoot(s) with them or 2.) Find my own way back home. With little to no money and being alone in an unfamiliar state where I knew no one and being surrounded by persistently intimidating men, I felt obligated to oblige. In other words, I was left with no other choice.

I was told and reassured more than once that the video I was taping was only going to be sold to private collectors in countries such as India and the Philipines or Australia. When they had me sign their, what seemed like a 20-page consent form, I was pushed and rushed to sign without being allowed to read through it because I needed "to get started with the real work ASAP because your returning flight is the next day." They very briefly told me what the forms had supposedly stated and said "sign here here and here" quickly took the papers away and then continued to explain what I would be doing for the shoot. They told me the shoot would only take no longer than an hour, 5 minutes max for 4-5 different positions. It turned out nothing like what they had promised.

I ended up filming for 4 hours straight with less than a 3-minute water break in between. The man I filmed with was no way near gentle. I cried, screamed, and begged to stop in between sets, and even bled more than once. Every time I told them I wanted to stop they told me I was obligated to comply and if I didn't I would be going against my contract. Yeah, sure maybe that's why it took 4 hours lol I mean I guess. I never felt more used and broken after it was all over. I felt like every fiber of my existence was pricked and pulled out of me and shoved back in all at once.

Not to mention also, before I did the shoot I asked if we were able to use protection for the shoot because I was concerned about my sexual health & safety, the supposed manager provided me with "proof" of STD test results that belonged to my costar that showed up as negative for everything and said they had plan B pills on hand but 2 weeks after shooting I tested positive for chlamydia. This was all just the beginning of the nightmare of my life.

Approximately 1 month after I filmed with the company, I received a message on twitter from my best friend at the time, saying that she saw what I had done and that videos were circling around in my hometown with me in it. She was furious and condemned me for it. At that very moment, my chest sank deeper than the Mariana's trench. As you could figure, she was no longer a friend of mine after that. Not even hours past, I received sexually harassing messages from strangers and people I knew from my hometown. My mom, dad, step mom, god parents, aunts and uncles, my entire fucking family found out shortly after that same day as well.

That was all three years ago and within those three years I have been ousted from my family, group of friends, and school, my personal information had been leaked and exposed for anyone on the internet to have access to, I have been stalked, I have been raped in my previous workplace and I have OD'd once, almost taking my life.

My life today has definitely shed some light but it will never be the same as it was before everything went downhill. I will forever have these scars, I will forever relive the memories in flashbacks and nightmares, I will never get back the people in my life that I have lost, I will never get back my dignity and reputation but at the very least, I will always be a stronger person than I was then. Here is another article from another girl who tells pretty much the same story:

A story from another girl who was a victim of GDP

For anyone out there who is also a victim or is going through something similar (revenge porn/leaked nudes/etc) please do not hesitate to contact me! And for all the creeps, prudes, and rude people that have nothing good to say well, thanks for stopping by to read anyways. ✌🏼 EDIT: please disregard my typo referring to Australia as a third world country.. It was a mistake I made while editing.. my apologies if I offended anyone😅

EDIT (I now have one form of proof without having to identify who I am, this is an email that was sent to me 2 years ago from Brian Holm who is one of the attorneys taking part in the lawsuit against GDP. I have said my part in the lawsuit and I have attempted everything in my power to do what needed to be done in the light of justice.): Proof (1)

EDIT (Hotel & Flight Itineraries): Proof (2)

EDIT: Also, thank you everyone for the abundance of responses! I am truly overwhelmed... lol I didn't expect this big of a turn out... I will respond to as many replies as i can... THANK YOU! ♥️🙏🏼

LAST AND FINAL EDIT: I think I am pretty much done responding to questions and replies now. Again, my sole purpose for this post was to be able to help and reach out to other victims of this kind of abuse. NOT to recieve pity and NOT to make excuses for what happened. Everything I stated are all factual. Thank you to everyone that blessed me with their kind words and encouragement to heal! I appreaciate that bunch of you so much! And as for the people that had literally nothing good to say, clearly the lot of you all get off by being rude and bodied by responses to your negative comments. I'll pray that those of you find something better to do with your sorry ass lives. Peace! ✌🏼

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ARU763Y518 karma

third world countries such as Australia.


SwishWhishe292 karma

If we're talking about internet speeds, she's not all that wrong... but fair call either way lmao (am Australian).

victim1975123 karma

it was a typo but I will say America isn't all that better internet speed wise either🤣

victim197562 karma

my apologies... typo lol I accidentally erased the two countries before that (the PI & India) while editing.. but you get my gist yeah?😅

spiteful-vengeance217 karma

<slowly lowers boomerang and nuclear wombat>

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Stevenzoon-22 karma

3rd world should reflect to non-aligned states during the cold war but is used to describe somewhat 'less developed' countries often.

Australia is neither

victim197510 karma

I am aware, it was a typo. my apologies 🙏🏼

Kahzootoh458 karma

You said they initially presented themselves as offering a modeling gig? Could you tell us more about how they contacted/recruited you?

victim197563 karma

In a nutshell, I found them off a basic modeling post on craigslist.

opiburner9 karma

I'm curious as to what you told your family and friends you are headed down there for? I assume the video shoot that you thought it was? Did they not raise any red flags as to why they would be getting girls from Washington for basic modeling gigs?

EDIT: Just for clarification, I want it to be clear that I was asking those questions for a specific reason, not to victim blame or anything like that! The reason I asked those questions is because the whole operation relies on girls feeling obligated to do the first shoot because of the travel expenses as well as being stranded thousands of miles away from home if they say no.

I was asking the questions because I assume you did not leave on good terms. Otherwise I'm sure you would have reached out to your family when you landed and realized it was a scam.

There is tremendous amount of pressure involved when the company just flew you a thousand miles, you might have left on bad terms meaning you don't have the ability to call home for help, and you have no experience being on your own.

victim19755 karma

Yes, that is one thing I left out on my post, the reason I left home and overseas by myself was because I was not on good terms with any of my family at the time. So no. I told no one except for my bff at the time but all that she knew was that it was for a photo shoot (to include myself as well, only until I arrived in SD to do the shoot I was informed that it was actually for pornography.)

TheMassesOpiate25 karma

Comment is deleted, anyways someone could enlighten me?

throoawoo2193 karma

Basic summary:

Girl gets an offer to be flown out to do a Photoshoot, room and return flights included. Arrives and is told it's actually a porno and if you don't do it you can make your own way home. They promise video will only be sold to private collectors in far flung parts of the world and rush her through a contact signing, then when she cries and asks them to stop during the shoot they say she has to do it because she signed a contract.

Family finds out, etc.

victim197558 karma

thank you for doing the typing for me! 🤣😊♥️

new_account_500935 karma

I'm curious too. Front page of Reddit with 4000+ score two hours after posting, but all I see is "[removed]" in place of the post. Did the Reddit mods take the post down? If so, why?

emokantu37 karma

Because there was no evidence and op hasn't answered a single question

victim197510 karma

update: my post has now been officially verified and reposted by the mods. my apologies for not being able to answer questions right away then. the comments quickly turned into a madhouse and i unfortunately had other responsibilities to care of at the time. i am slowly answers questions now though!

corekt_the_record369 karma

Paging u/Katie_Pornhub

Why the fuck are GDP videos still hosted on the site?!

fireinthesky7212 karma

They took down GDP's channel, I assume trying to take down individual videos uploaded by others is like a big game of Whack-a-Mole.

victim197558 karma

hit it right on the nail my friend lol

victim197595 karma

PornHub no longer hosts GDP anymore but like the comment below said, with videos that are pirated and uploaded individually is indeed like playing whack-a-mole. PornHub has however been extremely helpful and compliant whenever I request for a video to be taken down.

nysraved282 karma

When they originally pitched you to do a “photo shoot” and showed you fake pictures of other girls, was it clear at that point that this photo shoot would involve nudity and/or sex? Or was it originally presented as a non-pornographic modeling gig? I know this doesn’t matter or excuse them either way, I’m just curious regarding the depths of their deception.

victim1975264 karma

for me, it was advertised as just a regular photoshoot/clothed modeling gig during the email and phonecall conversations I had with the person coordinating before I flew out to SD. only when I had arrived in SD where i did the shoot was when I was I told they were actually shooting a porno.

MiddleAgedGregg166 karma

These are the kinds of sites they used to lure girls.

victim1975135 karma

indeed, this was one of the websites they used to convince me it was all legit.

Oliks168 karma

How is your relationship with your family today?

victim1975180 karma

I do not speak to anyone from my father's side of the family but however, my mum is still to this day my #1 supporter who loves me unconditionally. She is the only family I have as of now and all the family I will ever need, to include my dog as well. hehe

homophobicgalleta100 karma

Jesus christ this is making my skin crawl. Im so sorry you had to go through this and you're so brave for speaking up. Surely there is legal action that is possible?? Have you talked to other girls? Power in numbers i guess. Stay strong love, you got this.

victim197530 karma

Thank you for the love! A lawsuit is in the works and the founders are currently locked up. I made this post in hopes to get into contact with other victims, by their own will and consent ofc.

victim197539 karma

hello, a quick update: my post has now been officially verified and reposted by the mods. thank you to all the haters and non-believers for pushing me to get this post EXTRA verified. a huge thank you to all who did support without proof, you are the kinds of people we need more of in this cruel world. my story now continues to reign true. i will answer more questions soon. 🙏🏼

IHeartFraccing38 karma

It’s early in the day in the US so maybe OP will start answering soon. But the lack of verification (and I know that sounds horrible), coupled with the timely increase of coverage of the GDP case, lack of responses to any questions other than Australia being a third world country, time of posting relative to US local times, and the other various accounts of women who have been raped by the GDP “company” (I’m not doubting that they’re rapists - what they do is terrible), has me skeptical that this may not be a true account.

If it is, I hope you go to the police and seek justice for your rape. You deserve that. 100%. Full stop. If this is phoney, I hope you find the help you need.

So I guess my question is, is there any way for you to provide verification of your story in a non-self-identifying way?

EDIT: Looks like OP has supplied what she can while still staying anonymous. I hope she gets some justice for what happened to her and these scumbags rot in jail.

victim197512 karma

I have uploaded a form of proof as an EDIT on my post. Thank you so much for your response! I can whole heartily guarantee you that I am not a phony. I could never make something like this up & also, why would I? what a waste of time that would be. I made this post soley to reach out others who are going through the same thing. I have no other intention but that.

relaxlu32 karma


victim197525 karma

Am i able to PM you proof that I am real? IDs and all? I am obviously against posting my real identity on here due to other predators. LMK!

asdf92404 karma

not saying these types of things dont happen - they do. but there's no proof of this specific post being real.

tho this post still shows how someone could be exploited to be raped and lose friends and be pressured to not talk about it and such, so it is irrelevant whether it is real or fake for highlighting such issues, but if you wanted answers that are real, you should probably take her answers with a grain of salt

victim19755 karma



my proof. also, check my edits on my post. thank you.

IhateSteveJones5 karma

Why did you remove??

victim19753 karma

I have no idea why it removed...

Redtwooo4 karma

Can you submit proof to the mods?

As an aside, I've never enjoyed a GDP film, the girls never look like they're into it. The guys really hammer them, and positions like the full full Nelson and the jackhammer just don't look comfortable.

victim19753 karma

thank you for you response! I posted proof as an EDIT on my post, feel free to check it out! 🙏🏼