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IHeartFraccing38 karma

It’s early in the day in the US so maybe OP will start answering soon. But the lack of verification (and I know that sounds horrible), coupled with the timely increase of coverage of the GDP case, lack of responses to any questions other than Australia being a third world country, time of posting relative to US local times, and the other various accounts of women who have been raped by the GDP “company” (I’m not doubting that they’re rapists - what they do is terrible), has me skeptical that this may not be a true account.

If it is, I hope you go to the police and seek justice for your rape. You deserve that. 100%. Full stop. If this is phoney, I hope you find the help you need.

So I guess my question is, is there any way for you to provide verification of your story in a non-self-identifying way?

EDIT: Looks like OP has supplied what she can while still staying anonymous. I hope she gets some justice for what happened to her and these scumbags rot in jail.