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I feel like I'm getting it

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Some people don't know some of those "start modeling" gigs are porn recruitment. You get a recruiter pouring honey in your ear, telling you how big a star you're gonna be, how you could be the next Kardashian or whatever, all you gotta do is fly out to the coast for a shoot to get started, and here you're a naive mid-America teenager given to trust that people tell the truth, so you believe them.

The world is a cold place and people could do with a dose of cynicism, but it's really very understandable how people can fall for tricks. There are some really persuasive, shady people in the world.

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Can you submit proof to the mods?

As an aside, I've never enjoyed a GDP film, the girls never look like they're into it. The guys really hammer them, and positions like the full full Nelson and the jackhammer just don't look comfortable.