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for me, it was advertised as just a regular photoshoot/clothed modeling gig during the email and phonecall conversations I had with the person coordinating before I flew out to SD. only when I had arrived in SD where i did the shoot was when I was I told they were actually shooting a porno.

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I do not speak to anyone from my father's side of the family but however, my mum is still to this day my #1 supporter who loves me unconditionally. She is the only family I have as of now and all the family I will ever need, to include my dog as well. hehe

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indeed, this was one of the websites they used to convince me it was all legit.

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it was a typo but I will say America isn't all that better internet speed wise eitheršŸ¤£

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PornHub no longer hosts GDP anymore but like the comment below said, with videos that are pirated and uploaded individually is indeed like playing whack-a-mole. PornHub has however been extremely helpful and compliant whenever I request for a video to be taken down.