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i read your second article and it seems you make no actual argument for why we shouldnt care. there are arguments for why we should care: its more efficient. if people do what theyre interested in/good at, they will do that thing more and better.

For example, imagine a boy who had the potential to be a great nurse, but instead, studied engineering instead because he didnt know guys can be nurses or/and he never got exposed to nurse-like activities and so never knew if he'd be interested in them. instead, he studies engineering, which he also probably likes, but doesnt like engineering as much as he wouldve liked being a nurse. this results in him doing less engineering than he wouldve done nursing, which is less efficiency than his maximum potential.

Now think about that, but on a large scale, with 7.? billion people. its a lot of efficiency lost because we let arbitrary things like gender restrict what we do

also, to address your questions

> "If culture and gender biases are to blame for women earning only 21% of engineering degrees (source), how are they so easily able to overcome such forces and dominate psychology and the social sciences, where they hold 63% of all degrees (source)?"

women are easily able to dominate psychology and social sciences because of culture and gender biases. if there were no gender biases, it would be around 50% for all fields.

> "What are the forces at play which can explain the lack of men in the social sciences?Are they victims of cultural stereotypes and biases too?"

yes. look at my previous answer

> "Why aren’t we trying to close the gender gap in the social sciences, or in nursing, or teaching?"

we definitely should. you seem to think that this question supports the argument that we shouldnt care because we dont care about the gender gap where women are dominant so we shouldnt care about the gender gap where men are dominant. the opposite is true, we should care about the gender gap in both cases.

> "People argue that STEM careers are the future of the economy, and it’s critical for women to participate. But that’s a value judgment. It reflects the weight our culture puts on money; it’s not a reflection of what role is more valuable to society. Is an engineer inherently more worthy than a nurse?"

not sure if engineers are more worth. But if that was the case, we would be encouraging people in general to be engineers, rather than just women. what is worthy however, is removing the gender gap.

> "Furthermore, if women were to leave the nursing profession in favor of becoming engineers, who would fill the vacancies?"

again, this is why we should try to close the gender gap even when women are dominant

> "Would we suddenly reverse our national campaigns and recruit men to join the nursing workforce? "

if we successfully closed the gender gap, than yes, this would obviously happen.

> "If they were disinterested in doing so, would we try to convince them that they’ve simply been victimized by culture?"

you arent going to know that you have an interest in something or not if youve never done it. we should make sure that both genders feel welcome in any field they might want to go to. however, we shouldnt try to victimize them; thatll probably do the opposite of what we want, and create people like you who are antagonistic about closing the gender gap.

> "Gender equality doesn’t mean men and women have to be the same. After all, isn’t the whole point of diversity to embrace, if not celebrate, our differences?"

the whole point of diversity is to making sure that what you do isnt constrained by gender. this allows for more diverse activities within the same gender.

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not saying these types of things dont happen - they do. but there's no proof of this specific post being real.

tho this post still shows how someone could be exploited to be raped and lose friends and be pressured to not talk about it and such, so it is irrelevant whether it is real or fake for highlighting such issues, but if you wanted answers that are real, you should probably take her answers with a grain of salt