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You said they initially presented themselves as offering a modeling gig? Could you tell us more about how they contacted/recruited you?

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Because of the overall risks to the ability to work with the Afghans. Let’s say that the local police/militia commander is engaging in the practice. If he is stopped, he is probably going to be resentful, he has family/tribal/political connections, and the odds of retaliation in some form are a given.

It’s important to understand that the accused will almost certainly deny the practice, the victims will be hesitant to step forward, and the accused will likely have tons of kinsmen providing an alibi or holding protests on his behalf: even if you stop him, removing him from his position of power is unlikely.

With that in mind, his retaliation could take the form of cooperating with the Taliban, having his politically connected relatives retaliate via legislation, or simply not cooperating with foreign forces. This is a culture where not taking revenge is abnormal, especially when your honor has been impugned.

For military authorities, turning more and more of their allies (particularly those in leadership roles) into enemies is an unwelcome prospect.