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v_sho_v145 karma

Do protestors like yourself feel one way or another about US based companies making changes to their products to appease the Chinese market?

hongkonggasmask351 karma

Truth be told, we need all the help we can get.

Seeing NBA, South Park and Blizzard all getting involved now, gave us a tiny bit of hope that foreign pressure has increased.

And it's not me being selfish, it is also a warning to the West that the Chinese Government is also coming after your freedom and democracy. They will continue to erode your freedom of expression through greedy businesses.

DoritoVolante130 karma

are you considering leaving hong kong, and is that a popular or unpopular sentiment amongst most protesters youve engaged with?

hongkonggasmask286 karma

Some of the middle class are planning to leave, they have the means to.

But among the protesters, most if not all of them will not leave, regardless of their background, even if they could. We all have a really strong sense of belonging and identity. For the first time, it's clearer than ever that Hongkongers are a unity, we live and die together, this is the place we want to stay and protect.

And besides, since July 1, we promised each other that we are always together no matter what, if we charge, we charge together; if we run, we run together. We do not leave anyone behind. I know that's not really the case in practice but it's also more than a slogan.

edit: I considered leaving but I don't really have the means and I cannot let myself do nothing when all this is happening right outside my window.

WL999299 karma

Props to you man. As a young wo lei fei, Im not strong nor brave enough to be on the frontlines. And now I have to go back to the UK where I study. I am here physically but my heart is always in HK and I read up on the protests everyday. I vowed I would always go back and serve the people of Hong Kong when I graduate. I hope the HK I know will still be there waiting for me.

Hong Kongers, resist!

hongkonggasmask154 karma

We are all doing our parts. Don't feel guilty. You are the people we want to protect.

flimsycownipples84 karma

Thank you for standing up for Hong Kong!

On LIHKG, some users are saying they are suffering from the long term effects of tear gas exposure, such as losing the ability to smell, long term coughing and chest pain. Have you experienced any of these?

Secondly, have you encountered any nice or helpful police? I know majority of them are awful and abusive, but I'm just hoping there may be one or two out there who still have some empathy towards Hong Kongers.

hongkonggasmask103 karma

I have not had any long term effects of tear gas personally, I know some of us do. I guess I'm just lucky enough to be able to replace my filters once or twice.

I have not met any remotely good police in person or through watching live stream. I don't know how to explain it, it's either Lucifer Effect, or the police have to justify themselves if they have to keep beating their own people.

kruecab63 karma

What can people outside of HK do to support the protestors?

moamina62 karma

Big Salute to you brave man!

What was the worst police violence you have personally encountered?

hongkonggasmask190 karma

A small scale protest broke out outside my apartment building at night, I joined without wearing any equipment thinking I'd be safer to just run home when shit happens.

As soon as I was 10 meters away from my building's front gate, the police charged from my behind at full speed. So instinctively I ran. I was fast enough that I was not the slowest one, but the unlucky ones got caught behind me. I kept running behind a few younger kids to a park thinking that it would be safe away from the crowd.

But I was wrong.

Apparently half a dozen police had been hiding behind the bushes waiting for an ambush. A big kid in front of my got jumped on the ground by at least 5 police. He let out a big scream the moment he hit the ground with one police kneeling on his chest, and another one on his head. The other 3-4 police started hitting him with their batons the next second. I didn't know that when a baton hit your body and your head, they sound different. When your body is hit, it sounds like something is hitting a cardboard, but when it hits your head, it sounds more like hitting a rock. I can never forget that sound and the kid screaming 'HELP! HELP!'

I would have been caught too if I didn't dodge into another tall bush in the opposite direction. The police were too busy arresting the poor kid and ignored me, so I had the time to witness it.

His scream drove me crazy so I stepped away from the bushes and shouted at the police. 'Stop beating him, he's not resisting!' One of the stopped for a second, looked up directly at me. The dim street light in the park bounced off his eyewear shining like cat eyes in the dark. They were animals and there was no way to save the kid.

Oxperiment50 karma

With the many incidents like that, is there any trust left between most Hong Kongers and the police at this point?

hongkonggasmask110 karma

Absolutely not.

Rumor says the indiscriminately police attack in a MTR station on 31 Aug killed some of the protesters. The police evacuated the entire train station including reporters so no one know what really happened down there. The police said no one died, but we don't believe it. They won't even release the CCTV footage at the night.

theganglyone15 karma

Do you know any police personally? As HongKongers themselves, this must be hard for them right?

hongkonggasmask5 karma

Not myself but according to my friend, all of them disappeared on social media now.

It is hard for them in the sense that they believe they are fighting for justice and they are here to restore social order.

JohnnyNintendo51 karma

Whats are best case scenario in all this?

hongkonggasmask113 karma

News spread to the mainland, mainlanders realized China cannot win in the trade war so they revolted and overthrew the Chinese government. That's one way to free us.

Alternatively, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam stepped down, a new Chief Executive was sympathetic to our cause, agreed to our 5 demands. The China government could use that in the trade war negotiation.

somaRM31 karma

What 5 demands?

hongkonggasmask139 karma

  1. Withdrawal of the Extradition Bill
  2. Independent investigation commission on police brutality
  3. Immediate release and amnesty for all protesters
  4. Retract the classification of our protest as 'riot'
  5. Universal suffrage for the Chief Executive and Legislative Council (the current system is designed to favor pro-government political parties)

PillowF0rtEngineer2 karma

What do you mean by trade war? Is there a trade war going on between China and Hong Kong or do you mean the trade war between U.S. and China.

hongkonggasmask5 karma

Trade war between US and China.

the_goose_says44 karma

Were the police violent before the protests? Are you surprised in how violent the police in Hong Kong has become?

hongkonggasmask122 karma

We were proud of our police force. I truly believed they were the Asia's finest. No violent, no corruption.

I have already forgotten how surprised I was when they first shot at us on 12 June. I guess I was more shocked that they shot at my students, and angry.

waitingtospeak35 karma

Can you describe the behavior of the police so we can get a sense of what you face on the front line?

hongkonggasmask90 karma

They hate us with passion. They call us cockroaches when we face off in the front line. They don't care if you're 15 or 50, they shoot us from afar with tear gas and rubber bullet all the same, and they beat us with their baton indiscriminately.

One time we were leading the front to open up a road so the more peaceful protesters behind could leave safely. The police on a footbridge let us pass (we were all equipped with gas masks), then cut us off and shoot tear gas at the peaceful protesters underneath.

Captain_Spaghetti_xx35 karma

To start off, I just want you to know I support your cause. I have Chinese, Singaporeans, Hongkongers and Westerner friends that have different facts about what is happening in HK right now and I'd like to say that majority of the people I know is on your side. So for my questions:
-Are the police from HK or are they police/goons from China?
-When and what do you think will trigger them to stop using rubber bullets and shoot someone fatally instead?
-Knowing China and the communist party, what is the most realistic "victory" you guys can achieve?
-I've always imagined that fighting the police or the goons won't accomplish your goals. Have you watched V for Vendetta? I don't want to give out your plan but I just want to know, do you guys have a bigger goal to make your voice be "heard"?
-The media is starting their movement to portray your fight as "inspired by or brainwashed by the west". A good example, this same thing is happening in the PH when the media portrays Duterte as the bad guy while 80%+ of the people supports him. Weak-minded people are easily swayed by what they see in the media. Do you guys have a plan to fight this as well?

Good luck on your fight brother. Please inform your fellow fighters that people around the world supports you!

hongkonggasmask67 karma

Are the police from HK or are they police/goons from China?

I believe Chinese police have already been mixed with the local police force. A police was filmed asking a reporter which newspaper he worked for, it was a famous and reputable news outlet and the police had no idea. Then the reporter asked if he was actually from Hong Kong, he said no and turned around.

When and what do you think will trigger them to stop using rubber bullets and shoot someone fatally instead?

It happened on the Chinese National Day. It was a sensitive time and the police didn't hesitate to show off their loyalty to their master in the north. And I also think that violence had been escalating from both sides so it was just a matter of time.

Knowing China and the communist party, what is the most realistic "victory" you guys can achieve?

I don't have an answer. There's another protest coming up tomorrow, I don't even know how that would end. I guess I kinda stop thinking about the 'end' because it prevents me from focusing on the present. I used to criticize young people for their recklessness and not having a goal before taking any radical action. I don't anymore.

I've always imagined that fighting the police or the goons won't accomplish your goals. Have you watched V for Vendetta? I don't want to give out your plan but I just want to know, do you guys have a bigger goal to make your voice be "heard"?

It was never about fighting the police. The police got in the way of us protesting and making our voices heard by the people in power. And then they attacked us, including peaceful protesters behind the front, so they gave us no choice but defend ourselves.

At the early stage of the protest, we never attacked first, it was all about buying time and protecting the women and children behind us so they could retreat.

The people behind us are fighting on many other fronts. Some of them are fighting a propaganda war trying to win over the people, exposing police brutality and lies. Some of them are in the West lobbying diplomats to support our cause. Others are boycotting pro-Beijing businesses and only buy from friendly businesses.

I'd like to think that the front line is just a means, we cannot win this with force or violence.

The media is starting their movement to portray your fight as "inspired by or brainwashed by the west". A good example, this same thing is happening in the PH when the media portrays Duterte as the bad guy while 80%+ of the people supports him. Weak-minded people are easily swayed by what they see in the media. Do you guys have a plan to fight this as well?

We build Lennon Walls everywhere so the uneducated, offline population can read more about the protest than relying on government propaganda. For the well educated, professional government supporters, we can only hurt them by interrupting their livelihood, such as boycotting their businesses or disrupting the economy.

9for926 karma

Are you all able to provide much support for those arrested? A key component of the U.S.'s civil right movement was having lawyers and organizations in place to either get people out of prison on bail, etc...or conversely fill up the prisons so it became nearly impossible to just keep locking people up.

hongkonggasmask36 karma

Right now, we have two crowd funded NGOs to provide financial support when protesters are charged. They are doing exactly what you've mentioned.

9for916 karma

Awesome. Is it possible to donate for support?

hongkonggasmask37 karma

There are a few options.

But it seems like only one of them has English instruction, so feel free to choose this one.

It's one of the bigger NGOs that provides financial support for defense lawyers.

You have my deepest thanks. Our kids need any help they can get.

iceols23 karma

Do we know what is happening to those arrested?

hongkonggasmask76 karma

Not all of them. Some of them just disappeared, we don't even know if they were arrested, but where else could they go after the protest?

People started 'jumped from buildings' and corpses floating in the sea, because they 'committed suicide'.

GForce110420 karma

After reading your posts I'm wondering why are there so few "older" fighters?

hongkonggasmask45 karma

Family burden, mostly. If you get caught, you lose your job, there's no coming back in the society after serving jail time.

As a father myself, sometimes I think it's not worth risking the chance to hug my own kid for 10 years.

Poseidon123215 karma

Is the risk worth it to you? Do you ever think about just leaving it to the people who don't have as much to lose? Or is that not as strong of an emotion than the one leading you to do this?

I can never fully understand your situation, so I will always reserve judgement. Your bravery is admired.

hongkonggasmask38 karma

In this case, 'the people who don't have as much to lose' are students and young people. Who's to say their future is not something dearer than the life I have right now?

If I stayed home and let other people fight for me, I feel guilty, and that guilt compelled me to join the protests.

And when I'm in the front line, there's a chance that I can escape, I just need to run faster than the next guy. But if I stayed home, that guilt would eat me alive.

I don't really think I'm brave at all. When you see people standing in front of you getting shot by tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, then they get carried away by voluntary medics, I'm just glad that I haven't lost my mind falsely thinking I'm doing something heroic.

It's terrifying.

FaithfulNihilist19 karma

What happens to protesters when the police get them? Do they actually arrest all the protesters they get, or just beat them up and release them? It seems like they would run out of jail space if they arrest them all unless they ship them back to the mainland.

hongkonggasmask54 karma

They chased us down and beat the hell out of us for we 'resist arrest'.

Even if you're just a by-stander, they would still push you on the ground and arrest you.

People are usually taken to a police station for 48 hours and then release without charges. They do that to scare off peaceful protesters.

But when the front line is caught, they are sent to a remote location where there's no phone signal, so you cannot contact your lawyer. That's where torture and rape happened.

Just yesterday, a college student openly revealed that she was sexually assaulted in a police station after she was arrested. It inspired another male protester to reveal that he was raped.

Enjoying_A_Meal13 karma

Clearly many different people will want many different things, ranging from secession from China, to following the 50 year agreement, to other demands. So to the best of your knowledge, can you:

  1. Tell us the most popular demands from the Hong Kong people.
  2. How likely do you think these demands will be accepted?
  3. If they are not accepted, what do you think the Chinese government will do realistically?
  4. what are the long term plans either way, like after the 50 year period is up?

Thank you for sharing with us and good luck!

hongkonggasmask27 karma

Tell us the most popular demands from the Hong Kong people.

Right this moment, I think we want the entire police force disbanded, and their crimes answered.

How likely do you think these demands will be accepted?

Very, very low. We are not really dealing with the police nor the local government, they are all puppets of the largest economy and the largest armed forces in the world. China needs to back down.

If they are not accepted, what do you think the Chinese government will do realistically?

Under the newly imposed Emergency Regulations Ordinance, they will pass new laws to limit our freedom, including curfew. But to do that, they need to escalate the situation further first, that's why they have been impersonating protesters to damage the train system and banks.

what are the long term plans either way, like after the 50 year period is up?

To compromise, we'd accept a real, genuine One Country Two Systems. Stop turning Hong Kong into one of the mainland cities. Hong Kong people are realists, unless threatened and provoked, we know independence is impractical and unrealistic.

No problem, please explain this to your friends and family, we need all the support we can get. It sounds silly, but it gives us hope that the West is watching.

WatertotheTree12 karma

How do you see this ending?

hongkonggasmask26 karma

I honestly don't know.

I don't think any politicians or political commentators know either. I mean, if we go back to one month ago and read all of the predictions, none of it really came true.

baconator8111 karma

Are the Five Demands (or Four since the first one is fulfilled) still the main reason for the protest now? Or has the protestor now demanding HK independence?

hongkonggasmask29 karma

Hong Kong independence has never been on the table, even though some of us support it, but it is not our demand, contrary to Chinese propaganda.

We are currently on the fence of adding one more, disbanding the police force. Sometimes I feel like we're fighting the police more than the government.

resetmypass1 karma

I have heard that the "police" are people that China brought in. Is that the case, or is it really the HK police acting on behalf of China?

hongkonggasmask2 karma

I believe it really is the case.

The Liberation Army was filmed inside their bases wearing police uniform.

Jao_R10 karma

Were all of you surprised your own police force became so violent? How could they support mainland China if most of them are Hongkongers? Or are majority of them mainland Chinese?

hongkonggasmask18 karma

I like to believe the majority are locals, but we also have evidence to prove that the Chinese police or military have already been mixed with the local police, e.g. reporters filmed troops of military personnel wearing police uniform in one of their bases.

Cathulion10 karma

Don't you fear they could arrest you and identify you, taking away you're daughter and job as a teacher afterwards?

hongkonggasmask18 karma

Yes, I have had nightmares about it.

I can't say my wife is supportive, as a mother, she's protective of her child and I am putting the family at risk.

HakuOnTheRocks10 karma

Good luck. I hope we both recognize that I'm asking a question to a man who has a good chance of dying or getting thrown in jail sometime soon. I hope it doesn't happen to you, but I respect the hell out of your fight.

I want to ask, do you have any plans for your family, career, and self if this all goes south? If the protests get squashed and China takes over, are you going to move out of the country?

You guys are fighting the first fight before we in the west have to. Our business are slowly being taken over by China and you guys represent our worries and our wishes. Thank you for fighting, and good luck.

hongkonggasmask12 karma

I'm glad that you understand China is taking over the world under the disguise of free market and greedy businesses

No comment on the chance of dying, or getting arrested. I don't want to jinx it.

If I get arrested, I would hope they don't place charges and let me go after 48 hours. And if I'm charged, I'd hope that I could get a good lawyer. If it doesn't work in my favor, let's hope my sentence is short.

FaithfulNihilist10 karma

What is the age breakdown of the protesters? From the reports I see online, it seems like they are mostly high school and college age. Are there fewer adults because they are afraid of losing their jobs?

hongkonggasmask22 karma

You are correct. Most of us are college and some high school kids.

I know some adults are out there but they are rare. Family. Jobs. Mortgage.

And there are other ways to help the kids if you have an income. So I guess it's division of labor.

Fenixfrost9 karma

Has there been any discussion about Blizzard and their reaction to banning a player and additionally firing two casters for supporting the Hong Kong protest outside of Overwatch's Mei being used to mock the company?

hongkonggasmask26 karma

There is, but not a popular topic I'm afraid.

Don't get me wrong, I know it's big but right now the whole movement is in stagnation at the moment. The Emergency Regulations Ordinance basically put the entire city in an emergency state, that's our immediate concern.

pathemar7 karma

What can we do to help?

DantorKing6 karma

Why is independence not on the table? China's policies don't seem to be changing anytime soon...

hongkonggasmask17 karma

Hongkongers are realists, we wouldn't be able to gain the support from the majority if it was an independent movement. And it didn't need to be at the beginning, the extradition bill wasn't big enough for the people to overthrow the government, if they retracted the bill then, none of this would have happened.

natoria6 karma

What realistic goals do you/ the protesters hope to achieve or agreement to reach seeing that it is very likely that the Chinese government is not going to step down?

hongkonggasmask6 karma

If I was impartial in all of this, Id imagine the protesters would accept having an independent commission that investigates police brutality. I think what the police are doing has distracted the protesters from targeting the people in power.

And it's not unrealistic at all, such investigation could take years, the government could use that time to stall the protest to an end.

you900005 karma

Do you guys think you will need a crate of mosins?

hongkonggasmask15 karma

We have been speculating the Liberation Army would eventually come and repeat the Tienanmen Massacre. We agreed that we would all go home if it came true, as it would be the end of Hong Kong and the beginning of the end of the Communist regime.

climbing3364 karma

Why are you personally fighting night after night? And do you think this is the best way to achieve your desired outcome?

hongkonggasmask16 karma

On a personal level, my students are in the front line, I just can't leave them there and say I support them from a safe distance.

I don't think fighting the police is the way to achieve our goals, we're just doing this out of self defense. If they're not attacking us for exercising our rights to protest, we'd leave them alone.

But it's hard to say now after all they have done to our people, all the torture and rape, it's unforgivable.

climbing3363 karma

Thank you four such an honest response. In a communist country do you have a right to protest? Fighting with n the police is an endless battle that no one will win. I know they have and continue to commit horrific acts against the citizens of Hong Kong. I wish I knew a way for you to take the fight off the streets and to the people who have the power to make the changes you seek. Stay safe and God bless you and the millions like you

hongkonggasmask10 karma

It is written in our Basic Law (like a small constitution just for Hong Kong) we enjoy the right to protest.

On the other hand, for us to protest legally, we need approval from the police, because of traffic and public safety or whatnot. But you see how this is going right now.

climbing3362 karma

Respect for going out every night to try and keep your students and those you love safe as they can be in such a hell. Just remember even if you kill all of the police they’ll just bring the army in. Godspeed and thank you for talking to me

hongkonggasmask7 karma

Not planning to kill anyone, we know it will not get us anything.

In fact, we could lose the support from the West in a single night if we started killing.

rexiesoul4 karma

What can folks in the USA do directly that would help the protesters the most?

hongkonggasmask7 karma

Talk to your representatives. Tell them they need to put Hong Kong in their platform.

It's not the most direct help but it is the biggest help we need.

On a personal level, I'm not a big fan of Donald Trump, but I have to admit that if he supports our cause, we need it nonetheless.

crumards22 karma

Is the US tariff war with China having any affect?

hongkonggasmask5 karma

Very much.

In June, the communist party promised Trump that they would not send the Liberation Army to interfere with the protest, that's when the protest started to escalate and China didn't want the West to have any excuse to interfere with their domestic affairs.

On top of it, China's economy is stuck in the middle income trap, US tariff could reverse its growth.

nutzernamenUni4 karma

What ist about fake protesters who are instructed by the government or may third-parties to escalate, destruct or vandalism? Is this maybe a thing to change the public mind into 'protests are to harsh for us?'

hongkonggasmask14 karma

I believe the government is trying to divide the peaceful protesters and the more radical ones. Not only are they using fake protesters to vandalize transport hubs and banks, the government has also shut down the MTR and blame it on the protesters.

I doubt it's working though. Take MTR for example, countless videos have shown that the ticket machines aren't damaged at all, they just covered it with a notice that says out of service but it's still working properly. People know the government is behind it.

heavenfangs3 karma

Hey, I watched a video on YouTube and found some mainlanders comments about you guys. That's when I realized that the narrative has been one way. Don't get me wrong, until this moment, I still haven't met any clear representative from their side on this matter.

Most of those comments bought into state propaganda, but some seemed reasonably argumentative. Look, I don't represent them or their beliefs, but their comments is the only civilian insight I have on this thing.

However, if you have one chance to address a portion of those reasonable mainlanders. What would you like to say?

And, please be safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

hongkonggasmask9 karma

I don't think convincing them or even debating them would do any good. If they really aren't part of the Chinese propaganda machine, I'd encourage them to read more and watch more videos from as many perspectives as possible.

All they need is free access to information.

Well, but why would they go to YouTube to defend their government who banned YouTube in the first place?

EncryptedFreedom3 karma

  1. Do you believe the west will soon be at threat to Chinese pressure? It's almost daily now that Western based companies shill out to China and practically bend over for their forgiveness. Do you believe this is an ever-growing trend of China slowly eroding democracy?
  2. Do you truly believe it is possible to become an independent and democratic country? I think it's inevitable that China will eventually deploy troops at the request of your government, how are you prepared to face this threat?
  3. When did YOU finally make the choice to stand up and fight for your freedom? What was the breaking point and do you wish you had done something different?

hongkonggasmask3 karma

Do you believe the west will soon be at threat to Chinese pressure? It's almost daily now that Western based companies shill out to China and practically bend over for their forgiveness. Do you believe this is an ever-growing trend of China slowly eroding democracy?

Yes, China has been doing it intentionally since Xi took power. He called it Sharp Power. Everybody wants to do business with China and they take that opportunity to control people's behavior and values. That controversial episode of South Park on Chinese influence in Hollywood is pretty inspiring.

Do you truly believe it is possible to become an independent and democratic country? I think it's inevitable that China will eventually deploy troops at the request of your government, how are you prepared to face this threat?

Since the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, our sense of national identity (as a Hongkonger, not as Chinese national) has been awoken. We now have a song that we sing in every protest, it has sort of become our national anthem without being a nation. I don't think we are ready for independence, but historians would say we now have the soil for it.

In the early stage of the protest, we promised that we would all go home if the Liberation Army showed up in our streets. Another Tienanmen Massacre would mean the end of the Chinese rule.

When did YOU finally make the choice to stand up and fight for your freedom? What was the breaking point and do you wish you had done something different?

The moment I heard some of my students were in the front line and one of them was hit by a tear gas canister. I cannot allow myself to say I support them without actually doing anything.

murphysclaw13 karma

Does anyone give a shit about the Winnie the Pooh stuff, or is that just Reddit slacktivism?

hongkonggasmask6 karma

We too enjoy the mockery, It contributes to our morale so please don't stop the memes.

itlva2 karma

First of all, as a fellow Hong Konger, thank you.

Is there anything, as a front line fighter, that you wish regular 黃絲 protestors know? #freehk

hongkonggasmask2 karma

We need you to do everything that's risk free. Let us take all the risk in the streets, we're counting on you on the internet and Lennon Walls.

TheArchitect082 karma

Hi there, I don't know if you are still doing the AMA or not and I apologise for bothering you but I wanted to ask 2 things. I'm from South Africa and we have many issues here that plague us and we have protests that happen but sometimes they can be poorly supported. Hong Kong has had these protests happening for many months with great support throughout. Can you offer any advice on how to get such a large backing involved? How does one get the mations support despite there being such a huge risk? Also what caused you to get involved even though there's so much risk involved (I know you mentioned your students but was that it?)

I also wanted to ask how we may support from the outside. Is there anything we can do?

I'd just like to end off by saying that I'm truly proud of your bravery especially taking on china. It's been nothing but inspiring from the outside and I know you are one of many, but I wanted to give you your dues. Keep on fighting the good fight. FREE HONG KONG!!

hongkonggasmask2 karma

Thank you for asking. I don't know much about South Africa, so I really can't say what you guys need the most.

In our experience, access to communication and free press are important. Reporters' live streams expose police brutality to everyone without any bias. People can't blame the news agency for editing the video, so what people see is actually happening, there's no hiding the truth. I think that alone allowed us to realize how serious the situation is.

5 years ago, we went through another protest called the Umbrella Movement, it ended in less than 3 months because we were divided from within. We criticized and blamed each other for either using violence or pleasing the voters, the peaceful and the radical were broken into two camps and that's how the Umbrella Movement ended.

With that experience, this time we learned that we cannot argue amongst ourselves, we can have different opinions or strategies, but we must first acknowledged we're from the same team. We can take different paths as long as we're moving towards the same direction.

We saw what the Chinese government did to its own people, especially in Tibet and Ürümqi, we know if we don't resist, we'd become one of them. I guess it's that fear that united us together. That's where the bravery came from, it's just animal instinct if you think about it. Fight or flight. Those who cannot run away have to stay and fight.

Korvon2 karma

How can the rest of the world help support you in your cause?

hongkonggasmask2 karma

A recent comment is pretty helpful.

And then here is a rather long list of things foreigners can help.

Thank you for the support.

baronmad2 karma

What are your personal thoughts on the chinese communist party?

hongkonggasmask8 karma

Tienanmen Massacre happened when I was young. We are the generation that cannot forget how evil the communist party can be, even after all these years of economic growth.

Bapaotje1 karma


What do you personally feel like is the best method for foreign supporters of your cause to help your movement? Stay safe!

hongkonggasmask1 karma

Blizzard has actually helped us quite tremendously in this regard, the more the West realize the Chinese Government is coming after their freedom and rights, the louder the voices can be heard by your politicians. Ultimately, it is the people in power who can pressure the Chinese government the most.

But in all honesty, seeing foreigners actually doing something to support us is such a morale boost.

TRPV41 karma

Do you think your position will cause you to push your own political agenda onto teenagers who may not comprehend the consequences of their actions? Good luck by the way.

hongkonggasmask3 karma

Personally, not at all. I just don't talk about it in my class and pretend it didn't happen. There are better classrooms than the ones inside the school.

I cannot risk losing my job if I want to contribute to the fight. Someone need to pay for all the gas masks and hard hats, the money come from the middle class.

Roflewaffle471 karma

With the majority of the police force out for their people, have you seen an increase in crime?

hongkonggasmask2 karma

I haven't noticed any increase in crime.

The protest isn't 24/7, so when there's down time, the police actually answer emergency calls.

Koda_201 karma

How often do you see or hear of other protestors using misinformation to make the other side look worse? Like acting like a police officer and doing something terrible? Or are most of the protestors you see pretty honest and genuine?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

No one has tried to pretend to be a police. We can't do anything worse than what they have already been doing.

On our social media, we know the police is reading every single post and comment, so from time to time, we would say something really ambiguous and enigmatic to throw them off.

SgtTryhard1 karma

For those who are interested in this situation but can't do something big like spreading posters or fundraising due to money/personal problems/etc, what can we do to support you?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

Please consider calling your representatives or only voting for those who support us.

Other than that, just leaving a comment like this is enough to let us know we're not alone. Believe it or not, we're really scared of how to West see us. After the first petrol bomb was used, we thought we lost the western front. So speaking your mind can actually influence our every move.

OutrageousMatter1 karma

Do you think china would send in the military?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

No. That would be suicidal. Sanction would follow if they send troops to an international city. China cannot risk fighting the US and EU at the same time. The EU has been pretty quiet, I doubt Merkel could keep her silence if China starts shooting at its people.

audtothepod1 karma

Please do not take this comment as me being against this movement, because I am not. But I am curious how are civilians taking this? I have a cousin that lives in HK and she has been saying a lot of the protesters are attacking innocent civilians that are just trying to go about their day. She said that she's read articles of people specifically targeting people who are speaking Mandarin and harming them just for that reason. Thinking that they may be associated with the Chinese government. What are your thoughts on this? How are other non protesters perceiving all of this? Is what my cousin said true?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

I do not believe what your cousin said was true. This movement isn't about attacking mainlanders, it wouldn't help us at all. We are fighting a government that attempts to take away our freedom and rely on police brutality to end the protest. It has nothing to do with Mandarin speaking visitors or residents.

In fact, we've been trying to convert the other side through building Lennon Walls everywhere. Attacking them is counter productive, if we could beat someone into submission, our government would have already won.

yuyqe1 karma

Although I am sympathetic to the cause and am against the tyranny of the gov't, I'm not sure what exactly the goal of the current protests are? Are you aiming on HK independence? Put in other words, what exactly are you hoping the protests accomplish that they haven't already (retraction of the extradition bill, likely removal of Carrie Lam, etc)? I don't think China is keen on letting go of HK for any reason, and I'm just hoping the situation dissolves before something truly horrible happens.

hongkonggasmask1 karma

It is the Chinese propaganda machine that framed us as an independence movement.

We have actually never asked for independence.

Here are our 5 demands.

AntiDECA1 karma

What would you say is the main "goal" for the movement - do you just want to be treated fairly and have the Chinese Government respect their old agreements or do you want full fledged independence from China?

Obviously cutting out China completely would be great, but do you guys want to go all the way knowing the complications or are you content with just going back to how it is supposed to be? Do you think it is actually possible to get independence at this time? Obviously you are willing to withstand the hardships since it has been going on for so long now and the protests have not died down, but is HK prepared to sacrifice everything if they lose this battle and declare yourselves independent?

I have seen in some places both views and I am curious which is more common for people actually there. Would you stop if China decided to stop and treat you like they used to - or has that option gone out the window and you are totally done with any connection to China?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

Independence has never been in our discussion. The Chinese propaganda machine framed us as an independent movement in order to gain support from their Chinese nationals, but we understand the reality and this is not the right time for it.

Iamninja281 karma

As an American Army Veteran myself, and a huge supporter of what you are fighting for over there, I would like to make you aware of just how much support your cause truly has around the world, and almost everyone is watching, praying for the best.

My question to you is, knowing the history of China and the massacre of Tiananmen Square, and seeing the increased aggressiveness of the Communist forces and Communist Police, are there fears of a similar event unfolding in Hong Kong, and if so, is there a plan on how to defend yourselves? (only looking for a yes/no on that final bit, I by no means would wish to compromise any strategies or plans you may have to people against your cause).

Best of luck, may Hong Kong be free

hongkonggasmask2 karma

We promised each other that if the Liberation Army appeared in our streets, we'd all go home. We cannot win if we let another massacre happen.

Actually, we WANT the Liberation Army to show up. It would mean the international community can no longer ignore the crisis, and China cannot risk economic sanction from both the US and EU. China's stability is a illusion based on the misconception that economic growth is indefinitely sustainable, but it is not, it's already slowing down. Just a small push from the West, China would cave.

find_me_withabook1 karma

I'm so sorry for what you guys are going through and support you all. What can I, in the UK do to help you?

hongkonggasmask2 karma

Please ask your representatives to uphold the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

China promised us One Country Two Systems, the British government has the responsibility to that promise is kept, otherwise they wouldn't have returned Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Josquius1 karma

What do you think of the political indifference, or even outright hostility, of many HKers of your age?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

I try not to argue with them, because none of us could change another's mind, why bother?

But when it is inevitable, I like to pretend I'm an bigger government supporter than they are. I'd say things like 'the police should gang rape those underage girls when they are caught, that'll teach them a lesson', usually it's appalling enough they'll just shut up.

CastleFrankl0 karma

Since mods deleted my comment, I will rephrase it:

You're a hero!

I hope the answer for the following question is yes; Do you guys always remember to leave your phones and other trackable electronics at home during protests?

hongkonggasmask3 karma

We should but we don't. We need our phone for live information.

IdlemasterKikuchi0 karma

Is Blizzard bad?

hongkonggasmask4 karma

After D2 and its expansion, yes.

tonyromojr-3 karma

At what point do you start carrying weapons?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

We don't have any guns if that's what you mean, and we will not use it if we could.

We have had kids bringing their airsoft guns to the front line for whatever reason, we just sent them home.

The last thing we want is the police shooting real bullet at us, we're not dragging innocent people in it.

tonyromojr-2 karma

You do realize that at some point you will need weapons? I can not see this ending peacefully unless the protesters back down. Which they won't unless their reasonable demands are met.

You all should be preparing for war

hongkonggasmask5 karma

There's no war as it would only be massacre.

We like to think that when we need weapons, it would mean the end of China because the international community would impose sanctions on China.

DrewZG-6 karma

How would you feel if America pulled a WWII and nuked mainland China?

hongkonggasmask5 karma

I'd say that's dumb and blame Donald Trump and those who voted for him.

China's economy is on the brink of collapse, just give it a little push, it's economic growth will stall and the people will revolt.

NCTrumpFan-8 karma

Do you want Hong Kong to become part of the United States of America?

hongkonggasmask1 karma

Nope. Not intending to become a second class citizen.

It worked out pretty well for us until 1997 but that's enough.

deABREU-18 karma

why are you atacking mainlander bystanders? why so many shouts of "locusts" at them?
why all the pillaging of local business?

hongkonggasmask19 karma

We targeted mainland tourists back in 2012. Hong Kong Government has no control over the influx of mainlanders who bought off all of our baby formula and daily necessities due to China's food safety concern. Our small shops disappeared, big chain stores, chain restaurants, pharmacies and jewelry stores have replaced shops that the locals need.

So we took it into our own hands to scare off mainland visitors.

Chinese tourists are pretty notorious in some countries, imagine that but 1000 times more because Hong Kong is their first stop.

As for pillaging local business, they were attacked because they have close ties with either the triads and the Chinese government.

On 21 July, Triads in Yuen Long indiscriminately attack innocent people in a train station. Emergency hotline was offline, police stations were closed. Two police saw the attack and fled the scene. It was orchestrated by the government and police.

We found that one of the Triad bosses owned a grocery chain store, so all the branches were attacked, some torched.

Other businesses were attacked because the owner's family member went to speak in the UN and spread lies to cover up police brutality.

yabutpleasestop-22 karma

How many grocery stores have you gotten to start on fire? What about subway trains?

hongkonggasmask11 karma

I'm not a fire mage, that's what the petrol bomb users call themselves.

I work in various positions, smoke fighter, scout and secretly a weapon researcher/engineer.

freeformcouchpotato1 karma

So protesters are the same thing as arsonists and looters now?

yabutpleasestop-17 karma

From what I can tell on the front page of reddit, yes. OP just admitted to researching and engineering weapons! HOLY SHIT!

hongkonggasmask6 karma

We haven't thrown any petrol bombs at the police so far, we use it to torch businesses that planned the Triad attack on 21 July. We have no intention to kill the police. We always have peaceful protesters behind us, so when the police arrives, we need something to deter them from charging at us.

We are not looters. We stop people who try. We don't need their goods, we didn't start the protest because we live in absolute poverty.