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- Did being in space change your perspective on the human condition (if so, how)?

- How long did it take for the view from orbit to stop impressing you (if ever)?

- If you could give one piece of advice to an astronaut going up for the first time, what would it be?

- What experiment(s) that you conducted in space stands out to you as most interesting?

- What do you think about the shift of space travel technology from government agencies to commercial companies?

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Have you noticed any lingering effects of the brain injury? Did anything change as a result like personality, temper, ability to concentrate on a task, sleep, mood, etc?

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Thanks for the reply! For others reading this, here's a link to the Capillary Flow Experiment description.

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What happens to protesters when the police get them? Do they actually arrest all the protesters they get, or just beat them up and release them? It seems like they would run out of jail space if they arrest them all unless they ship them back to the mainland.

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I would very much like to know this too. I imagine there's a big difference between what the average Han citizen sees on the news vs what we see in the west.