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I think he's Japanese.

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Gosh, so Dave was phoned in and checked out? I thought Bob was the only one.

All I can say is thank goodness Fuller House is Michelle-less.

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How hard is it to maintain a law of chastity? How do you keep from masturbating? (I'm struggling with it.)

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1) How much of an impact did moving The Hogan Family from NBC to CBS have on its cancellation?

2) How much of the Alanis/Dave relationship did everyone on set know about?

3) Why did the last few seasons of Full House revolve so much around Michelle (at the cost of other characters' development)?

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Hi, Gary. I miss you on CSI: NY. Two part question:

1) In your opinion, why are there no more CSI series?

2) Also in your opinion, why did Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders fail?