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How often do you reference karatekid mentally while doing your work?

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What are the negative aspects to this sort of society in your own eyes?

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Actually no, my mother was complaining about stomch pains and called me to cancel our lunch we had planned to have.

Five hours later my stepfather called and said that my mother was in operation and we should probably go to the hospital. We meet up there and a nurse told us that they had to remove her uterus and her ovarys in an emergerncy operation.

Happily my mother is now official cancer free again.

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Its hard to say, its reality.

And before her operation any result that would had given her a longer life were acceptable. So when we heard we just said ok, thats good.

Having something like this happen really changes your perception of what is important. The one and only important thing right there, was giving her the longest life without pain as possible. To hell with niceties and being socially correct they were less then a shadow.

I remember sitting in a full bus, on my way to the hospital because my mother could not wake up for 2 days, and i was crying my eyes out, so many people watched but i couldnt even begin to care less and to this day i cant care about that people saw a grown man cry uncontrollably on the bus. This was before we knew what kind of cancer she had and the nurse i talked to said that this might be the last time i could see my mother alive.

Its hard to describe, the only thing that really matters at that point in time was her survival, i couldnt give a damn about anything else. Work was suffering because i couldnt stay focused, my own life went out of focus, my girlfriend said one evening that i hadnt said a whole sentence in a whole week, all my responses had been nondescript, not even a yes or no, the only thing she could take from what i said was that i had heard her.

Having something like this happen to you or anyone, god forbid, really throws everything you thought was important in your life into the garbage can and replaces them with something you never even thought was possible.

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What is your take on the re-emergance of people who believe the earth is flat?