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i would presume the answer is classified.

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The suggestions you cited are just delaying the inevitable. What happens when everyone's out of work? You'd have thought of this possibility.

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I do, every time I see that spelling.

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It's a real issue in education. With all the tools available now, students aren't forced to use their critical thinking skills, which writing develops. Tools like these just make matters worse.

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Even if you were allowed to only submit one page, you'd still cheat. Lazy students will be lazy, no matter what. I don't require a minimum number of pages when I ask my students to submit a paper. My only requirement is that it be their own words. Guess what? People still plagiarized.

I actually mark down students who take too long to get to the point. I put emphasis on brevity when I teach my students. So they know length is not an issue. Don't blame your dishonesty on the amount of work it requires to write. Especially since all it takes to avoid plagiarism is to cite the source.

I'm going to repeat it again, since you probably weren't listening in class. IT ISN'T PLAGIARISM IF YOU CITE THE SOURCE - EVEN IF YOU COPIED IT WORD FOR WORD.

Ofc turning in a paper composed of nothing but quoted material cannot be considered original content. We call that a repost in reddit. I actually have a criteria for this for my students. Less than 20% of their paper must be quoted. 85% must be original thought.