There has been quite a lot of press over the last month about my decision to donate a kidney to a stranger that I met through Reddit. It started 4 years ago from me saying no to a woman who needed a ride. I decided as a mid year resolution to only say yes to those who asked me for help for the next year. This has created over a thousand opportunities to help others, mainly through my local r/pittsburgh subreddit.

Ask me anything!


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AlexBogues1156 karma

Hey! I wanted to say thanks again you just helped install a ceiling fan at my home, it was really helpful since we just had our first child and I haven't had time to do it myself!

I wanted to ask, did you come and do this while you were in recovery from donating the kidney!? Your nuts man but I really appreciate it!

Also I see you just got a Switch, what games are you looking forward to playing that you don't have yet?

pghparagliding963 karma

I did do it while I'm recovering, but I have a helper that did all the heavy lifting! I have been using the guy who was suicidal (that I posted about below) to help me with jobs so he can make some money.

Right now I just bought the new remake of Links Awakening and I'm loving it!

Oliumzen1109 karma

Pretty cool of you man. I clicked your post thinking I'll ask this guy for something extravagant mostly as a joke in a trolling sort of way. Then as I started reading post after post of you helping people out I realized I was only trolling myself. The world could do with more selfless people such as yourself. Bravo my dude, bravo.

Can you clone yourself? ;D

pghparagliding670 karma

You could be like me! All it takes is a 'yes'!

DenverTele236 karma need to write a self help book. Seriously. This one sentence is more powerful than most of what one could find in a self help section.

pghparagliding158 karma

I'll think about it!

RaddBlaster433 karma

At first I was like hey cool this guy helps people, maybe I should ask him to sub to my twitch channel or something but then I thought it would be better to ask you how I can help you instead.

How can I help you?

Edit: Holy moly. Since many of you are sending me dms asking me. My channel is Radd_Blaster. Thanks to all the kind people sending follows and stuff. That means a lot to an unknown streamer like me. You guys are awesome. Ill pay it forward for sure.

pghparagliding578 karma

Well I found and subscribed to your twitch anyway.

No need to help me with anything, I'm so good right now! Thanks for asking though. That means a lot!

pghparagliding116 karma

This is wholesome as heck. So happy that you can get some exposure!

Unexpected_Megafauna413 karma

What are the biggest negative impacts this lifestyle has on you?

And of course, the biggest positives?

pghparagliding1069 karma

Negatives: I am out tens of thousands of dollars from the last however many years.

Positives: I am happy. I get to make people's lives better. I usually don't pay for food or drinks when I go out because of how well known I am. And I don't have to advertise my handyman services at all because of word of mouth.

Unexpected_Megafauna275 karma

Thank you for answering

One more question:

Are you at all worried about the impact not having a kidney will have on your future? Sounds terrifying.

pghparagliding411 karma

Nope! They do a bunch of tests and I'm no more prone to any life threatening diseases than I would be with two kidneys.

MrDannyOcean190 karma

You've got a slightly higher risk for kidney disease, but still very low overall (less than 1%). There may also be an increased risk of high blood pressure. But that's about it.

pghparagliding221 karma

Yup! That's negligible to me.

TerribleThrills108 karma

You can't take that money with you, but you will take so much love wherever you go next, honestly this whole thread has me in tears, there's still so much beauty and goodness in this world, thanks for the reminder

pghparagliding74 karma

So glad I could inspire!

BentonWatuzi384 karma

Do YOU need anything?

pghparagliding751 karma

I'm so good. Especially after all this international press I've gotten lots of help. I got a sponsorship from Honda to keep my work van running, free food from lots of redditers while I recover, and lots of contributions to my non profit so I can keep doing good deeds while I'm at home not working.

Thanks for thinking of me though. That's very sweet!

KCinMoon166 karma

This makes me so happy, Jon! I'm a friend in the Pgh sub and I've been praying so hard for you and Rachel!! Love yinz long time.

pghparagliding146 karma

Thank you! Nice to see some Pittsburghers in here!

redditready198644 karma

How can I get into helping people? There is hardly any volunteer work around where I am at and I just don't have any good ideas? Any suggestions?

pghparagliding61 karma

Idk where you live but I can almost guarentee if you start looking around you'll find someone in need!

Testubeicles19 karma


pghparagliding61 karma

I'm all good there! I have a wife and she is a generous lady.

Dassaric354 karma

I will be without my family this Thanksgiving and Christmas and will be spending them alone, would you be willing to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and merry christmas, when the holidays roll around?

pghparagliding514 karma

I can do that! If you are close to Pittsburgh you can come to my thanksgiving dinner! I always invite everyone in the r/pittsburgh sub.

RenaR0se158 karma

How many people show up???

pghparagliding308 karma

Usually between 10-25!

RenaR0se116 karma

Nice!! Wish I could go!!

pghparagliding287 karma

Come to Pittsburgh! You can sleep on my couch. It's comfy.

Mogetfog343 karma

So you are Jim Carrey in Yes Man?

Hypohamish126 karma

How did I have to scroll so far to find this?! OP - were you inspired by the film or did you do this entirely of your own volition?

pghparagliding170 karma

I liked the movie but it wasn't really an inspiration. Maybe a subconscious one.

seandonsean281 karma

what was the closest you got too saying no?

pghparagliding2377 karma

Sorry, I should have clarified. I have said no, but only if it falls within certain perimeters. If it's not legal, is harmful to others, or is outside my financial means, then I will say no. Otherwise I'll only say yes.

The closest I've gotten to saying no when I could help was a month ago. A guy posted on r/pittsburgh saying he was suicidal and needed 2 grand to pay off his debts and stay afloat. Everyone said it was a scam, and the mods deleted his post. I was skeptical too, but realized the ramifications of dismissing this guy's post if he was legit. So my wife and I met him the next day, and ended up lending him half of our savings (the 2 grand he needed.)

He has already paid us most of it back. We are actually best friends now. We were able to help him get a car and start a 3 month programming boot camp. He's doing so good now, and it makes me sad whenever I think about the fact that I almost said no like everyone else.

waiha596 karma

Holy shit dude. You’re a goddam saint.

pghparagliding349 karma

I haven't performed any miracles yet so I am not a saint!

bp1108128 karma

Not a Saint. Are you a Steelers fan?

pghparagliding183 karma

I don't follow any professional sports. So not really.

Randalegandalf265 karma

Fuck me in the face, that's awesome.


Not a request.

traderjehoshaphat246 karma

I believe that's within the parameters.

pghparagliding327 karma

Gosh darn it. Guess I have to say yes!

Yago2089 karma

And now you have to video it and post it to reddit, because I asked!

pghparagliding152 karma

You bastards.

scmrph4 karma

Hate to be that guy, but if half your savings is 2 grand you are in a fairly precarious position to be making high risk loans. Kindness is great and all but stuff happens & if he couldn't or wouldn't have paid you back and something happened (say an unexpected medical bill or family emergency) you are putting you and your at risk.

pghparagliding68 karma

It's amazing what happens when you are generous, the universe is generous back. I don't pay for lots of things I would otherwise. Like today I'm getting a thousand dollars worth of car repairs for free because this local dealer sponsored me. So, I'm okay!

StormRider24072 karma

You are a much better person that I could ever hope to be. If there is such a thing as karma or a God, you'll be in for a great afterlife or next life.

pghparagliding4 karma

Ah that stinks that I don't think there is an afterlife. Oh well!

Are_you_blind_sir249 karma


pghparagliding376 karma

copulagent220 karma

hey man, I'm an extremely depressed guy. I'm 20 and had a very rough childhood that I've never recovered from. mainly just wanted to say that I respect the fuck out of you and what you're doing. I want to be like you; I've always wanted to help people, especially kids so they don't go through the loneliness that I did. I just can't seem to find time to do anything for myself, let alone others, and I'm too broke to do anything monetarily. sorry for the rant, I'm just going through some shit and you seem like a good man. anyway, I guess I have two questions.

how do you find time and money to help people? and do you find that it's made you a happier person?

pghparagliding286 karma

I was severely depressed for 10 years. So I feel you.

I knew something was missing, and didn't know what it was. Now having helped people for the last few years, I can safely say that was what I was missing. So in general, I'm a much happier person.

I've always lived very meagerly. I just made enough to get by, and used my free time to help. Now that I am well known in Pittsburgh, I get so much paid handyman work that I am able to use my funds to help others even more.

My recommendation would be to volunteer an hour a week and see where that leads you!

Druzl49 karma

What would be your suggestions for volunteer opportunities where such a small timeframe would still be valuable to others?

pghparagliding104 karma

Honestly, BBBS. I was a big for years and the time commitment is pretty small but they get a lot out of it!

Firhel33 karma

Not the OP obviously, but have you looked into volunteering at your local big/little organizations? It's the ones where you get assigned a kid to hang out with. A lot of group homes also look for volunteers to play games or bond with the kids. It's a true commitment so you'd have to make sure you were serious, and it would be a bit of a scheduled thing for you to look forward to every week or however often. Having that one thing you look forward to and forces you out doing things can add some structure to your life and change your mindset in other parts of it.

I'm no where near as amazing as the OP but I have dealt with depression, anxiety, and made a decision around your age to start living my life to bring smiles. I can absolutely 100% say he is probably much happier helping people. We're all human and can't do it every time, but knowing we can bring someone joy through simple things like being polite or asking how their day was? Tossing someone a few dollars while you're ahead because you know what it's like to be short on groceries. Or even helping someone put their cart away. It's endless what we can do, even with limited funds. It doesn't have to be huge, people will still be thankful for little things.

pghparagliding20 karma

I just posted about BBBS! Didn't see this post first. You hit the nail on the head.

Metalheadssuck166 karma

Will you have a drink with me this weekend?

How far out of tour comfort zone did you go?

pghparagliding154 karma

Sure. When and where?

Metalheadssuck112 karma

Sun, 8pm est, casual Skype drink and chat?

Edit; the first saturday you can drink that is.

pghparagliding188 karma

Oh I thought you meant in person. I don't know if I'd be comfortable skyping. It always makes me nervous.

IDontCareAtThisPoint340 karma

Lol no offense but it's funny that you were more comfortable meeting a total stranger in real life than having a video chat with them

pghparagliding312 karma

I am a flawed human being. I don't promise any consistency! I have met so many strangers from reddit in person I am comfortable with that. But skyping has always made me feel weird.

MadMasterMaxwell158 karma

can I get your other kidney?

pghparagliding280 karma

No joke I've had people message me asking if I would give them my other one, because they heard sometimes people are born with 3.

banana_kat149 karma

Can you share this video on your social media accounts for a Pittsburgh business owner who helps cats? She would really appreciate it (and so would the cats and cat parents of the 'burgh)!

pghparagliding82 karma


dalith14137 karma

Will you let me buy you a game for your new switch ?

pghparagliding131 karma

I mean, if you want? It's not necessary, though! Do you have any recommendations?

Monknut192 karma

How are you able to support this behavior, mostly financially? I ask because I currently hate my job and what to do more to actually make a difference in peoples lives but also still need to be able to live (mortgage and student loans basically eat my monthly income).

pghparagliding125 karma

I am a self taught handyman. I make decent money and instead of saving I use it to help others.

Dharmama89 karma

Man, I love your story -- it really put a smile on my face today, even though I'm going through a bit of a rough time.

Even though you're basically a walking charity, have you ever considered starting your own 501c3?

pghparagliding136 karma

I have my 501c3! Website for my charity is

lactatethreshold163 karma

So, I was at Sam's Club today, and found a $20 dollar bill. I looked around, and didn't see anyone close by, so I picked it up, promising myself I'd pass that $20 on to someone deserving. And then, I found this AMA on reddit. Life works in amazing ways.

pghparagliding37 karma

What! Thank you. That is an unbelievable story. I'll put that $20 to good use!

Dharmama67 karma

Donated, hope others that can afford to do so do the same.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Edit: It might be worth broadcasting this in the body of your post!

pghparagliding65 karma

I appreciate it! I didn't do this to get donations so I don't want to put it in the main post.

Wrathful_Man80 karma

I hope karma is real because you deserve some big love from the universe mate.

The only question I have is the only question worth asking:

What is your perfect Sunday morning?

pghparagliding87 karma

I get love from all over! Life treats me well.

Perfect Sunday morning is getting brunch at Cafe on Main in Sharpsburg (near Pittsburgh), and getting a giant omelette. It's the best brunch spot in the world that I've found!

Ohiolongboard76 karma

Can you try to convince me I matter? Asking for a friend

pghparagliding151 karma

If your friend is comfortable, they can call me at 4122123912 and I'll try my best! Otherwise have them send me a message with what they are going through and I'm happy to listen and provide encouragement!

OisinKaliszewski117 karma

I've done it! After all of these years following my hero of /r/Pittsburgh I finally have his number!

I love you.

pghparagliding162 karma

It's been on my website for years!

_ssh28 karma

bold move with the phone number

pghparagliding88 karma

I posted my number on a lot of other threads before and nothing ever happens. So send me some depraved stuff. It's also a Google Voice number so I'm not too worried.

Ohiolongboard25 karma

Could they text as well?

Edit: I’m dumb, just saw “or message me” I will pass it along, thank you very much

pghparagliding25 karma

Yeah texting is fine!!

ChongusMcBigDick69 karma

Can you do something nice for yourself? You deserve it.

pghparagliding156 karma

Oh I'm good! I am 6 weeks into 8 weeks of recovery from the surgery. I bought my first TV ever and got a switch, so recovery has been great!

HannahMatrix69 karma

Hey there's a House episode about a guy who won't say no to people asking for help. Have you seen it?

Do you ever have days of doubts? Like "Hmm maybe I should have a me day" or how do you find the motivation to keep saying yes.

I wish you all the best!

pghparagliding92 karma

People have told me that I remind them of house and I had no idea what they were talking about, until now. I will watch it!

I have "me" days! Like today I just wanted to hang out and do this ask me anything.

DoctorKynes61 karma

Do you watch "The Good Place"?

pghparagliding35 karma

Never heard of it. Why do you ask?

DeadlyDancingDuck55 karma

What's the best pay it forward you know of from your helping others?

Do you not have to decide who you can or will help sometimes? How do you choose?

How do you feel about those contacting you who don't really need your help i.e. are just taking advantage of your generosity?

Big kudos on all you've done and will do.

pghparagliding171 karma

This comment is my favorite. I won $500 from an award, and made a post on r/pittsburgh to give it away. He asked for around $50, and I gave it to him knowing nothing about his situation.

I've now learned that he was able to get a job working on the Mr. Rogers movie, which is beyond cool.

I say no if it's not legal, will harm someone else, or if it's outside my financial abilities.

I'm sure I've been taken advantage of. At the end of the day, I don't think 99/100 people who are scamming do it for the thrill. I mean, I highly doubt the person essentially begging by asking for gas money at the gas station is secretly wealthy and does it for fun. In a sense they are poorer than those who are honest about being poor.

Are_you_blind_sir44 karma


pghparagliding84 karma

Absolutely! I'm pretty amazed that so many people are worried about my happiness here. Y'all are good people. Most of the time when someone comments on my mental health it's to let me know that they think I am mentally ill for wanting to help so much.

rockingwing51 karma

Hey, seeing as you've suffered from depression for a long time as well and feel the need to help people as well, do you think there's a correlation between the two?

Also, what was one of the weirdest requests/cries for help that you got and actually helped with?

pghparagliding215 karma

I believe only one thing 100%, humans desire goodness. There's a huge correlation bwtween mental health and doing good things for me.

Weirdest one was an 18 year old got too high and couldn't find a ride home at 2 am. So i drove him home. That was one of my favorites! I was expecting to get mugged or worse and he was just a nice kid who was definitely stoned.

UnlikeClockwork48 karma

Also in Pittsburgh!

Question: What are some of your favorite things to do in Pittsburgh when you can? (outside of recovery)

Also: I'm starting a hopefully biannual charity event here in Southside! Any chance I could get a repost/share?

pghparagliding56 karma

Banjo nights at the Elks Lounge!

And sure, send me deets in a message.

EAS89344 karma

How big is your dick? I might be needing a dick transplant depending on your answer.

Edit: Jokes aside, thank you for your actions :)

pghparagliding123 karma

It's just large enough to almost satisfy my wife. Your mileage may vary with it though.

lilmammamia36 karma

What made you say no to the woman who asked for a ride ?

pghparagliding93 karma

I was mid pumping gas and eating a crappy gas station sandwich, and I had all those little pesky seeds they put in the bread all over me. She knocked on my window and caught me off guard. Being embarrassed being covered in seeds, I instinctively said no. It wasn't 20 seconds later that I brushed off my shirt and realized I should've helped her, and she was gone.

FarmsOnReddditNow9 karma

I was about to give someone cash and a ride one night in a city I wasn’t familiar with, when another car pulled up and shouted at me to get away from him. Told me he’s a scammer, has scammed them before and isn’t trustworthy. The guy bolted. Since then it’s made me way more skeptical about helping.

Do you never feel like you could be putting yourself in danger? A lot of people asking for help aren’t safe.

pghparagliding10 karma

There will always be scammers. I'm of the belief that they are poorer than the people they are pretending to be. As in, what person who actually has lots of money likes to sit at a gas station and lie to people to make a few bucks?

I don't feel like I've been in danger, but I'm a pretty big guy. Some people don't feel safe doing what I do, which is why I offer to go along on any good deeds people want to do through my subreddit, r/pittsburghgooddeeds.

BlindPolyglot32 karma

I love what you are doing! You are making a difference for a lot of people. The fact that you donated a kidney to someone really intrigues me because I’m may be about to be a kidney donor myself for my father. I don’t know anyone else who has ever donated a kidney. Would you ever be willing to PM with me and talk to me about what the recovery from that is like? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

pghparagliding32 karma

Don't be scared! I was terrified but honestly it wasn't that bad. And a few weeks later I'm moving and grooving just like normal. Feel free to send me a PM with your concerns and I'll be happy to answer!

ZZZ_12331 karma

How does all of this affect your taxes? Cause it all seems complicated in fiscal reporting.

Have people offered to help with that?

pghparagliding42 karma

I have a 501c3 so most everything goes through that. And it's super easy to report taxes if they are under 50k.

SuperGrover1330 karma

That is super awesome dude, wish more people were like you. The world would be a better place. You're an inspiration and I hope more people hear of you!

And since I'm required to ask a question, what's the biggest thing you've done for someone who asked?

pghparagliding40 karma

Thanks for the kind words! The biggest thing is the kidney donation by far.

stoneberry27 karma

How do you find time for all this?

pghparagliding80 karma

I don't work 40 hours a week only making money. I do 20 hours or so to make enough to survive and the rest is for helping others.

SwimmingCoyote26 karma

I gleamed from one of your responses that you're married. Giving away money has an effect on your wife and any other family members you help support. How did they react when you first came up with this idea? How do they feel about it now?

You're a pretty extraordinary person. I wish you nothing but health and happiness.

pghparagliding51 karma

Thanks for the kind words!

Right now I am financially supporting my wife, and 2 other people (that I've met through doing good deeds). She has been out of work for a while, so I pay for everything, including her student loans. So, I guess my point is, I am able to support those close to me as well as others. She trusts me with the finances, and I haven't been in a pickle yet!

Nibbleworm23 karma

Can I join you in this?

pghparagliding44 karma

If you are in Pittsburgh you can join my r/pittsburghgooddeeds subreddit. Otherwise you can do this in your own town!

cutthroatk22 karma

Could you remind me once a week to help at least one random person?

pghparagliding30 karma

I'll try!

violetsuzette22 karma


pghparagliding12 karma

I set perimeters for myself so I didn't give more than I could. But that's about it. I'm sure I'm taken advantage of, but I don't do this to quantify the amount of good I do. I do it because I want to and that's all that matters to me.

Purplebluegiraffe618 karma

What is your favorite joke?

pghparagliding45 karma

I have a knock knock joke but it only works if you start it...

Purplebluegiraffe621 karma

Knock knock!

pghparagliding44 karma

Who's there?

Badgerplayingaguitar17 karma

Given this popularity have you had anyone who you know is deliberately trying to take advantage of your generosity? I feel like this great thing your doing has to get wrecked by some leech.

pghparagliding67 karma

No-one has told me they are taking advantage of me. I've had my suspicions though, and I'll still help anyway. I've done this for a long time and I can truly say that most people are genuine and actually need the help. Even if 9 out of 10 times people were trying to scam me, it's worth it to help that one person.

Swarlolz15 karma

Can you try the new mystery Oreo flavor and tell me what you think it is?

pghparagliding25 karma

I'll try to remember to try them next time I'm at the supermarket!

Leon_Depisa15 karma

If you were from my state, I’d ask for help getting a date. Any tips though?

pghparagliding58 karma

I have lots of tips!

I don't think I was ever in "nice guy" territory because I never felt women owed me anything, but I definitely didn't understand what I was doing wrong and thought being nice was all that mattered. I was maybe somewhat attractive, but I couldn't get past a first or second date, either.

I started doing way better in dating whenever I stopped trying. Sounds cliche, but it's true. I stopped going on dating sites, I stopped even thinking about being with someone, and I focused on having fun being me and making friends. I would go to the bars and have a good time and to meet people with no intentions of going home with anyone. It's wild, whenever you are just existing and giving off good energy, people will be attracted to you. No matter what you look like.

And then I met my wife, who is amazing in every way. I had lots of experience dating at that point, but never found the one. And out of nowhere I met this lady, and married her right away. The key was, I was just doing my thing helping people, and I magically met this woman who was perfect for me.

Don't give up hope! Focus on being a person you are proud of, and the right someone will eventually notice and want to be with you, too.

General_Jeevicus12 karma

I was gonna ask you about the most difficult thing someone has asked that you said yes, but thats gotta be the kidney right?

pghparagliding15 karma

Absolutely was. But looking back it's not as scary as I thought it was!

Monkeyradio11 karma

How do you make the time to accept all of the requests? I feel like if I were to accept every request for help that I got, I would eat up all of my time outside of work and school

pghparagliding23 karma

Well, that was happening, so I started a subreddit called r/pittsburghgooddeeds. So now all the requests I get through my website go there and others can help as well. Otherwise yeah, I'd be overloaded!

EuropeanWannabe1711 karma

Hey! First of all, thanks for doing this post! I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, which often leads to paranoid thoughts. This can make it a little harder to be willing to help people I don’t know very well. Do you have any advice for overcoming this?

pghparagliding25 karma

I have autism, so I get social anxiety. I overcame it by diving in and just doing it. That's part of the reason I started doing what I do. And now, after lots of practice, I can proudly say I've overcome my anxiety. It's still there, but I don't let it dictate my life anymore.

TheBodyOfChrist1511 karma

Do you happen to play Apex Legends on Xbox? I'd love to get a few games in with you and hear some stories

pghparagliding16 karma

I play on PC. Can we crossplay?

mossattacks8 karma

Do you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of by anyone? I’ve made a habit of going above and beyond for people in my life who might not deserve it and I’m only just now learning how to say no.

pghparagliding16 karma

I am sure I have been taken advantage of. The thing is, I think those who are out to scam others are just as poor, if not poorer, than the people in circumstances they are pretending to be in.

I used to only care about myself, too. I definitely took advantage of people's kindness. And it was because I was shown kindness that I became who I am today. So I give the same way people gave to me years ago.

LeNainKamikaze8 karma

I just stumbled upon this thread and read through some of your answers. And man, I just wanna say... you're out of this world! You're too good for us all here.

I need a question so... Are you really from this world?

Please note that this is NOT a request for help, so you CAN say no!

pghparagliding8 karma

I am very much human. It's weird though, after doing this for so long, and getting publicity for it through different media interviews, it doesn't feel like me anymore. I just feel like a vessel for good. Which is so odd because I know how flawed and imperfect I am.

So yes, I am from this world. I am not perfect. I just love to help.

Lawfulaardvark7 karma

Tempted to say “can you take over my student loans?”

But I know money is a crunch: I have to ask, how has your quality of life changed since you started this endeavor?

pghparagliding17 karma

I'm happier. Way happier. I get recognized in Pittsburgh more often than not, which is wild. I love talking to random people that were inspired by my good deeds!

Itsa__Me3 karma

Hi, I am going to be donating my kidney soon (to a family member, not a complete stranger). Anything I should know about the experience?

pghparagliding21 karma

If you are a guy, I can provide some insight. The only two bad things where that they didn't tell me I would wake up from surgery with a catheter in. And also, my testicles have been hurting really bad for 6 weeks. They didn't tell me that was a possibility, but when I called in they said it's totally normal. Should go away in another month or so. Those are the two things I wish I knew about before I did it.

Hknuf2 karma

What would be the best way to follow your feats? Would LOVE to be able to keep you and what you’re doing in the forefront of my mind rather than forgetting about it as I keep scrolling through Reddit lol

pghparagliding5 karma

My instagram is pghparagliding. I post things I help people with there!

yeskushnercan2 karma

What if your kidney goes bad?

pghparagliding10 karma

If my kidney goes bad then both of them were going to go bad anyway. So it's really no different.

heilla2 karma

Sorry im so selfish for asking but if you have the time, could you please share Your best life advice? :) you seem genuinly happy

pghparagliding14 karma

I have a tattoo on my hand with my daily mantra. It says "be here now. be more kind."

BrobaFett1121-4 karma

I need a new car, can you help me?

pghparagliding5 karma

I don't have enough money to buy myself a new car.

ArchDucky-10 karma

Can you store a box for me that im hiding from the authorities? You have to promise not to look in it no matter how much they... I mean the box screams.

pghparagliding8 karma

Sounds illegal. No can do.

astralwizard85-32 karma

Gas is gonna be tight this week, heading to and from campus. Wanna fill my tank?

pghparagliding9 karma

Wanna fill my tank?

I mean, not really. I usually have more of a desire to help when people ask nicely.

But if you are truly in need, send me a message and I'll paypal or venmo you $15 so you can get some gas.

uses_facts_badly3 karma

Please will you not help this person unless they ask you earnestly and politely ?

pghparagliding3 karma

I did offer to help them? They asked if I wanted to fill their tank and I said not really based on how they asked, but I would still do it.

uses_facts_badly2 karma

My intention was that by asking for your help to not help that person based on their impoliteness that I would sort of close the help loop without you having to hand over cash and be taken advantage of.

pghparagliding4 karma

Oh I'm sorry I misunderstood. I'll help anyone even if they are rude. I'll just let them know it's rude, though!

Reali5t-36 karma

Don’t you feel guilty of encouraging people to beg instead of getting a job? I mean panhandlers make a great living asking people for money and with each person giving them money they are less likely to stop panhandling and getting a job instead. It’s people like you that I got approached a few hours ago at the gas station by a man asking for money to buy food, a man that has a rather big belly and is smoking a cigarette. Motherfucker could have blown us all up at that gas station with his cigarette approaching the pump. Thanks btw for putting my and other people’s life in danger.

pghparagliding14 karma

I'm sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense at all. Are you okay buddy?