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Hi fellow Hokie. I was a freshman at the time. It feels so odd that the massacre was 10 years ago.

It was by far the most defining day of my life, as it was for many. At 18 years old I felt myself change from child to man almost overnight. How did you change, on a personal level?

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No, there were about 30,000 people on campus and I never met him.

I did have the honor of meeting two of the victims. One passed, and was one of the gentlest and most genuine people I've ever met. The other survived and is off doing great things to help the world become a better place.

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Yes. In fact, it felt weirdly truncated. Our classes were cancelled, final exams cancelled, and we were basically told to just take our time and come back next semester.

The grade thing was weird. Because of the exam cancellation, many people had artificially inflated grades that semester that was later reflected on transcripts. It was a strange reminder.

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Now it is. I won't talk about it in person with non-Alum, including my wife and other family members. Those who I grieved with, though, there's a bond.

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Hi, I'm a Rehab doctor who treats a lot of people with limb loss. What have your doctors done that you've found particularly helpful? What do you think they could do better to help you?