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Pretty cool of you man. I clicked your post thinking I'll ask this guy for something extravagant mostly as a joke in a trolling sort of way. Then as I started reading post after post of you helping people out I realized I was only trolling myself. The world could do with more selfless people such as yourself. Bravo my dude, bravo.

Can you clone yourself? ;D

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My son did scouts for 1 full year. The 2nd year was interrupted by the coronavirus. The first year was way better, all about doing things together as a pack/den and earning belt loops as a team with the other tigers. The second year as a wolf the leader did everything at home with her child, and then another member also did everything on their own. It ruined the fun team building aspect of the first year my son and I both enjoyed. So we didn't make any effort to continue with scouting.

Does scouting continue on as an individual thing as you moved on completing badges yourself? Or was there a semblance of a team atmosphere that we originally experienced throughout?

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Is barely rubbing the swab on the inside of your nose very effective with testing? Or is it critical that the swab hits the sinus cavity? I ask because when I returned to work they had us swab inside our nose ourselves.