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Why did I read that in Gene's voice?

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I don't imagine a bag of dicks smells like roses either.

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How would you recommend someone who can't turn their brain off/stop thinking to start meditating?

I have clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder, I think meditating would help me, but I cannot stop thinking. I cannot turn off my brain, I'm constantly running through thoughts and scenarios in my head. This is a major part of my anxiety.

I think if I can learn to turn my brain off and meditate, it would help me a lot. So do you have any suggestions?

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What about people that make stuff like hentai? Can they use your site the same way an adult model can?

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I hope I don't have to change from sertraline. I tried Fluoxetine a while ago, and while it did level my mood, it kept me at a flat level.

I didn't feel like myself, I felt little emotion. A could barely laugh at something I would have been in tears with before, I physically could not cry. It was awful!

Sertraline though, helps me feel normal with practically no side effects.