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At first I was like hey cool this guy helps people, maybe I should ask him to sub to my twitch channel or something but then I thought it would be better to ask you how I can help you instead.

How can I help you?

Edit: Holy moly. Since many of you are sending me dms asking me. My channel is Radd_Blaster. Thanks to all the kind people sending follows and stuff. That means a lot to an unknown streamer like me. You guys are awesome. Ill pay it forward for sure.

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Oh wow. Thank you! You really are setting an example for us all.

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You should not hate unsolicited advice.

You should love it instead.

You should also get a dog.

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Lots of people prefer silence over music.

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wow. How does this prove anything? You fucking retards take any little shred of bullshit that supports your ridiculous beliefs and just go fucking nutts with it.

You guys are the worst thing about the internet. You people are life threateningly stupid.