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What are the biggest negative impacts this lifestyle has on you?

And of course, the biggest positives?

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Thank you for answering

One more question:

Are you at all worried about the impact not having a kidney will have on your future? Sounds terrifying.

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superstar comedian

Nice try, Sean

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As a chronic pain patient access to pain drugs is a big deal for me. Now with all this addiction news it is getting harder for me to acquire the drugs i need to function daily. I also worry about the dosages I'm given and if i am being made to take too many of these drugs.

Who is deciding which drugs patients receive and how much i should take? The prescriptions i am given do not match the recommended dosages for people of my size and symptoms

Why is this not a simple decision made by my medical practitioner?

How deep are the relationships between congress and the medical organizations responsible for advising public policy?

Why didn't our doctors speak up about this before now?

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This is the answer i expect from any journalist with a lick of sense

Barr has a real conflict here, between his recent publicized statements and his sons recent appointment the public should be very skeptical of this man's work. He certainly has some explaining to do.

We have no reason to believe this BS is resolved beyond Barrs vague remarks, and the only clear part of that being essentially "more to come soon"

The statements we are hearing from the media really shows who is an actual reporter and who is a talking head