Hi everyone.

After posting on r/mildlyinteresting, people wanted to know more about me and albinism (mostly about albinism I'm sure :D ) I'm here to answer all of your questions

And because we are on internet, this is the proof

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Edit 4 : And a third Platinum, you are the best guys.I'm still here if you want to ask questions, and if you want you can add me on kik it's the same username on Reddit

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BarbBushsBeastlyBush2396 karma

In high school one of my classmates asked this question to the teacher, who responded by asking how he could possibly know that. So, what color are albino people’s nipples?

Sorranne2768 karma

They are pink

InlovewithLJS1964 karma

Hi...a 15 year old Indian girl with albinism here... I am not on Reddit but after seeing yourthread could not resist myself...I hope this isn't rude but what level of vision do you have? Like I have nystagmus but I can function nornally in my day to day life..except for seeing anything far away , I can see stuff normally.. Is there anything you, as a 27 year old would like to tell me? Tips? For personal and professional matters? Which country do you live in? And how is it there for you? Have you faced social trauma? I am actually lucky in that peopelhabe treated me very normally...all my teachers and fruends are super helpful about my nystagmus...but yeah, here and there, especially from the younger kids, I will get questipns liek Are you american/british/australian as I don't really have exactly white hair ...my hair is quite golden...I coukd, I think identify for someone from the nordic countries...except of course I don' t have thier killer features...Sorry for making this so long..its just exciting to actually be talking to someone who 'gets' it... P.S. what sunscreen do you use? P.P.S. I just saw some other questions on this tjread and I am so sorry you have to answer those...like who are these people and where do they come from?

Sorranne1426 karma

Hi, I'm glad you reached out.

My vision is basicaly the same as you, I can get around pretty easily as long as I don't have to read things, and if I do I just need to get closer.

I really don't know how it is in India, but here in France I had to learn ways to get my life easier like using my phone to read small texts or far away signs for exemple. Something else, just be your self, do not let people get to you with what they are saying, they are just ignorants, and what prople doesn't know create fear in them.

Growing up I had insults, prople looking at you even staring at you, you just have to get past this and you'll be fine. Sometimes the smartest will come to you and ask about you, why you are like this, most of the time it's sincere and just explain to them and it will be a pleasant experience for both of you.

Maybe it's a good thing to not have hairs as white as mine you'll get less attention.

If you are feeling at your place with your friends keep them with you as long as you can, they are one of the best things you can have.

I think I got you coverred, if you have any other question, do not hesitate and send me a DM and I'm so sorry to not answered you sooner

TurboDaisy230 karma

I’m glad you responded😄👏🏼👏🏼

Sorranne339 karma

How could I not ? I wish I saw her message sooner tho

DrMeatpie29 karma

OP I recommend you reach out to this girl and be willing to answer some questions. It would be nice and possibly offer some closure.

Edit: Good man.

Splive11 karma

Sorranne26 karma

Thank you for the ping, her message got lost, I'm answering her right away

kissaoverlord1877 karma

What was the weirdest comment you heard from a stranger?

Sorranne3377 karma

A guy told me from across the street that the smurfs village was the other way. Probably because of my white hairs, but it was kind of stupid

revankillsmalak674 karma

Jesus Christ, imagine being so much of a dick that you actually open your mouth and say this to a person. Unbelievable

TopographicOceans518 karma

Really. Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid than to speak and prove it.

Sorranne261 karma

Thanks for the laugh

Scoob19781249 karma

How does it feel that you can break in French museums and kill a guy and never trigger any alarms or get caught on tape?

Sorranne620 karma

Never thought of that

Lliesaa1186 karma

What do you find interesting about having albinism? Is there a trait you do like? Like, having white eyelashes.

Sorranne1880 karma

There is not much interesting things about being an albino, maybe the color of my eyes and my hairs, because let's be real, white hairs are cool.

Other than that, I have a super earing, but that's mostly it

Octosphere1029 karma

Do you have a super earring, or super hearing?

Sorranne1438 karma

hearing, right ! Sorry

shapednoise35 karma

Can you talk about your hearing? In what way is it ‘super’? Freq response? Dynamic response?

How did you find out it was super

Sorranne137 karma

I did some tests with a specialist, I can hear a larger wave spectrum interval and in my daily life I can hear things far away that my friends can't

marlkarxIV1041 karma

Have you ever felt the need to be evil?

Sorranne1788 karma

I tried, but I'm not good at it

aoanfletcher2002882 karma

How’s your night vision?

Sorranne2084 karma

Icredible, I can adapt to the dark faster than someone with normal eyes and I don't need as much light as other people ot see in the dark areas

Insurancebastard116 karma

That is absolutely amazing! Any details on the physiology behind that!?

Sorranne362 karma

Basicaly, my eyes are transparent, this is the reason why, light gets in easily

shaker306127 karma

Does that mean they are extra sun sensitive too?

What about the rest of your skin, are you prone to sunburns?

Thanks for taking the questions like a champ! Super cool!!!

Sorranne256 karma

They are sensitive yes, and I am prone to sunburns, but with some sunscreen everything is just fine.

My pleasure

Nebresto83 karma

Have your night vision powers ever come in handy?

Sorranne116 karma

From time to time

The_Grubby_One58 karma

Have you ever considered becoming a vigilante?

Sorranne85 karma

In my dreams

The_Grubby_One151 karma

You totally should. You could call yourself the White Shadow.

Sorranne94 karma

Ahahah ! I love it

yousirnaime69 karma

What about your night hearing?

Sorranne213 karma

Even better than the day one, in the dark all senses are on alert

lipsticknude871 karma

Hey! I saw your post about your purple eyes and that’s pretty cool.

Does the rest of your family have albinism or is it only you? Also, do you know if you have children what the percentage is that they will have it too?


Sorranne760 karma

Nop I am the only one, and I have no idea if I can give the gene to my children

Onepopcornman655 karma

I imagine you're the rare person who can really truly dye their hair any color. Ever give that shot?

Have you built any cool Halloween costumes around your albinism etc?

Sorranne856 karma

Nop never, I love my hair color, and living in France, we don't have the Halloween culture like in the US

DarthNero294 karma

Purple hair, purple eyebrows, purple eyes. You'd look so cool. Then again, White hair looks super cool as well!

Sorranne317 karma

I think it's a little too purple, but yes white hairs looks cool, thank you

picnic-boy410 karma

What was growing up with albinism like? Did kids tease you?

Sorranne668 karma

It was hard, and yeah every day

jimmycarr1298 karma

Sorry to hear that, hope life is easier for you now.

Sorranne369 karma

It depends, but a most of the time it's cool, sometimes people are affraid of me

Pepperoni_Dogfart100 karma

Honestly you just look like a normal dude but with white hair too early for your age. People are so weird.

Sorranne103 karma

Of course they are, but I'm the weird one for them

zZDKVZz68 karma

Sorry to hear that, if I were around you at that age, I'd think you were cool af and would try my best to be your friend :(

Sorranne54 karma


fartfacepooper352 karma

are all of your parts white? I guess I'm asking if your asshole looks bleached or not?

Sorranne323 karma

Yes they are

HicksLV426225 karma

Is the head of your penis white? Asking the real questions.

Sorranne317 karma

More like Pink-ish

oliswell258 karma

Has anyone pointed out that you have the Targaryen traits?

Sorranne194 karma

Except here, nop never

4hourslater245 karma

Does albinism come with any internal side effects, as opposed to just external? Are there any traits/experiences that are common amongst albino people, but that the non-albino population might not consider or know about? Besides all of the stereotypes, I mean

Sorranne425 karma

Someone asked me if my blood was white on day, but no I have a normal body on the inside

stalinsnicerbrother195 karma

I know you had albinism, but are you all white now?

Sorranne120 karma

Yeah I am

DoubleYouOne183 karma

How do you feel about the Sun?

(I love the sun and sunshine, but can imagine you think different of it...)

Sorranne371 karma

Well the sun and I are not exactly friends, but with sunscreen it's all good

lemon_cello96 karma

As someone who hates the sticky feeling of sunscreen but wants to wear it more regularly, which is your favorite sunscreen (brand/type)? Best regards

Sorranne154 karma

This one for me at least

Mecal00240 karma

Now when people ask me "why are you using that French sunscreen?" I'm going to tell them an albino guy recommended it to me; that'll shut them up.

Sorranne133 karma

Probably yes

nlofe60 karma

Not him but I discovered Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel sunscreen through /r/skincareaddiction and it's amazing.

I'm a 21-year-old dude but I want to take care of my skin and not have my friends always asking why my face is all greasy when I wear sunscreen every day. I know I sound like a shill but this is the only stuff that actually leaves no grease for me. You do have to get it on Amazon or eBay though, and it is a bit expensive, but it's worth it to me.

Sorranne78 karma

I'll try it, for science

sleepytimegirl3 karma

What sunscreen do you use?

Sorranne8 karma

rauben2001180 karma

is it more racist if you say the n-word?

Sorranne138 karma


FilthySharp171 karma

Do you ever get fetishized?

Sorranne210 karma

Never, or I never knew

FilthySharp198 karma

You have purple eyes and you've posted them on the internet. If it hasn't happened, it will.

Sorranne271 karma

So be it

R3dRuby108 karma

OP missed out on scoring weird weeaboo girls in high school with those.

Sorranne173 karma

Maybe in another country, but in here girls tried their best to not talk to me

ButterKnifeScar170 karma

Do albinos peoples tend to be less hairy? Can you grow a beard?

Sorranne243 karma

No I just have a poor hair genetic familly. I can, I don't like it but I can

BibblyBing154 karma

What's it like in Albania?

Sorranne70 karma

No idea

Dark_Ansem152 karma

How does it feel to live in the shoes of a final fantasy character?

Sorranne223 karma

I love Final Fantasy, so it feels great, I'm just sad to not be a magician tho

eternalouroborus67 karma

I mean, it's possible for you to be a grand wizard, but that requires you to be a part of the KKK...

Sorranne157 karma

In that case I don't need to hide my face, I already have the right color

eternalouroborus38 karma

Positive thinking. What's your favorite FF game? Also, do you play Kingdom Hearts?

Sorranne56 karma

I love Final Fantasy VII, and no I don't play KH

krneki121 karma

have you tried to respec into illusion?

Sorranne1 karma

How so ?

GenocideGaming1 karma

3 more years and you’ll officially be a wizard!

Sorranne2 karma

Let's do it then

AlbinoAlex118 karma

Howdy! I’m another person with albinism who has done several AMAs here over the years. Feels kinda weird being on the other end of these things :P Anyway, my questions:

  • What is your specific subtype of albinism?

  • Have you ever been to an albinism conference or meetup?

  • What do you do for a living? How does your vision affect that?

  • Do you drive?

  • How has albinism affected your love/dating life?

I have lots more, but should stop there. Looking forward to your responses :)

Sorranne31 karma

Hey man, that weird huh ?

I have no idea, I didn't even knew there was different types

Never, I don't see the point of those things anyway and I can't even say if there are meetings like that in France

For now I'm looking for a job of Designer, I wanted to do something I liked and also something I could do like any other and using computers was the perfect tool because of all the software there was obviously something I could use to help me see

No, even if I legally could I would not, it's too dangerous for me and for the other, I know how to drive though

A lot, and not in the good way, in France I'm clearly out of the standarts of "beauty"

Well I'm still here if you like :)

alejandrosalamandro115 karma

What is something about your condition that is rarely understood?

Sorranne229 karma

The fact that I can't see well

tworedangels104 karma

I’m sure you’re amazingly unique. Did you post a pic of your face? I know we’d love to see you. Embrace your ‘weird’, we all have it, one way or another.

Sorranne92 karma

I have now, it's on the top of the page

GinoMontana104 karma

How does your condition affect both your social and professional lives?

Sorranne322 karma

Well my love life is ... inexistant, but I have friends, I'm notshy or anything but I like to be alone, I think it's a side effect of all the insults I've got when I was young.

Professionally I'm having a lot of problems finding a job

gdj11103 karma

The teenage years can be tough for everybody, but being different in any way can make you an easy target. How did other kids at school treat you? Also, is depression common among people with albinism?

Sorranne194 karma

They treated me pretty badly, but today I'm strong because of that.

I don't know any other albino, so I have no idea, I'm not depressed at all, life isn't easy but everything is fine for now

Edit : strong not string you idiot

gdj1137 karma

It's interesting you never tried seeking out other people with albinism. I have a disability and sought out some groups with similar people. Although, thinking back on it, it was mostly my parents pressuring me to do that. But it was still kinda nice being able to talk with people who you could relate to on that level.

Sorranne43 karma

It's a little by selfishness but I'm npt joining a group of people like me to prevent a group effect of people with the same difference, it would depressed me.

free20193 karma

do you have any tattoos? I bet color ones would be amazing.

Sorranne143 karma

None, I'm not sure if it would be good with my sensitive skin

JaCoBaLlEn87 karma

Sup dude, not everybody likes soup. Do you? If so what's your favorite?

Sorranne101 karma

Of course, I like Tomato soup

dayafterstudios75 karma

Has anyone ever compared you to "Powder"?

Sorranne104 karma

Nop, but they are comparing their tan to mine

alieoli58 karma

Powder is a movie about an albino guy

Sorranne73 karma

Yeah I Googled it after ... :D

pettysoulgem35 karma

I think it's been long enough since that movie came out, thank god. My brother is albino (and 36) and he was called Powder by jerks ALL THE TIME when he was a kid/teen.

Sorranne32 karma

Kids ...

gingerbreadspicetea65 karma

Other than a need for SPF150, what are some of the downsides to having albinism?

Sorranne131 karma

Mostly the bad vision, and also the way people are looking at you for not being "normal"

Sawa2757 karma

Ah, are you the guy that posted with the violet eye?

Sorranne76 karma


Wildkarrde_55 karma

What's your normal clothing combo for going out in the summer?

Any health issues that come along with albinism?

Sorranne95 karma

A T-shirt, a short and a hat. I just use sunscreen, and I even go to the beach, I just need to not stay all the afternoon.

Bad vision comes along, but nothing else (hopefully)

themuffinmann8233 karma

What light spectrum do you see in? Can you see any vibrant colours?

Sorranne44 karma

I can see all colors, I just don't see really well

verpin_zal31 karma

I always hear tell that albino individuals can see much better in darker conditions. Is this true or just an urban legend?

Sorranne39 karma

It is true

oppositetoup29 karma

Did you get bullied as child? I'm really fair haired and super white and i got bullied for being "albino". I'm just wondering if every child is horrible or if they are nicer to someone who actually has albinism

Sorranne50 karma

Of course, kids are the worst

chefatwork24 karma

You've mentioned difficulty finding employment. Are you qualified in any particular fields and think you've been discriminated against, or do you think it's a lack of experience in any given area or profession?

Sorranne29 karma

I think it's a little bit of both

Ammutse20 karma

Is the carpet the same as the drapes?

Sorranne13 karma

Not really no

Ammutse14 karma

Wack, thanks for answering my morbid curiosity.

coznefx40 karma

As the OP is a not a native English speaker, I don't think he understood the question. I also have albinism, and yes the carpets match the drapes.

Ammutse19 karma

Oh, bless, bahahah. I didn't even realize he wasn't a native speaker, he is doing quite well.

Sorranne24 karma

And now I feel dumb ...

Someone can explain me please ?

darkomen4220 karma

Drapes = head hair Carpet = pubes

And for the record, good on you man, you're a really good sport about a lot of stupid jokes and don't seem bothered by it. Despite what was probably a pretty rough childhood you seem to have a healthy dose of not caring too much what other people think about you, hang on to it. You seem like a neat guy, good luck on your career and with the ladies.

Sorranne22 karma

Ok got it ...

I've had a lot of time to learn not to care about what others are saying, so now I really don't care anymore and my life is so much easier.. Tahnks a lot mate, wish you best

Yhslaw119 karma

would a tan show up on your skin? Like from a tanning booth or laying in the sun?

Sorranne28 karma

Nop, even by staying in the sun the whole day, well I'd be red but no tan

Issianrenist18 karma

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair? Personally I would dye it in crazy colors, maybe purple to match the eyes.

Anyways, thanks for sharing, you are very handsome OP.

Sorranne17 karma

Never, I like my white hairs, I'm different enough to not dye my hairs like a rainbow :p

Thank you

krazyeyekilluh14 karma

I thought one of the results of albinism was pinkish eyes. Your eyes are clearly not pink (in fact, they are beautiful). Am I wrong about the pinkish eye association with albinism?

Sorranne16 karma

No they are more purple-ish than pink.

Maybe not, but albino's eyes are more likely to be red than pink

Breeze_from_Siberia11 karma

You look very handsome, and I'm sort of jealous of your hair (white is so cool). Anyone ever tell you they like your hair or eyes (purple is super cool too)?

Sorranne12 karma

Thank you, I have a lot of compliments here, but in real life, never

Ikinhaszkarmakplx211 karma

Will yer bones make my penis bigger?

Sorranne12 karma

Probably not

Taser-Face8 karma

Without sunscreen, say like driving around on a sunny day, window down, t shirt on, casual exposure - do you burn or get red more rapidly than non albino folks? Or are you just always wearing sunscreen every single time you leave a building?

Sorranne15 karma

If I'm not staying a long time outside it will be ok. But yes I'm getting red really fast and could end up with a skin cancer

Sorranne15 karma

It's a category like another one, who am I to judge

DootDotDittyOtt7 karma

I'm glad you did the AMA...and to think I got down voted for even suggesting it. Your eyes are truly beautiful. How rare is your particular condition...with the purple eyes and all?

Edit-also, are there any other health conditions you are susptable to other than poor vision and skin cancer?

Sorranne8 karma

Glad you liked it, don't mind them remember we are on the internet, you can't find logic everywhere. Albinism is pretty rare it's like 1/70.000, about the eyes I don't know.

I think it's enough for a lifetime, but I can have what every other human can have.

thank you

veotrade6 karma

How do you feel about the name Sylas?

Sorranne8 karma

Sounds cool

OSUBeavBane4 karma

How do you compare to Powder? Do you have superpowers like him? Have you tried being struck by lightning and mysteriously vanishing into a rainbow shockwave?

Sorranne10 karma

Ok I Googled "Powder" and now I get it ^ Nah nothing like that sadly. And if I was struck be lightning I would not be here to answer

jimmycarr14 karma

Is there such a thing as people who have a fetish for albino people? Have you ever come across someone who has it, and if not would you want to?

Sorranne7 karma

I have no idea, but I never heard about it, and never came across it either.

I would want to, but just out of curiosity (am I a terrible human being ?)

uber0ct0pus4 karma

Have you ever thought about dying your hair a crazy colour? Where most people would need a few harsh bleaching sessions to pre-lighten their hair ready for a bright shade, yours would take to it instantly!

Sorranne19 karma

Never, I love my white hairs, and I'm proud of it

arj19853 karma

Do you own any firearms?

Sorranne10 karma

I live in France, it's a pain if I want one

Snaz52 karma

Have you ever thought of dyeing your hair or getting contact lenses?

Sorranne2 karma

Contacts hurt my eyes pretty bad, and nop I love my hair color

YangKanji1 karma

Damn, did you get Norted man? They did say Xehanort travels to the past.

You look dope as shit dude

Sorranne2 karma

Thank you

nothankyounotnow1 karma

Are there still people who kill and eat albinos? I would very much suggest researching that particular issue.

Sorranne3 karma

Yeah probably in Africa

LateNightBro1 karma

What’s your least favorite thing about being albino?

Also, what’s your favorite thing?

Sorranne2 karma

I would say my bad vision is my least favorite thing.

And my favorite is my super hearing

TurkeyFisher1 karma

Did you ever watch the segment with the albino guy on Between The Lions as a kid? If you did, how did you feel about it?

Sorranne2 karma

I didn't

Nashocheese1 karma

Are both your parents Albino, and if they are, how far back does it go?

Sorranne1 karma

No one in myt familly is albino, I check pretty far away

chris_the_furr1 karma

Have you met any other albinos? If so, what was that like?

Sorranne1 karma


Milligoon1 karma

How is your color vision? I understand there's a correlation between albinism and colorblindness.

Sorranne1 karma

I can perfectly see the colors

ToeyGowd0 karma

What was it like meeting Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock?

No but seriously that’s freaking cool

Sorranne1 karma

Thank you

pliskin420 karma

How was it working with Jim Carry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZpefzkw5_8


In seriousness, how do you feel about how albinism is portrayed in the media?

Sorranne2 karma

Considering it's not, I feel great. (in French medias at least)

pliskin421 karma

It is a bit here in the USA. The clip I posted above is one example (weired dude who scares people by telling them that he murdered his family).

Another example is the movie Powder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM1jktXwcSI whereby telekinetic powers are involved.

The albino monk in the da vinci code was a villian who was into self flagellation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23M8WT_PS7E

The point I'm trying to make is that generally albinos get turned either into creepy villains, or if they are somewhat positively portrayed it is usually as the brunt of ridicule for being a freak. I imagine that could wear thin.

Sorranne1 karma

Looks like I'm going to have a happy life ... :D

Madhippy-3 karma

Are you black?

Sorranne2 karma