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Powder is a movie about an albino guy

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I’m a photographer and sadly graphic designer for a big corporate environment (boring corporate style guide).

I’m trying to break through and work as a photographer. I’m not garbage, but I can’t seem to find a way to just dive in.

I also live in Europe and here the economy is ghastly.

Any tips? Should I Specialize?

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Thanks! I get what you mean, I studied audiovisual production and have knowledge, we even worked with a couple of RedOnes... so I know a wee bit about video.

I decided to specialize in photography because the market here to get into pro ‘camera work’ is absolutely impossible. I’m not sure my terms in English are correct.

But thanks for the advice :)

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Thank you for that... mind if I keep poking your brain?

I’m not even sure where to begin with product photography.

I’ve been dabbling with equestrian, but I’m seriously afraid of not getting paid or not earning enough. I have shot a couple of “famous” people and my photos seem to be well liked but I’m still nowhere near getting hired.

Do you have any idea where else I can get extra income with my work?

I do okay video editing/shooting as well... do you think that’s a way to go too?

Thank you :)