If you came here to see what an Esthetician is... you're probably not the only one. My grandmother keeps a price of paper with the word on it, so she can brag to her friends correctly. Here is what I do:

Skin Therapist - Examine the top layer of a client's skin - Facials - Back Facials - Beard Facials and Foot Facials (my own made up specialty) - Chemical Peels - Microdermabrasions - Use of machines for treatments such as microcurrent and electrolysis - Certain extractions - Recommend proper at home care and products, along with at home habits -Body Treatments

Full Body Swedish Massage - Light to Medium Pressure Massage, technically

Professional Full Body Waxer - Self explanatory, yes FULL body.

Professional Makeup Artist - Makeup lessons - Makeup Application - Brides - Special Events - Tattoo Cover Up (I actually hate this and no longer take these, as no matter how much I set products currently available, they transfer onto clothing)

Things That I Don't Do YET, But Can In The Future With Training:

  • Microneedling
  • Laser Therapy
  • Microblading
  • And more to come, I'm sure.
  • and probably more I'm forgetting.

I'm also about to start school for Massage Therapy, and work very closely with Massage Therapists.



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bonniebardot3471 karma

Is there really a way of getting rid of scars and skin blemishes from old pimples and such or is it all just another way of making money?

ransommyheart65 karma

Yes, with a grain of salt. It takes a LONG time for those scars to develop so it usually takes a long time to see results in treatment, even with regular visits to your professional and proper home care. That being said, I have seen amazing results from people who really put forth the dollars and the effort.

That being said, if you have pitting, that's probably permanent.

The #1 thing I suggest is proper protection going forward, followed by keeping your skin properly hydrated, and lastly focusing on a clinical line's serum for maximum results. Don't bother with anything from a drugstore, no point in building up to it.

ludmi8001 karma

What do you think about subcision for acne scars?

ransommyheart2 karma

I think it is FAR above my understanding, super interesting though

Xpectopatronum34 karma

I've started getting cystic acne over the last few years that just wont go away. Once I get a bump, it's there to stay with seemingly no way to pop/remove it. What can I do to fix this?

ransommyheart14 karma

Cystic = Dermatologist plus an Esthetician. Derms will be able to help with the big problems happening, but see an Esty as well, because they will keep your skin balanced and healthy so it can continue to thrive on strong meds. (I suggest staying away from Accutane, but I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.) Honestly, at this point, you need to be in someone's care. Ask around and see how it may fit into your budget.

____jamil____12 karma

I suggest staying away from Accutane,

as someone who is considering getting an Accutane treatment, could you elaborate on this?

ransommyheart30 karma

Again, I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. Ask your doctor. I have the experience of many of my clients saying it ran havoc on their bodies despite curing their acne. I know others that were perfectly fine. I believe that starting with less drastic measures can be beneficial; however, I am absolutely not the person to listen to on this topic. Ask your medical professional for more information and make your best decision.

LaLaBlacksheep31 karma

What are the benefits/risks of doing a chemical peel with you, vs using a lower concentrated chemical exfoliant at home?

ransommyheart23 karma

Professionals have access to not only better and more effective formulas, but also better balanced pHs often, and skin is all about balance. Experience and knowledge is a big part of the process and safety of your skin, but the other part is proper home care recommendation afterward, because your skin needs to heal. I do chemical peels from PCA skin, these allow people to gain the results of a chemical peel without the downside of having to hide at home with a beet red face, I love it because it most people are too busy to hide away.

Lastly, I have had customers buy straight acids from Amazon. This can be so dangerous. Bigger is not always better, and people lie about what's in those bottles. It has taken me many hours of healing people to get their acid mantle back to balanced due to bad purchases.

photoedits12329 karma

As a professional, how do you feel about skincare/makeup MLM’s? Such as Younique, Rodan+Fields, Limelight, Mary Kay, etc.

allisonmarie201822 karma

I just started seeing an esthetician in conjunction with my dermatologist! After leaving there I felt a lot better, even though I had very minimal improvement. I thought that that job must be so fulfilling.

Is it fulfilling? What is the best and worst part of your job?

ransommyheart26 karma

It really is, I get to say I love doing my job. I think that's a gift.

The best parts:

The clients, I love my clients. Truly, I am enveloped in a feeling of true caregiving and solace and give all my attention to someone for a solid hour or more ... and that is so rare for people to experience.

The extractions, I used to think it was weird, but gosh I love extracting blackheads.

The constant growing industry and being surrounded by forever student. We are all so passionate, and we research so much for fun to keep up on trends...because we love it. I just think it's so cool that I ask someone a question, and if they don't know it - we both will because we feel that need.

The bad parts:

The pay where I live is not great, because not many people care about their skin, nor have they been educated on it. Hence why I'm getting into massage, as well.

THOSE clients. We have all been asked inappropriate requests. All of us. You simply end the session. You don't even risk it. (If it's truly inappropriate, if you want you can give a warning of sorts or a suggestion that those questions can't be asked). However, I have been in a small, mostly dark room, alone...and he did nothing inappropriate exactly, but he scared everyone he met that day and I was so terrified of him I kept scissors in my pocket because at one point in the service I am completely blocked off from a quick escape to the door if something were to happen. Nothing did, but after that session I took a break, because I was shaking and crying ... Some people just give off that vibe, and touching them for an extended time is exhausting.

Having to find the right place. I found it finally, but everyone fits a different vibe and suits a different crowd, finding it can be demoralizing. This is true in all careers, I'm sure.

allisonmarie20185 karma

Wow that honestly sounds great. So would you recommend for people to go into the field? If so, what’s the best way to go about that? How’d you get started?

ransommyheart14 karma

I went to beauty school, every state is different though.

Here is my honest suggestion: only go into it if you are a healer at heart. I wash people's feet, massage their tired, sweaty bodies, and hold myself inches from their face while they are completely vulnerable. You have to be the right kind of person to do that day in/day out for not a lot of monetary appreciation.

Anadorei13 karma

I am LOSING the hair battle on my chin and upper lip. The lady that waxes my other areas strongly discourages waxing on your face. Is she right? Is laser hair removal the only option?

ransommyheart14 karma

I agree with Panda, although a high end was could do wonders. I'm pro facial waxing along with enzyme or vitamin c treatments to help the area in between. Find yourself someone comfortable with your situation.

PandaPampering11 karma

Hi also a Master esthetician, they are both right and wrong. We are taught mens hair grows in a cross pattern so waxing could literally rip the skin off or bruise. unfortunately many carry that belief on to course hormone hair for women. You can get waxing though you need both a provider skilled in dealing with this and a good product. Cheap satin smooth ain't going to cut it. Personally I sugar.

Now part two of your question, absolutely do not to Laser hair removal on the face if you have hormone related facial hair. You have to do electrolysis. The reason LHR treats hair through over growth stimulation and has a broad treatment area. You could end up with more than you started and as your hormones control the hair it likely isn't permanent either. Electrolysis however treats and removes the individual hair in question. I would also suggest seeking answers for the hair growth in the first place to help a more accurate long term solution. It could be genetics, pcos, menopause, etc.

mizzaks2 karma

I have lots of lip and chin hair (it’s hormonal and despite being able to treat other symptoms, my hair growth is so fast, I need a weekly waxing to keep it in check). I’ve seen Silk’n BellaGlide at Costco and wondered if that’s a good option for me. What do you think?

ransommyheart3 karma

I suggest a professional, because hormonal hair growth can often cause ingrowns or darkening to any damaged skin...so if you pull or tear the skin with cheap was, it can scar

letskillbrad12 karma

How often are you asked to coif Treasure Trails?

ransommyheart21 karma

When I worked in a spa that offered that service, it was a very common service in the summertime for women. I have been booked with a man once, and I cancelled the appt when fellow estys in my area informed me that his gf comes along and it gets them off to watch Estys handle him and such. That skeeved me out. I have done more arms, back, and chest for men, especially senior citizen men shockingly. Bikini waxes, brazillians, and such are more popular than most women let on.

maxticket6 karma

How do you go about cancelling unsavory appointments? We haven't had anything like your example, thank goodness, but now and then our salon has had clients who we'd rather not have to work with again. We haven't had to let anyone down yet, but if the time does come, I'm a little nervous about how we should let them know, and how they'd handle it.

ransommyheart11 karma

Strict protocol, no remorse. If you aren't sure, you will need a copy of their ID on file, and check their card to see if the name matches. If they don't provide, you cannot see them. Inappropriate over the phone? Get their name and number and let them know that they are banned from services due to inappropriate behavior. Something happens in service? End session, call the police if necessary, and inform them of the ban once ready.

maxticket3 karma

Thanks! I don't think this will ever really be a problem, and the reasons for these are a lot more nuanced: showing up late a little too often and throwing our schedules off, no-shows that don't pay their cancellation fees, or people who just don't work well with us—all reasons to bring up, but much more difficult to use as reasons to fire a client. But that's a great point, it would be good to have written protocol on hand we could cite if it does come down to it.

ransommyheart7 karma

Protocol is so helpful at front desk. Call after 5 minutes if they are late. After 15, leave up to therapist if they can see them. Get cards on file when booking so that you can charge no call, no shows. Have an answer to any situation, it helps with the stress and helps the client know what's expected of them.

Liam_Neesons_Oscar1 karma

Wow, have you ever had something happen that you (or someone you worked with) had to stop immediately and call the police?

ransommyheart2 karma

Yes, more than once. No one I know has been harmed, but a man grabbed for my coworkers wrist to stop her from leaving the room, and her hand slipped out due to being covered in massage cream. It can be scary when individuals take advantage of the situation. Always trust your instincts.

symphony_song8 karma

Can you get similar results with frequent at home dermarolling as you do with in office microneedling?

ransommyheart18 karma

No, there's a big difference with the depth, experience in touch, and what serums are available to you compared to professionals. It's like aerating a lawn, the pros are gonna result in greener grass if they have access to better stuff.

lritchs8 karma

What is YOUR skin care routine? Any products you love using/recommending?

What are your thoughts on skin oils? I've heard a lot about rosehip, vitamin e, and various others but don't know much about them or their purpose.

ransommyheart4 karma

I have extremely sensitive skin and it varies between dry and combo. I also have some hormonal breakouts, but mostly only I notice them. Finally, I have really dark circles under my eyes (heriditary and a toddler at home). This is what works for my skin at this moment.

PCA Creamy Cleanser when dry Murad Essential C Cleanser when combo Dermalogica Ultracalming Toner PCA Nutrient Toner 2x a week Murad Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum morning or PCA Anti Redness Serum morning Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30 morning Murad Nutrient Gel Moisturizer at night PCA Ideal Eye Complex 2x a day Kiehl's Tumeric and Cranberry mask 1x a week

This is mostly due to the fact that I was given or have won or was gifted ALL of this. I don't buy products, I do my job well and people give them to me or clients gift them to me to try.

I do, in fact, love all of these products. I have many more products that I use sparingly, but I have to keep it simple due to my sensitivity.

I have used BioElements, Dermalogica, Aveeno, Kiehl's, Murad, small local products, homemade products (long, bad job work story), Skin Medica, Clean and Clear, and more and more and more.

Honestly, I can find something I love just about anywhere, depending on how you use it.

I am quite happy with my skin at the moment, though.

Oils can be amazing! Make sure they are from a reputable company and not too strong. They can be way too strong, I got a chemical burn on my cheek last year. I may have sensitive skin, but I can't help but try new things sometimes.

shellbear053 karma

Anecdote: my mom used vitamin E oil on her knee replacement scar and its height and color have improved dramatically over the last year. Changes can be slow but consistent application does help over time!

ransommyheart1 karma

Very cool!

blackjustin7 karma

It seems as if there's a general consensus that esthetician's don't wax dudes. Why's that? Do dudes perv when getting waxed? I can't imagine being anything other than terrified when you're about to get your pubes ripped out.

ransommyheart11 karma

I think it can be more rare to find an Esty who is willing, because it's a female dominated field...but a true waxing master will see men and treat the session with a sense of professionalism and dignity. That being said, not everyone is comfortable, and it's a field where you need to be in order to do the job. And yes, some do...others don't. I've seen both.

53rdinLine7 karma

I’ve never really had acne before; I’ve had a few pimples here and there but nothing major. In the past few months, I’ve started getting painful pimples on my chin and I don’t know what to do. My diet and exercise hasn’t changed significantly and I’m almost 30. So you have any advice on what I should try? Also, I don’t have much of a skin care regimen and I’ve realized I probably need something more than simply washing my face. Do you have any suggestions on where to begin?

ransommyheart18 karma

It's likely hormonal, due to your age and that it's on the chin, chin breakout is a hormonal area. Look for a sulfate free cleanser (sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate) and a light weight moisturizer with an SPF for daytime to help prevent any hyperpigmentation. A night cream and eye cream will only help your skin cells stay healthy and hydrated at this point, so they are also good recommendations when you're ready. Focus lightweight and water heavy moisturizers, and find a good clay or charcoal mask for your chin once a week to help combat the breakouts. Don't pick at them, but you can extract them within ten minutes of getting out of the shower, try wiggling your fingers toward the head of the breakout, rotating 45 degrees 4 times, after that if nothing happens, leave it alone until the next day. Lastly, exfoliation twice a week will make your skin sing. NO APRICOT SCRUB. Look for a jojoba bead scrub or a lactic acid treatment to use TWICE A WEEK after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Take this all slowly, building habits takes time and you don't need to do it all at once. :)

53rdinLine4 karma

Thank you!

ransommyheart6 karma

Hope it goes well!

bob23bob2 karma

do you not think this person should see a dermatologist?

ransommyheart5 karma

I don't think it's necessary based on the information given, a simple change in routine and waiting for their hormones to rebalance will likely yield results. I'm not against it, but I think small changes first is better than jumping straight to antibiotics or birth control, which have side effects

scout-finch6 karma

How do you recommend finding a good local esthetician?

ransommyheart14 karma

Find an Esthetician and ask them who THEY go to...other than that trial and error, asking about their style and beliefs, and finally get a free consultation...if they don't impress you in the lobby, they probably won't impress you on the table.

keysgohere6 karma

What’s the most effective treatment I can have done for wrinkles, particularly forehead wrinkles? There are so many options!

ransommyheart3 karma

That's a tough one, because it depends on your skin. The most important thing is hydration and locking in that hydration.

Things that I love:

Chemical Peels Retinol Treatments (specifically, I love time released formulas that are gentle but effective) Peptide and neuro peptide serums for wrinkles Collagen shots

Wingweaver07305 karma

Is shaving your face (woman here) bad for us? I see a lot of make up artists doing this for their upper lip.

ransommyheart5 karma

It's not bad per session, but it can cause irritation and ingrowns. To each their own, though, just make sure to do it correctly and cleanly. You will have a shadow under the skin if you have dark hair and shave instead of wax

mizzaks2 karma

How often can one safely wax? I grow fast enough to wax my lip and chin weekly but it seemed to be damaging my skin (weird wrinkles on my neck/chin).

ransommyheart3 karma

You may be pulling at the skin too roughly ... But the hair should be a 1/4 inch long. Weekly is quite often, I would suggest using sensitive hard wax. You'll want to relearn or have a pro, because it is different.

mizzaks1 karma

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I’m an oddity, it really does grow that fast :( I might have to look into this again. Any good sources for learning that you know off the top of your head?

ransommyheart3 karma

Pay $10k to go to school? I'm really not sure, I could suggest random websites, but honestly as a pro it makes me nervous. I know people that ripped skin off, so I'm very not DIY at home for beauty and wellness. It annoys my husband to no end, but I just worry. I wish you luck and safety

hungry-forever5 karma

I have pretty big pores on my cheeks (the part under your eyes) and my forehead, and I’m pretty sure it’s from acne I had years ago. It makes me pretty self conscious, especially being close to a mirror. Is an esthetician the way to go with reducing those? Are there any products that will help me with that if I really don’t have the money to go to an esthetician?

ransommyheart3 karma

I would save to see an Esty once (look for intro rates or coupons), it's likely the pores are damaged. Let them know your monthly budget. Ask them to help you figure out what you need pro product and what you can use drug store and what to stay away from. Then start building slowly.

daisymay4204 karma

What is the most common mistake you see people doing to their skin? Also, can you advise on the best facial moisturizers? Thanks!

ransommyheart11 karma

Over-exfoliating and under-moisturizing. It is rare that someone's skin is NOT dehydrated. What's your skin like and do you like heavy or light feeling moisturizer? Also, any allergies to food or meds?

Bookwormegg2 karma

My skin is pretty sensitive but would love a moisturizer reccomendation.

ransommyheart1 karma

Do you like heavy or light weight? Are you oily, dry, or combo? Any allergies?

Bookwormegg1 karma

I like lightweight and no allergies. I have oily and dry skin depending on the weather and im outside a ton.

ransommyheart1 karma

Price point?

Bookwormegg1 karma

Um nothing insane but one thats gonna show improvement.

ransommyheart6 karma

I love Anti Aging Moisturizer from Murad or Dermalogica Active Moist with an SPF for face over it. Seems like a lot, but you need very little, they should last you MONTHS.

triface11 karma

I can feel when my skin is dry after my cleanser, but my experience with moisturisers is they give me cystic acne. I've been using a snail serum for about a month which is very very light and "inert," but I can feel the same effect going on. Any thoughts?

ransommyheart1 karma

I love the new snail craze, I'm sorry that you're having those issues though! Try a soothing, hydrating toner after cleansing (Mario Badescu has great options) and find a good night time retinol night cream. This should get deep down and help the breakouts while also helping your moisture. If it is still bad after that see an Esty, your acid mantle may be all outta whack and the feeling your experiencing could be dehydration.

They can help more from there. Some help necessitates touch.

Until then try "eating your water", so eat water rich fruits and veggies like watermelon, jicama, carrots, apples, etc. It processes slower and should help a tiny bit.

daisymay4201 karma

My skin is dry and I have to use “sensitive skin” moisturizers. I think the sun block burns my skin. I don’t have food or med allergies though. My skin really dried out in the winter. I don’t care about with thick or thin moisturizers since I don’t wear makeup often.

ransommyheart1 karma

Go buy a leaf of aloe. Cut it up in slices and keep it in a sealed bowl. Take a slice each night, and cut it in half. Rub it all over your skin. Leave on for a few minutes, then wash off.

Check out Dermalogica's Uktra Calming line, it did amazing things when my skin was at its most sensitive. They have gentler SPF and Moisturizers that are very moisturizing and left my skin feeling smooth and plump, without the burn. Aveeno or CeraVe is always a nice alternative if you need a very low price point for now. It won't help a lot, but it gets you started. Let me know how it goes!

I got aloe leaves from a health food store, 1 every 2 weeks

RarePush4 karma

I have a good amount of "bacne" (back/shoulder acne).

Is there any secret to getting rid of it?

ransommyheart10 karma

Back Facials are amazing, but if that's not an option:

Sulfate free shampoo Wax free conditioner Wash your back after conditioning your hair Sulfate free body wash

Take a shower as soon as you get home if you work out or have a physical job.

BecauseItsWednesday3 karma

What are your thoughts on the red and blue light for acne?

ransommyheart5 karma

Exactly what Panda said, and honestly I have had clients have amazing results even from department store items. I think it's worth a try, and professional for serious results.

ryansports3 karma

what about damaged skin under the eyes? Anything possible?

ransommyheart1 karma

Damaged in what way?

ryansports2 karma

mostly from having asthma growing up and was told the weight of the fluid in the sinuses helped to damage the skin under my eyes. Basically it's wrinkly and a bit darker than the rest of my face. I was also hit in one eye with a hockey puck years back and stitched up there, so one side is a tad more apparent than the other.

ransommyheart4 karma

I'd suggest a heavy nighttime eye cream such as Kiehl's Midnight Recovery and honestly, PCA Ideal Eye Complex is my favorite during the day, it can go on above and on the lid...but the Kiehl's helps with darkness like nobody's business.

If you need a lower price point remember heavy at night, lightweight and silky during the day.

Use your ring finger to apply, it's your weakest finger usually.

ryansports2 karma

thank you! - Which Kiehl's Midnight Recovery are you talking about? Upon googling it, they have various products in the line up

ransommyheart2 karma

Oh sorry! The night eye cream. A client had the darkest under eyes Ive ever seen on a Caucasian client, and now six months later the purple hue she carried is gone! I was speechless! So amazing.

ryansports1 karma

thank you for your recommendations!

ransommyheart1 karma

Absolutely! Good luck!

elle_m_n_o2 karma

I am currently halfway through Esthetician school and am thinking ahead to my upcoming job search. Do you have any advice or recommendations for where a brand new esthetician should work?

ransommyheart3 karma

I suggest someplace that allows you to work both front desk and esty. It'll help you build your books. Look for continued education and growth opportunity. Ask to see their schedules if they'll allow it, see how booked they are for facials.

Honestly, dermatologists are often amazing to work for because you get so many benefits often like medical coverage, vacation days, and given clients who care. Apply to all of them!

Finally, feel out the vibe. What do you fit in with? Medical? Relaxation? That may change over time

aki-hchen2 karma

do you think the effects of facials on the skin are really worth going into a salon? or can you get similar results at home with commercially available products?

ransommyheart1 karma

Proper home care is 9/10ths of the game. Now don't get me wrong, monthly facials help give you a fresh start and give you an entire hour of peace and comfort...I know so many people who don't take that time to simply be pampered and rested and happy for one hour a month. I think they are worth it, and my clients all tell me how much they look forward to seeing me and how they leave with the weight of their chest and their skin feeling amazing....but a good home regimen is honestly the most important for proper skin health. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect. These are so essential!

lynsieszal2 karma

I’m 15 and interested in this career! What are some things i can do now in high school that will help me to pursue this career?

ransommyheart8 karma

I'm going to drop some truth here.

Out of the many Estys I know, I am one of the very few who support three people on just my income. I think that if I would go back, I would have looked into horticulture, cosmetic chemistry, dermatology, or massage therapy first...because those will pay the bills. Dual MT and Esty is amazing, but start with massage therapist to support yourself throughout it.

For those with financial support in their lives, go straight Esty and get into experience asap. Work front desk at a spa now part time, build a reportoie with people. People skills are a must. Ask your local beauty school for a tour if they carry the class.

I love what I do, but I would make changes if I were 15. I would go big first, because a lot of people care about their face, but far less are interested in paying the price. That's probably an unpopular answer, but that has been my experience. Dream big

PandaPampering3 karma

Take as many business and communication classes as you can. Biology, chemistry, and believe it or not psycholoy are also great to take. I will never forget learning the phycological difference between offering a client a foot massage over a hand massage.

Also once your old enough get a job in the field such as front desk somewhere. I've many their place of work paid for their massage or esthetician education. This will also help you get your foot in the door for what it's like.

Edit spelling of psychology

ransommyheart1 karma

I'm curious as I am reading your responses here, my state does not do the "Master" Esthetician license. How many hours of schooling did you need and how many years experience do you have in the field?

PandaPampering2 karma

Virginia, we had to complete a total of 1200 hours for masters. (600 professional, additional 600 for master) I also have a college degree in business administration and communication. My original degree was in biologyb and I've used it to develop my own product line. I've been in the field for 9 years I've had my own private practice going on 5 years. My state permanent make-up, lasers, and such are also additional education and licensing.

ransommyheart2 karma

Very cool! I had 900 hours in school, and have been in the field for 8 years. I've worked for 4 different spas of various types, and am currently happy with a company as it helps keep my income stable and my self care well rounded so I can support my family.

It sounds like you are doing amazing things and getting those modalities. Work it, girl!

PandaPampering2 karma

So this might be a ramble moment here, I feel so many ask "where should I go to school?". Honestly from my experience it doesn't matter, it's the continuing education where we truly develop into the field. My first year I worked in an obgyn office, then for a dermatologist, then a plastic surgeon/weight loss center, decided f this and went day spa, finally spent nearly a year in a salon before branching out on my own. The beauty of our industry is it has so many avenues for opportunity people don't even realize. It's rare estheticians stay a jack of all trades, most specialize.

Even working for someone it's a Hussle to maintain a stable income and be able to support a family. Then not working yourself to the Bone so you get to enjoy life with your family. I've loved your ama, you're an amazing esthetician! Have a fantabulous day!! <3

ransommyheart2 karma

Yes, girl!!! I totally agree and love how you worded this. Thank you

personanonymous2 karma

What’s the best sunscreen to use? I can never find any for daily use! They’re mostly terrible

ransommyheart1 karma

Find something that is both chemical and physical with zinc. I love mine to protect from blue light emissions, as well.

Murad City Skin Age Defense PCA Hydrator Plus PCA Weightless Protection Obagi Sun Shield Green Screen Kiehl's Daily SPF Coola 360 Skinceuticals Physical Fusion Doginbi Red Ginseng

I have tried all of these and found things I liked. Gonna be honest, the last one was great. South Koreans know how to protect their complexions

lvalst11 karma

What is over exfoliation? Like, why is it bad?

ransommyheart6 karma

You should exfoliate (scrub) your face 2-3 x a week max. If you take and take and take the oils and water from your skin and scrub away at new skin, your body will fight you...sending MORE oil, and you are taking away it's natural barrier...which means it will become dehydrated, and it can't heal as well, if it's dehydrated.

dysoncube1 karma

Is there any work you feel absolutely everybody should get done?

ransommyheart3 karma

Seasonal facials! Our skin goes through so much when seasons change, and holidays stress us out. Everyone has skin, I compare it to a twice yearly cleaning by a dentist...but your skin needs a lot more attention than your teeth...yet it often receives less

pax_et_veritas1 karma

Expecting my first child in July. Is there anything I can do to avoid stretch marks?

ransommyheart3 karma

It's mostly genetic...but the old staples of Shea butter or cocoa butter never hurt. I also have done a variety of firming masks on my friends bellies. They enjoyed it. In the end, it's genetics and age and such. Keep it hydrated and rock your tiger stripes.

StriVectin's cream is the most popular I know, but $$$.

WGReddit1 karma

Do you examine the boobies? What are they?

ransommyheart3 karma

I do not, they are in the pectoral area of the body.

AlexatRF211 karma

I see you’re in Indy.

How crazy for you is it around the weekend of the 500? Do you see a jump in numbers?

Also, what do you get on your burger?

ransommyheart2 karma

I live in Indiana, but the licensing board is in Indy. Where I am the Indy 500 has no effect on me, I have been once. I actually got to walk across the bricks.

I like many types of burgers including with eggs, or teriyaki pineapple... But my favorite burger at this time has recently been a peanut butter, bacon, and jalapeño one.

AlexatRF211 karma

What do you mean peanut butter on a burger?

ransommyheart1 karma

It is surprisingly good! Took me years to believe it and try

thereidenator1 karma

I've heard there is good money in administering botox, I'm thinking about getting into it, do you think this is a good idea?

ransommyheart1 karma

Per person. I'm not a huge fan; however, I find it increasingly interesting to see it utilized for migraines and TMJ.

That's JUST me though, I know many people who adore it. I would see how popular it is in your area, because if you are in a hot climate I bet it is a banging job...but the trend may not be so hot in say Minnesota or Montana.

defectiveburger1 karma

What's the most painful body part to have waxed? I tried a lower leg wax recently that I wasn't able to complete due to pain, but have done underarm, face, Brazilian without issue and it seemed off that leg would be so painful.

ransommyheart3 karma

It's per person and different based on sex of the person, as well. The more you do it, the less it will hurt each time. The first time my legs were waxed, I threatened to punch my classmate... It felt like shards of glass rubbed into my flesh. Now I feel nothing.

Yay_Rabies1 karma

What can you recommend when a newbie is looking for a Brazilian? I would love to get myself waxed to save a bit of shaving but I don’t want to end up with a burn or an infection.
Is it possible to get a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis after waxing?

ransommyheart2 karma

I would say it is possible, yes, but this demands research. Find yourself a waxing master who will set you up with pre and post care. Look at the reviews, lots of them. Ask them about their sanitation process. Look to make sure it's all gloves, clean surfaces, no double dipping. I know a girl who can wax a "cat" so fast, I swear you didn't feel the pain til you were out the door. It is a TALENT. Ask around and search Google reviews, the right person will walk you through everything and help you to avoid the bad stuff with proper care.

owawaythray691 karma

I have developed red patches under the corners of my mouth that also tend to have dry skin. I have no idea what's causing it, it's only been the past year that I've dealt with it. I wash my face regularly and use moisturizer to try to get rid of it but I haven't seen any change.

If I look at the patches up close, the pores in that area seem to be open comedones, but I can't tell if it's that or the skin is just peeling.

I know this question is pretty specific but do you have any idea what this is? How can I get rid of it?

ransommyheart2 karma

I highly suggest a dermatologist or your family doctor for this one. I get this and it's caused by overactive cold sores essentially due to prior trauma to the area and anxiety. Yours could be anything, and I suggest a doctor asap. It could spread.

KameraPanaramara1 karma

Back sweat. It's awful in the summer (in the Midwest so not terribly hot) what can I do to minimize it? Every time I drive anywhere my back almost always has sweat marks. It's super annoying.

ransommyheart2 karma

Hm, that's a tough one. Maybe wicking material for your shirts to help it not sit on the skin?

yorksh10061 karma

I have lots of black heads on my nose. I’ve tried to use those strips that are supposed to help extract them and feel like I get absolutely no results. Is there a skin care treatment you’d recommend to help eliminate black heads?

ransommyheart3 karma

Those strips rip open the pores creating a cycle. Stay away from anything that pulls at your skin. Extraction is the ONLY way to get rid of blackheads, followed by a good regimen to help the pores close and stay clear. I would start with a facial by a pro. It can be a frustrating battle, the results of seeing a pro is worth it. At least go for a consultation and products.

this_is_Winston1 karma

Is there any way to undo sun damage? I'm pale and used to try and tan. If I look at my face under black light there's all these dark spots that show up. A Esthetician told me there was a treatment that would make the spots come out but I was skeptical and can't remember what the treatment was called.

ransommyheart2 karma

Chemical Peels will be the most effective. Look around for the right one for you, they are not all the same, and ask about down time.

Vitamin C treatments used regularly can help to a certain point.

Start protecting it better now with SPF, good habits, and hydrating.

rach514961 karma

How can I help psoriasis and ezema on my eyelids? It gets painful sometimes. Not to mention itchy.

ransommyheart3 karma

I usually have advice for this, but eyelids are so so sensitive. I would ask your family doctor for a cream that won't hurt them or your eyes

CrunkSammich1 karma

Do you have any experience with laser tattoo removal? How effective is it? For reference, I have a large, professional tattoo on my right bicep.

Also, any advice for a patchy beard? My beard is so think except for one quarter size spot on my jaw line, which makes me pretty self conscious. I’m almost 30, yet that one spot does not have any hair growth.

ransommyheart2 karma

Gotta be honest, I really don't. I hear good things, but also that it's painful. That's all I know, sorry!

As for beard hair, I believe the places it grows and doesn't grow is genetic. That being said, for fuller hair I would try a supplement with vitamin A and biotin (supplements are touch and go, but shouldn't hurt the cause) and try a beard oil and brushing to stimulate the follicle.

Correlations1 karma


ransommyheart1 karma

I do not know enough on this subject, but a consult from both places could be beneficial I'm sure. I have had my sideburns waxed before, but that's the extent. It wasn't bad, at all.

Biermaken1 karma

Are you subscribed to r/popping?

ransommyheart3 karma

No, I prefer to do, not watch.

Britneyismyhomegirl1 karma

What are some brands/products that you recommend?

ransommyheart2 karma

Thus far I have enjoyed:

PCA Dermalogica Murad Skin Medica Eminence Alba Botanicals Aveeno Kiehl's Shu Uemura

And finally, a leaf of aloe from a health grocery store. Fresh aloe did wonders for my hair and skin daily.

ransommyheart1 karma

Just realized my list is actually like 20x longer after working in retail early in my career and with Aveda. Mario Badescu is nice

rhatedpill1 karma

I have the wooorst pain tolerance in the world, so I never go to the same place to get waxed/threaded because I get extremely anxious about annoying the estheticians there. I always apologise and they reply that I shouldn't worry. Are little bitches like me your worst client? Any horror stories or tips on how to handle the pain?

ransommyheart1 karma

Not the worst, at all! The more you see the same person, the better they can work with you and know your tolerance. I had a girl that I made her sit on her hands, because when we worked on her cheeks she had a habit on punching without thinking. We laughed it off, and made it work. The more I know you, the better I can adjust my skills to what you like.

peeledgrape1 karma

Is there a subreddit for these topics? I’m dying for more info about how to improve my skin

ransommyheart1 karma

I'm not sure. It would be interesting to get a bunch of professionals all in one place!

baineschile1 karma

Is permanent hair removal possible? Asking for my back.

ransommyheart3 karma

Yes! Laser hair therapy is a wonderful service, check it out, but be prepared for a large price with a very reasonable payment plan.

Regular waxing can leave you hairless or near after a while, but I'd suggest the other if you want fast results.

IIIpl4sm4III1 karma

What would you say is a decent product that gets the job done for just removing dead skin from the face? Theres like 50 different products that claim to do the same shit but have entirely different ingredients.

ransommyheart2 karma

There will be! Exfoliation is a broad topic. There's a million types of acids, and different types of mechanical scrubs.

I personally love lactic acid, bromelain (pineapple enzyme), or jojoba beads.

NO APRICOT SCRUB or any other scrub that uses pits or shells.

envelopepusher1 karma

What is your suggestion to deal with vertical upper lip lines? I have 3 and I don't know what to do about them. I have extremely fair skin and love wearing dark lipsticks in winter time but the line bleeding is embarrassing. Is there a product you recommend or a procedure? Or do you suggest I remedy this with cosmetics? I love microdermabrasions and I exfoliate 4 days a week, at the suggestion of my esthetician where I lived until recently.


ransommyheart2 karma

Peptides and collagen will be great ingredients to seek. When my lips are horrible I use a serum with hylauronic acid or sodium hyaluronate...followed by my favorite night eye cream - no, really! They basically help the same thing.

I also don't wear lipstick more than 2-3 days in a row. I always take a day off, because sensitive lips need a break. To remove and be gentle I remove lipstick with extra virgin olive oil.

envelopepusher1 karma

Thanks! I use all Murad products, so if you could recommend something out of the Murad line, I'll go buy it right now! I only wear lipstick 2 x a week max, but good to know to use evoo to remove it. I am a Burt's bees and kiss my face chapstick wearer. I use anything that has an spf of above 20.

Thanks so much. I love hearing about people that love what they do. I own my own business and I absolutely adore my life.

ransommyheart2 karma

Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture once a day max or as needed on lips, and try the hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture eye cream on your lips at night. Sounds silly, but made a big difference for me. This is pricy, start with the HDQE if you can't hey both. Also, for bleeding lips Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment has saved me for years. Other than that, look into a collagen supplement, I know supplements are wishy washy...but the drinkable collagen shots helped a fellow Esty of mine in so many ways, lips included, and another fellow Esty takes pills and her doctor thinks it helped a recent burn she had heal faster. (I know nothing about that, not a Dr, just what I was told, but I think that's pretty amazing)

ClassicRock41 karma

What can you tell me about Plexiderm - the shale based cream to smooth out wrinkles & under eye area? Does it just terribly dehydrate the area & that is why it tightens & smooths out the skin? Is it harmful to use? How often can it be safely used?

ransommyheart1 karma

I might be incorrect, but I BELIEVE that's the cream the holds the skin in place, it doesn't actually hydrate the area...so you just are getting what you're buying, no real benefit.

I'd suggest an eye cream or serum that is clinically tested and shows the results without yknow having used other products or putting makeup or new lighting. Retinol products can also work wonders, you'll want to go gentle though or it'll hurt that sensitive skin.

I'd be happy to hear if I'm wrong, but if it sounds too good to be true well

Q-Westion0 karma

Cant be bothered seeing if someone asjed this, but, how do you pronounce that?

ransommyheart3 karma


[deleted]-14 karma


ransommyheart2 karma

No, and I have been asked this before...but I know which places in town do.