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envelopepusher1 karma

What is your suggestion to deal with vertical upper lip lines? I have 3 and I don't know what to do about them. I have extremely fair skin and love wearing dark lipsticks in winter time but the line bleeding is embarrassing. Is there a product you recommend or a procedure? Or do you suggest I remedy this with cosmetics? I love microdermabrasions and I exfoliate 4 days a week, at the suggestion of my esthetician where I lived until recently.


envelopepusher1 karma

Thanks! I use all Murad products, so if you could recommend something out of the Murad line, I'll go buy it right now! I only wear lipstick 2 x a week max, but good to know to use evoo to remove it. I am a Burt's bees and kiss my face chapstick wearer. I use anything that has an spf of above 20.

Thanks so much. I love hearing about people that love what they do. I own my own business and I absolutely adore my life.