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This will be invasive please feel free to skip.

You say that she was born.
Did your wife have to have an abortion/D&E?

I know it’s shitty to ask but I have a friend who’s daughter stopped developing (no brain) and she needed to undergo this procedure rather than birth. It’s not an issue to get in our state but I know that other states attempt to ban abortions around the 20 week mark. I bring it up because I feel that people don’t know that the procedure can be used for nonviable pregnancies. It was very hard on my friend and her family (her husband and 2 little boys), her daughter was very much wanted but they chose the option to terminate.

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I've heard stories about smaller boats wrecking when they hit a lost, partially submerged container. Have you ever lost containers at sea? Do you try to recover them or just write them off as lost?

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In your post you listed the Big Dig in Boston. I moved to Massachusetts almost 10 years ago and I’ve often heard people say that the big dig was corrupt and that a lot of stuff went wrong. As someone who worked on it, how do you feel about these claims? Do you think it was a good or bad idea?
I live on the south shore and I sometimes spend some time stuck in the tunnels. As a transplant from another state I often think that Massachusetts drivers get a bad reputation.

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What can you recommend when a newbie is looking for a Brazilian? I would love to get myself waxed to save a bit of shaving but I don’t want to end up with a burn or an infection.
Is it possible to get a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis after waxing?

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Thank you!