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The actual response I've heard about this in the past is that the failures are not on the part of CIA, but rather the executive who gave CIA the missions. Those foreign leaders were murdered successfully, what the executives promised would happens afterwards often is where the failures happened.

I'm not saying that this is the correct or moral response, just that this is the response I've heard from CIA insiders on this topic.

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So you’d employ pedophiles and murderers?

Do you think that murderers who have paid their debt to society in prison should be entirely unemployable? Do you think they should just beg and leech off of people in order to survive?

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I suggest staying away from Accutane,

as someone who is considering getting an Accutane treatment, could you elaborate on this?

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of all his votes, there are only 2 that he agreed with Trump that I think progressives wouldn't get behind


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the CIA's operations have tended to be failures only from the standpoint of human rights and democracy

like I said above, perhaps it is not the "moral" or perhaps "correct" response, but it is CIA's response. If you have a problem with the fallout, blame the executive. CIA is just a tool to fulfill the executive's agenda.