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Yes, with a grain of salt. It takes a LONG time for those scars to develop so it usually takes a long time to see results in treatment, even with regular visits to your professional and proper home care. That being said, I have seen amazing results from people who really put forth the dollars and the effort.

That being said, if you have pitting, that's probably permanent.

The #1 thing I suggest is proper protection going forward, followed by keeping your skin properly hydrated, and lastly focusing on a clinical line's serum for maximum results. Don't bother with anything from a drugstore, no point in building up to it.

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I'm sorry to disagree with a scientist, but I do disagree. A lot of companies only sell through their sites, but fakes appear on places like Amazon that have filled bottles with watered down product or worse.

Also, no, not all products are available to the public. In order the get the professional products that I use, I become a member and provide proof of my licensing from the site that I know provides the real deal, straight from the source.

I have clients that buy straight glycolic acid or such, because they think bigger is better. As you know, being a chemist, our skin's acid mantle has a natural pH of around 4 to 5.5. I apologize for dumbing it down to "balanced pH". The pH of our products are generally listed, and we use that information and knowledge of how your skin feels and looks to properly treat it. With each application of a product, that pH will change...and by the ending products it should be back where it began or better. If your acid mantle is not "intact" that means your skin has been damaged, and is in need of attention.

I am not trying to peddle snake oil, though I am used to being questioned. I am not a chemist, but I have access to the answers of many of them. With a better knowledge of how the pHs of products affect the skin, following of proper technical protocols set by professionals in the field, and by using products with a higher quality of ingredients I am able to help my clients meet their skin care goals.

Dr Murad's books are very interesting reads on Glycolic acid, and any research into PCA really shows what clinical lines can do for people. These are within my wheelhouse, but I'm sure other Estys and derms that provide other chemical peels can account for this, as well.

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Again, I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. Ask your doctor. I have the experience of many of my clients saying it ran havoc on their bodies despite curing their acne. I know others that were perfectly fine. I believe that starting with less drastic measures can be beneficial; however, I am absolutely not the person to listen to on this topic. Ask your medical professional for more information and make your best decision.

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It really is, I get to say I love doing my job. I think that's a gift.

The best parts:

The clients, I love my clients. Truly, I am enveloped in a feeling of true caregiving and solace and give all my attention to someone for a solid hour or more ... and that is so rare for people to experience.

The extractions, I used to think it was weird, but gosh I love extracting blackheads.

The constant growing industry and being surrounded by forever student. We are all so passionate, and we research so much for fun to keep up on trends...because we love it. I just think it's so cool that I ask someone a question, and if they don't know it - we both will because we feel that need.

The bad parts:

The pay where I live is not great, because not many people care about their skin, nor have they been educated on it. Hence why I'm getting into massage, as well.

THOSE clients. We have all been asked inappropriate requests. All of us. You simply end the session. You don't even risk it. (If it's truly inappropriate, if you want you can give a warning of sorts or a suggestion that those questions can't be asked). However, I have been in a small, mostly dark room, alone...and he did nothing inappropriate exactly, but he scared everyone he met that day and I was so terrified of him I kept scissors in my pocket because at one point in the service I am completely blocked off from a quick escape to the door if something were to happen. Nothing did, but after that session I took a break, because I was shaking and crying ... Some people just give off that vibe, and touching them for an extended time is exhausting.

Having to find the right place. I found it finally, but everyone fits a different vibe and suits a different crowd, finding it can be demoralizing. This is true in all careers, I'm sure.