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This is the norm for every company on the internet now. They'll never address a question about policy; they always immediately turn it around to be about YOUR experience. Because if you had a bad time, they'd rather try to make you happy and get a positive Twitter shoutout for doing so than address the actual problem.

Is there a name for this phenomenon? Stamping out small fires to make them seem like the good guys while ignoring the burning forest around them?

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I really like social media teams. But this shit isn't supposed to be their job. And I know they don't get paid enough to do what they do, especially when it involves responding to incidents like this. Glad you got the help you needed, but it's a damn shame this is how we have to get it these days.

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"Tuts and scowls" sounds like an English breakfast. Like the most English breakfast of all the English breakfasts.

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And it certainly isn't "like normal" to cook rice inside her.

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Sounds about right.