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Hi also a Master esthetician, they are both right and wrong. We are taught mens hair grows in a cross pattern so waxing could literally rip the skin off or bruise. unfortunately many carry that belief on to course hormone hair for women. You can get waxing though you need both a provider skilled in dealing with this and a good product. Cheap satin smooth ain't going to cut it. Personally I sugar.

Now part two of your question, absolutely do not to Laser hair removal on the face if you have hormone related facial hair. You have to do electrolysis. The reason LHR treats hair through over growth stimulation and has a broad treatment area. You could end up with more than you started and as your hormones control the hair it likely isn't permanent either. Electrolysis however treats and removes the individual hair in question. I would also suggest seeking answers for the hair growth in the first place to help a more accurate long term solution. It could be genetics, pcos, menopause, etc.

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Take as many business and communication classes as you can. Biology, chemistry, and believe it or not psycholoy are also great to take. I will never forget learning the phycological difference between offering a client a foot massage over a hand massage.

Also once your old enough get a job in the field such as front desk somewhere. I've many their place of work paid for their massage or esthetician education. This will also help you get your foot in the door for what it's like.

Edit spelling of psychology

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Blue is for acne, red is for agemanagment. Depends on the device if its genuine or not for true results.

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So this might be a ramble moment here, I feel so many ask "where should I go to school?". Honestly from my experience it doesn't matter, it's the continuing education where we truly develop into the field. My first year I worked in an obgyn office, then for a dermatologist, then a plastic surgeon/weight loss center, decided f this and went day spa, finally spent nearly a year in a salon before branching out on my own. The beauty of our industry is it has so many avenues for opportunity people don't even realize. It's rare estheticians stay a jack of all trades, most specialize.

Even working for someone it's a Hussle to maintain a stable income and be able to support a family. Then not working yourself to the Bone so you get to enjoy life with your family. I've loved your ama, you're an amazing esthetician! Have a fantabulous day!! <3

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Virginia, we had to complete a total of 1200 hours for masters. (600 professional, additional 600 for master) I also have a college degree in business administration and communication. My original degree was in biologyb and I've used it to develop my own product line. I've been in the field for 9 years I've had my own private practice going on 5 years. My state permanent make-up, lasers, and such are also additional education and licensing.