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awhile back, a firefighter posted a photo of the..erm...cork used to hold internal organs in. Do those giant cork things really exist, and do you really have to insert them?.....

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Yup...it was a giant plastic screw-looking thing

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I like the Japanese Ninja Warrior competitions so much more than American Ninja Warrior. The American version is so drawn out with all the competitor bios, their cheering section, and the hammy announcers with their irrelevant banter. Can we please just have the Japanese version back?

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What's the most painful body part to have waxed? I tried a lower leg wax recently that I wasn't able to complete due to pain, but have done underarm, face, Brazilian without issue and it seemed off that leg would be so painful.

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What advice do you have for the anxious and fearful fliers out there? What can we do to feel more comfortable with flying?