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Sylvester_Scott2561 karma

Do you have a way to distinguish between hotdog and not hotdog?

tudorbold463 karma

Not yet, but that's a great idea!

mlbcharlie1989 karma

How are you going to tackle the issue of child pornography? That was one of Tumblr's main issues, and surely you can't manually monitor all the posts if your website is "going viral."

EDIT: Vote cheating. Is the website "going viral" also bots visiting the site? Lol.

tudorbold703 karma

This is a a serious issue and we've been addressing it from the start. We're actively moderating content as well as integrating AI to detect on upload, prevent, and report illegal content.

Check out these resources: https://projectvic.org/ and https://www.iwf.org.uk/

PS: Also check out our article on the Tumblr ban: https://medium.com/sharesome/why-tumblrs-porn-ban-doesn-t-come-as-a-surprise-deef2269ba5f

petgreg204 karma

How effective is this method, and what plans do you have for if this website explodes?

tudorbold269 karma

I would say it's quite effective, but we also have other methods in place, including human moderation (unfortunately there's no way around that, at least until AGI comes :) ). If the website explodes, we'll keep upgrading our infrastructure. We know how important website speed is for users, so this is one of our primary concerns.

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tudorbold66 karma

We're running tests with age-detection algos as we speak.

ImAScientist_ADoctor112 karma

There are several words that essentially mean "jailbait" in other languages, are you banning those words too?

tudorbold161 karma

Not yet, but good idea.

Riddla264 karma

Another data sucking octopus rears it's head. This will end badly and it's technology will be shown to be ineffective. Research who you give your data to.

tudorbold1 karma

Better yet: don't give our your personal info!

Pappy_Smith-35 karma

What do I have to do to get a job “monitoring content”

tudorbold7 karma

We're good on that front, thank you. Currently looking to expand our dev team.

petgreg-7 karma

This needs an answer.

Edit: I'll leave it up because I hate deleting posts, but I wrote this before it was answered.

broncosfighton7 karma

Not really. You can’t expect them to have a foolproof auto detect feature as a brand new website. Things like that take time to build and I’m sure it will be boots on the ground for a while. Any new media platform will have this problem from launch.

petgreg-15 karma

You can, actually. Child porn isn't something you learn along the way, with an acceptable learning curve. You have a system in place when you start, or you don't start. I understand this is a big hurdle for new companies, but sexual victimization of children trumps.

tudorbold17 karma

Ensuring there is no underage content on our platform is priority number 1.

BabyBlue227670 karma

Is this site strictly porn only? I know a lot of people are upset about tumblr changing because they like to blog about sfw and nsfw content on the same blogs, or between two or more blogs shared on one account. The sense of community amongst kink groups was really strong on tumblr and tons of people used it for spreading awareness about safety and important non-sexual roles in kink lifestyles. Will this side of those communities get to show through your site? Or is it more just for nsfw content?

tudorbold323 karma

Definitely not porn only, we have SFW topics as well. It's mostly about kinky content, but you can decide what type of users/topics you want to follow.

SexyKaiser334 karma

Will there be a mobile app?

tudorbold405 karma

Due to heavy restrictions on adult content in app stores, we are not currently planning any mobile apps :(

JoatMasterofNun588 karma

Or build one and let people sideload it.

Or make sure your webpage is super mobile friendly

tudorbold20 karma

We're looking into PWAs.

0nSecondThought15 karma

Build a general purpose browser app that users can configure to load content from your site. Maybe contact the “fast feed” app author

tudorbold11 karma

Hmm, will look into this, thanks!

TldrDev8 karma

Have you considered writing an adult themed app store?

tudorbold9 karma

There is at least one that we know of: https://mikandi.com/

Murloc262 karma

Consider building one and letting people download the APK or IPA

tudorbold3 karma

Yeap, we're open to the idea, but currently not on our roadmap.

RBellingham329 karma

Sharesome is kind of unusable right now for me as a man who is exclusively interested in men. Even though I've set my topics as such, my news feed is flooded with 'promoted posts' which are almost all of women.

For example, I saw a photo I really liked of two cute guys, scrolled down, and was smacked in the face by a collage of four extreme labia closeups.

I don't want to yuck anyone's yum, but that was definitely a heck of a mood killer for me, just as I imagine it would be a pain for exclusively hetero guys to be browsing their feed only to be bludgeoned by a hardcore dick pic or four.

How do you plan to resolve this issue?

tudorbold144 karma

I agree, this is currently an issue but it will be mostly solved this month. Working on 2 things: users to be able to set their macro-preferences (gay, lesbian, straight etc); we'll also better filter/display sponsored posts.

Decapitated_gamer163 karma

How is this better than Reddit’s 18+ community? Honest question, at work so obviously can’t look at it. How are the selections and different categories?

tudorbold77 karma

We love Reddit, so we don't see it as a competitor. Just like Reddit, Sharesome has moderated communities (we call them Topics), but there's also a large emphasis on following individual content creators. Content is organized in feeds, in a typical social-media-esque fashion.

dont_dox_me_again154 karma

Did you have this planned prior to Tumblr accouncing they would be removing adult content?

tudorbold151 karma

Yes, we initially launched the alpha version almost a year before the Tumblr announcement.

BluntForceHonesty40 karma

How do you plan to monetize and grow Sharesome? Have you addressed the problems many businesses online have when dealing with porn and payment processing?

tudorbold77 karma

Right now we have implemented a tipping system where users can send voluntary tips to posts. On top of this, we made a tagging system that allows us to allocate most of the tipped amount to the content owner (so if someone posts your OC on Sharesome, you will still get most of the tips). As for payment processors, we are experimenting with a number of alternatives.

In regards to growth, most of our growth so far has been organic and due to word-of-mouth.

TbanksIV39 karma

What are your limits on what can be uploaded?

Minors are obviously not allowed, bestiality etc.

How about incest? CNC?

tudorbold56 karma

In short, if it's legal and if it's one, two, or more consenting adults, it's a go.

nso23 karma


tudorbold47 karma

We're based in Europe and compliant with US regulation as well. Not sure what North Korea thinks about us.

Elijah_Draws32 karma

To what degree do you compress images uploaded to the platform? Are people who view your work able to get full resolution versions of the images, even if you aren’t displaying them? Is there a maximum upload size for media?

tudorbold33 karma

There is a maximum upload size for media, but I don't remember off the top of my head what it is. We do resize images so as not to serve huge files. I like your suggestion for allowing access to the full resolution pics, I'll add it to the list!

thinkB4WeSpeak27 karma

Is this open for everyone and not require a account?

tudorbold35 karma

You can browse topics and profiles without an account. But creating an account is super easy & anonymous, we do not require an email address for registration.

PinealisDMT8 karma

How is password reset ever gonna work if there is no email?

tudorbold14 karma

This is one of the reasons why we encourage people to add an email address. Unfortunately, if you lose your password and you did not set an email address, you will lose access to the account. If you have ideas for new methods of account recovery, I'm open to any/all suggestions.

the_goose_says25 karma

Are you concerned fosta/sesta laws will make it difficult for you to continue to provide the ability to freely share sexual content on your site?

tudorbold17 karma

FOSTA/SESTA laws are worrying, yes. We're keeping a close eye on the issues being debated and legislated.

Dutchvik25 karma

How do you want to prevent people from sharing porn that involves minors and porn uploaded against someone's will?

tudorbold32 karma

Regarding illegal content, we're actively moderating content as well as integrating AI to detect it on upload and report it.

We're responding to all take down requests for content that might have been shared without somebody's will. Also, we're encouraging people who contribute original content to verify as content creators.

StormRider240713 karma

What about people that make stuff like hentai? Can they use your site the same way an adult model can?

tudorbold19 karma

Yes, we love hentai. We already have very active users who post hentai. Here's one I'm familiar with: https://sharesome.com/svscomics/

ratbas10 karma

Is there a shortage of adult content on the internet?

tudorbold45 karma

There's a shortage of platforms that allow content creators and performers to promote their work.

On Sharesome adult performers can signup, start growing their brand and sending traffic to their sites. This is not possible on most mainstream social media platforms.

GlyphGryph4 karma

There's a shortage of ways for performers to be well compensated for it, legally.

But that's mostly because banks refuse to work with groups that involve themselves in or allow adult content, by and large, so I'm wondering how they're going to deal with Visa and Paypal telling them to fuck off. (also its kind of fucked that visa and paypal can tell them to fuck off because they don't like their content but thats something else)

tudorbold6 karma

Yes, financial discrimination of sex workers is a major major problem. Personally, I don't see things getting better in the near future. This is why we're heavily looking into cryptocurrencies.

psychameron139 karma

So you're picking up the gold mine that tumblr dropped, but what are you going to do about any hateful pages that tumblr wont touch ex: neo nazis, terrorism, race bashing etc. I know that mods and filters can only do so much, so what steps will you take to minimize or eliminate these problems?

tudorbold11 karma

Great question. As you can imagine, there can be a lot of hate speech on a porn site. We have a zero tolerance policy for neo-nazism and terrorism. This kind of harmful behavior leads to instant banning and account deletion.

_ser_kay_6 karma

Could you share your open letter here? Unsurprisingly, it’s been flagged and isn’t viewable (at least on mobile).

Danaldinho0075 karma

How did you make it? What's the technology stack going on?

tudorbold15 karma

PHP and some Node.js on the backend, Vue.js on the frontend.

btonetbone5 karma

How do you handle issues such as ensuring consent for sharing by the photo/video subjects?

tudorbold18 karma

Won't lie to you, this is not an easy task. We're taking down content when people report it and making sure it never gets uploaded again (with media fingerprinting and check ups on upload etc). We're expanding our capabilities with 3rd party services to cover more and more of this issue.

Measure764 karma

Nicely done, but your homepage has porn on it.

I mean, it looks nice, but at least tumblr was going for a wider market.

Do you think focusing only on porn sharing is going to bring enough consistent activity to be successful?

tudorbold11 karma

Nobody watches porn. But it's a $100 BILLION industry. On Tumblr alone, about 30 million people were there for porn. Not concerned that our target audience is too small.

tudorbold4 karma

Nicely done, but your homepage has porn on it.

Thank you, we like it too! :)

obtrae4 karma

How do I find nudes of my Ex, who I am secretly kind off not over?

tudorbold35 karma

Not on Sharesome. We condemn revenge porn.

bathtub_seizure2 karma

Will there be an app for this?

tudorbold2 karma

We would obviously love to have an app but unfortunately, it would never get approved in the app stores. We are currently focusing on improving the mobile version of the website. We're also considering creating a progressive web app.

Fwippy2 karma

Is the main focus of the website live-action photos and video?

Most of my preferences are drawn or animated (because the stuff I'm into isn't very achievable IRL), and my second favorite kind is written erotica.

I know that my preferences are not universal, but I think there is a significant portion of Tumblr users that feel the same way. Certainly a lot of the content creators are artists and authors.

I scrolled through the feed for a few pages and mostly saw promoted posts about things I didn't care for. I tried to search a couple of my fetishes and came up with about 7 pictures in total.

tudorbold4 karma

Great question and input. I would say currently most of the content is from real people, and less from fantasy artists. But I get you, and we're more than welcoming to all NSFW creators, be them illustrators or writers.

The nice thing about Sharesome is that the more you use it, the more it learns what you like. So if erotica is your thing, it will show you more of that. And if you don't like something, unfollow liberally! As for the promoted posts you're seeing, those are getting pesky nowadays, we're scaling them down.

HungryLikeTheWolf992 karma

What is your ballpark estimate about how much of Tumblr's traffic will be lost with this policy change?

Any traffic gains for them due to being more family friendly?

Finally, how much traffic are you prepared for?

tudorbold4 karma

They'll be losing up to 30% of their users. Most of them moving to Twitter (while it still allows porn), but also forums and Sharesome.com

PowerofKhan2 karma

What kinky fetish categories are you planning to include for a quick one?

tudorbold2 karma

Open to suggestions my brother!

diddletheskittle2 karma

Is there a way to view the site without creating an account?

tudorbold3 karma

You can view all our topics and user pages without being logged in (example: https://sharesome.com/topics/ ), but you cannot interact with the content (like/share/comment), nor can you browse the newsfeed without an account.

Macluawn2 karma

Do you have any experience running a NSFW platform? How can you ensure the platform will be there a year from now, when you'll realise no payment provider wants to deal with you? (e.g., stripe wouldnt touch nsfw content with a ten foot pole).

To paraphrase - why should people invest their time in Sharesome if there's no guarantee you will be there a year from now?

tudorbold6 karma

We're doing our best, learning from mistakes. On the payment side, we're looking heavily into crypto.

potato_waave2 karma

How much is it costing you for this endeavour?

Is it profitable?

tudorbold4 karma

Not at the moment, as monetization has not been our #1 priority. We are now focusing on the product and we'll see what the future has in store for us :)

mommarun1 karma

How did you tumble across this idea?

tudorbold8 karma

I see what you did there :) I actually launched the site several months before Tumblr's announcement. However, the recent Tumblr ban on porn has accelerated our growth significantly, so that's good.

PineCreekCathedral1 karma

Why do I have to create an account?

tudorbold4 karma

You don't :) You can browse user profiles and topics without an account, but if you want a smart feed with all the content you follow, as well as being able to like, comment, share, save, etc, you need an account. All you need is a username and a password though, no email required.

stolid_agnostic1 karma

What is your LGBTQ support like?

tudorbold4 karma

Getting better and better, I would say. Sharesome was quite dominated by straight content, but now it's getting more and more diverse. Users can pick their gender from a multitude of choice and very soon will be able to set their content preferences, so they see more of what they like.

0xcha1n1 karma

Is there a way to filter gay content?

tudorbold4 karma

Right now I'd say just follow users and topics you like and unfollow users/topics you don't like. We're adding very soon the option to set your macro-preferences (like gay, straight etc).

JayLapse1 karma

Why did you choose to create your own site instead of letting people just come to Reddit to share their posts?

edit nevermind just saw another of your answers saying you started this site a year before the tumblr takedown

tudorbold5 karma

I think Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat, will at some point ban porn altogether. So we're building Sharesome with the long-term in mind.

jozehd1 karma

Could you share(me)some bread?

tudorbold2 karma

I mean sure why not.

rwdrich1 karma

Have you thought about making an easy way for people to import their tumblr blogs? I guess a lot of work is being shut down right now, and people would love a way to make the transition easier

tudorbold4 karma

Yeap, you can now import your Tumblr blog into Sharesome.

LeMik1 karma

What about video? Think you could make a decent yt replacement? You could have nsfw and sfw videos.

tudorbold3 karma

Neah, building just another tube site isn't exciting for us. But we do allow and encourage videos.

notyodoritos1 karma

Why did tumblr ban porn?

tudorbold4 karma

bihesad-2 karma

Is this the second coming of is anyone up?!

tudorbold2 karma

Sorry, not sure I get the reference.

TldrDev-4 karma

Is it really going viral, or are you hoping it does so you can quit your day job and cash in on moderating bad furry porn?

tudorbold23 karma

Hahaa, although that sounds interesting, Sharesome is already my day job.
Check out the links in the original post: #MoveToSharesome on Twitter, the open letter on Tumblr etc.

sglville-4 karma

Why should anyone trust you and your site with their personal pics?

tudorbold2 karma

It's a good approach not to trust us. We let consistent actions speak for us.

Any adult can see photos posted on Sharesome, so don't share stuff you wouldn't want seen.

[deleted]-5 karma


tudorbold4 karma

Not really. Check out this article we wrote: https://medium.com/sharesome/why-tumblrs-porn-ban-doesn-t-come-as-a-surprise-deef2269ba5f

"All these platforms are not run by NGOs, they are run by companies and the only measurement for the success of a company is profit. As simple as that. And all these millions of people consuming adult content, and all these tens of thousands of adult content creators, do only one thing to these companies: They produce traffic that they can not monetize."

BernieSanders46-7 karma

could you get the porn off reddit and take it to your site too?

i mean a bit of porn is ok. but i dont see why there needs to be 100 subs for buttholes and traps and girls with pale nipples or what the fuck ever constantly hitting the top of hourly.

tudorbold5 karma

I get what you mean :) We welcome the Reddit community with open arms. It will be interesting to see what Reddit's policy on porn will be in the long-term.

La_Chanclaracha-15 karma

how long till you decide to sell your gimmick website?

tudorbold5 karma

Sell? We're a dedicated team doing this as our full-time job. We love the opportunities, our users, and the vibes. We're growing to be the biggest adult social platform in the world.