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His ego is out of control compared to what he has actually accomplished in life. He was an ok at best fighter who got on a podcast with Callen. It was super entertaining, but as it grew and they became more interested in money than entertainment it became annoying. Not its a commercial with a little bit of podcast in it. His never ending talk about work ethic and killing the t-shirt game annoys most people. He doesn't kill the game, he parodies other shirts. Since they fly so under any real radar and only print a limited number I guess they can get away with it. I listen to the podcast because I like Callen, but Brandon has become unbearable.

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Does it bother you that a fucking unfunny hack like Brandon Schaub gets time at the comedy store because of his connection to Joe Rogan?

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Brian, would you please consider dropping knowledge please? Your fans would honestly prefer more comedic interaction with you guys or more Ev the body, the cub, the otter, the beard please.

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Why did tumblr ban porn?