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Q: Are you afraid for the safety of your pets/home? Scientologists have been known to kill pets to get revenge.

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I'm not sure why it was necessary to be a dick. OP is doing this AMA as a result of the recent attention towards Brittany's case. This AMA, however, is about conservatorship in general, NOT Brittany's case in particular.

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Definitely keep them inside.

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That's fine, but why are you angry that OP, a reporter, reported on something they found?

Edit: Also, why are you supporting "remove the town"? You MUST be a Scientology plant.

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No. Let me analogize what happened:

For some reason, Heinz ketchup is suddenly big news. A chef comes in and says "People have been talking about Heinz Ketchup lately. I'm a chef and an expert on ketchup. Ask me any questions about ketchup".

There is no clickbait in a place like AMA, and nothing to be gained from being clickbaity.

Look for polemics elsewhere, please.