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I mean, there must still be economies of scale though.

How long do the diamond making machines tend to last? If they've got high turnover, maybe not. But if they last a long time you'd expect diamonds to get cheaper and cheaper as older models continue churning.

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Senior doctors (consultants) are on a different, separate contract. As such, they can't go on strike over the junior doctors contract.

Why not?

Edit: Looked it up, and apparently solidarity action is completely illegal in the UK. Holy shit. Fucking Thatcher! How is labour supposed to accomplish anything if solidarity action is illegal?

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Hope is a funny thing. There are lots of games that get you to sink hours by promising there's great stuff over and over again, and maybe even delivering it once in a while during the first several hours but then... keeping up the promises, and never delivering again.

Especially true for games that are still under development, and involve a lot of grinding. I put way more time than I should have into Elite: Dangerous, because I always felt like there was going to be something just around the next corner that would make it worth it, or because I thought I was accomplishing things that it later turned out I wasn't influencing at all, or because I was working my way towards something I wanted only to have the price doubled just before I reached it because "it was too easy to get", or because maybe the content in the latest update would be really cool but, oh yeah, I need to do 8 hours of 'work' to see it first.

I put a lot of hours into that game, and I can honestly say there were parts I enjoyed... but the time I spent on it? That was part of the cost, in my mind, not the benefit - a whole lot of that time was frustration or hope or tedium and very little of it was spent having fun.

Overall, despite the number of hours I logged, I never felt the game ended up being "worth it". But it always felt like it was so close, that if I just played a little bit longer i'd get to do the enjoyable parts consistently, but it just... never really happened.

So the game got a negative review despite a long playtime. I could not, in good conscious, recommend it to another person, because I feel like they time they would waste playing the game is not worth the rather slim amount of fun it has to offer in the end.

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Well, if you're part of a school system that focuses on broad achievement of minimum standards rather than narrow achievement of individual potential (which is a great many of them), that seems... like a reasonably common and realistic problem to experience?

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He responded to them by deleting the text from the internet and the files from his computer to not get charged or any procedures started against him which indicates that he knew he crossed the line.

This doesn't require him to think he crossed the line, it only requires him to acknowedge that someone wants to punish him for it. Which, you know, was pretty clear at that point.