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jmtb02!! I love you! You should stop by /r/webgames some time.

I love seeing your name in the opening credits of a game, because I know that you do good work. Your games aren't always home runs for me, but they exude quality and creativity.

I have no questions, because my mind turns off in the face of my heroes. Good work.

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User: Hello

Watson: What is Salutation?

Probably not well.

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I rented Psychonauts from Gamefly, and someone stole it on the way back, the only time a game i rented got lost in the mail. I really wish I had stolen it myself. No questions.

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Danny Efland Did one awhile back in /r/nascar.

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A couple of years in, are the players happy with the bargaining agreement? I'm glad this one means a decade of football with no labor issues, but how is it working out from the NFLPA perspective?