Hi Reddit! I started pole fitness for fun and ended up excelling in the sport. Fast forward to 2018 and I now own three pole fitness studios. l also recently started competing in the sport and won regionals, my first competition. I have a national competition coming up Aug 11th. I’m totally freaked out but excited as well! Ask me anything!

I’m in the running to win Pole sport org’s contest to help with travel expenses to nationals, please like their IG post. It also serves as my proof :@ewoshelly

Edit: OMG! Thank you to whoever gave me gold!! That is so awesome!😍🙏💕

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What age range do you find to be attending your classes?

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Hi, our youngest competitor is 12 years old. She competed in her first competition earlier this month and placed second. Our most mature competitor is in her early fifties.

Owenleejoeking177 karma

Did you have any hesitation accepting that Young if a student? I’m sure you are perfectly accepting of the athletic and sport side of things but was there any extra conversation had with parents ect about trying to avoid possible cultural backlash from the same types of people that think your whole studio is just an exotic dancer training camp for example?

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Of course, it was a scary move for me but I believe in the sport and I believe in her. Her mom was supportive of her and she has made friends with other youth polers also. We are hoping for her to one day represent the US in the international pole sports youth competition. Youth pole athletes compete from around the world for that title. Thank you for your genuine interest💕💕

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So you don’t believe in the adage... “keep your daughter off the pole.”

agemini_inwanderlust7 karma

Nope, if I had a daughter she would be born on the pole.

dog_in_the_vent2 karma

How much backlash have you received for teaching a 12-year-old to pole dance?

agemini_inwanderlust6 karma

I actually haven’t received any. The clients were very supportive of her and she has at least 12 family members drive 3 hours one way just to watch her compete. 💕

apprent-25 karma

Some of the moves in these pole competitions are quite sexual, involving lots of spreading legs to draw attention to the genitals, moves to emphasise the breasts/bum, etc. Is this something you would encourage a 12 year old to perform too, or would they be doing something different? Would you have a 12 year old dressed like this, for example?

Edit: I don't mind the downvotes but please note that downvotes are for comments that don't add to the discussion, not for questions you don't like.

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Our youth pole athletes wear the same outfits that gymnasts and jazz dancers do. None of their moves are sexual in nature. If you look at most men and women divisions in the competitions they are not sexual in nature by default. They have a specific category for Exotic Pole

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As a man who’s interested in learning purely for the fun of it, how common is it for men to attend a class like yours? Is it easier, or more difficult?


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Hi, it’s very common. There are a lot of men In the sport because it’s such an amazing workout and really sculpts the body. At our facility, men are allowed to come to all of the pole and conditioning classes . The only prohibited classes are chair dancing and floor dancing.

thergoat87 karma

That’s good to hear! I might look up a class after an upcoming move.

Out of curiosity, why are men prohibited from chair dancing and floor dancing? Also...what do those two entail?

celticwhisper53 karma

Seconded - what's the rationale there?

agemini_inwanderlust158 karma

Let me rephrase , all males are not prohibited. If they are comfortable wearing heels and gyrating their hips there’s no problem with them attending at all. The two classes that were mentioned are more sensual. We do our best to ensure everyone is comfortable as we sometimes dress up and have provocative outfits to allow our clients to shed their inhibitions.

celticwhisper82 karma

So a man comfortable wearing heels and gyrating would be welcome at a chair/floor dance class? (Don't mean to belabor the point, just want to make sure that I'm understanding you correctly.)

agemini_inwanderlust74 karma

Correct 💕

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As the token guy in my pole classes, I can say:

  • Some studios don't allow guys at all. If you're in North America, you'll be heavily outnumbered by females.
  • The good about that it you'll practically have your own change room!
  • For the upper body required, it's easier to do certain for most guys (handspring, flag, iron X etc). I'm not really flexible, so some moves are completely off the menu and others are modified. And the odd move is just not easily implemented because of anatomy.
  • It's a great workout. It's fairly easy to get your muscles to pop without doing other exercises, although you might still want to.

Try it, you might have a blast.

agemini_inwanderlust17 karma

Thanks for sharing 💕💕💕 happy poling to you 💕💕!

stra8NoCap19 karma

As a man who’s interested in looking as ripped as she is, I’m thinking about adding a pole class in myself!

agemini_inwanderlust9 karma


ezebob64 karma

Hello! Awesome to see an AMA like this. You look absolutely amazing btw! I've been going to pole classes since February this year, but I'm finding it hard with grip. I feel like I need dry hands every 2 minutes or I am just useless and slip down the pole. I feel disheartened because I feel like I could never do a full routine because of this. Is there another trick to be able to get rid of this sweaty hand problem?

agemini_inwanderlust63 karma

Hi, do you have this problem outside of the studio as well? If not, then it’s probably just your nerves. I see this all the time with clients. Once you build your strength you will be able to get through your sequence even if you are sliding. I had that same problem in the beginning now I can do my whole routine with NO grip on my hands. I had to train myself to not be dependent on it. 💕💕 I hope this helps

anonymouth4254 karma

What advice do you have for a beginner throwing together their first competition routine? How close to the comp can you keep hope you'll nail moves you haven't gotten yet?

So cool to see you here, I had recently voted for you and Ginja in the competition ☺️

agemini_inwanderlust54 karma

Hi! If it makes you feel better, I am still working on my last pass. I tell all the girls, if you’re less than one month out and the moves don’t feel solid, get rid of them. It’s better to have moves you’re comfortable with that will look smoother than to force something in there that won’t flow with your piece. I only add tricks that I am 100% comfortable with. I wanted to add the Fonji but it’s not solid yet so I eradicated it.

BeDazzledBootyHolez51 karma

What's the most frustrating misconception that people have about your profession that you'd like to set the record straight on?

agemini_inwanderlust102 karma

That all pole athletes are strippers or strippers in training. It is a very rigorous sport and requires an immense amount of strength and flexibility training. My clients work diligently to achieve their goals and it’s extremely frustrating when our efforts are belittled.

poopyconnoisseur92 karma

Ok but now it sounds like you’re belittling strippers :/

assblasters_inc85 karma

I’ve seen a LOT of “pole fitness” classes and attendees belittle strippers to make their classes sound more legitimate. Like how she says “exotic dancers” as though “stripper” is a dirty word.

agemini_inwanderlust29 karma

I never made the insinuation it was a dirty word, you did. I can use whichever verbiage I see fit.

agemini_inwanderlust57 karma

Never. There is nothing wrong with being an exotic dancer but training as a pole athlete and being an exotic dancer are two completely different things. I said our efforts were being belittled with those statements.

TheSkyAndTheCosmos27 karma

Do strippers ever come to your studio to improve their craft? I’m often impressed with how talented they are.

agemini_inwanderlust49 karma

Hi yes, we do train Exotic dancers as well. To be completely honest most of them do not come back because they feel it is too hard. My studio primarily focuses on the more exotic side of pole sport. I myself was an Exotic Dancer so I am speaking from experience. They are two totally separate things.

moobooey44 karma

How much gym effort would someone have to put in to.be good at the pole? I mean, it needs intense upper body strength which I'm assuming can't come from pole dancing itself?

agemini_inwanderlust101 karma

Believe it or not it can. We do progressive strength training exercises on the pole and increase the load gradually using resistance bands or ankle weights. I do not go to the gym AT ALL. All of my strength has come from the pole fitness. My clients come to my studios because they too do not enjoy going to the gym and want to get in shape with alternative fitness classes.

moobooey22 karma

Oh! Good to know. I might look into some local studios about this. Thanks :) And good luck with your competition!

agemini_inwanderlust14 karma

My pleasure. Thanks!

Hubble-Gum41 karma

What is your best accomplishment in the sport?

agemini_inwanderlust101 karma

I would have to say,hands down, the positive effect we have in the lives of the women who come to our studios. It’s an amazing feeling to watch someone come in timid and insecure and within a few months they are beaming with confidence and more assertiveness. These women work so hard and I’m honored to be a part of their transformation. It’s not just a physical one, it’s psychological as well. I genuinely love what I do.

LZRDZ26 karma

Weird question but nonetheless; Do you often injure your skin? Have you got any scars due to friction between skin and pole?

(I would like to try but scar very easily)

agemini_inwanderlust27 karma

Hi, my skin scars easily as well. I have three scars that were induced because of the constant contact with the pole. They aren’t very noticeable either. One behind my knee , one in my elbow and one on my wrist because of the power spins.

henriettagriff24 karma

I am super into being strong, but not as into working on the sexy femme choreography. Is it possible to learn to pole dance/fitness but with less focus on the dance? I want to be able to monkey all around the bar but I'm not as into the sexy stuff, if that makes sense.

agemini_inwanderlust24 karma

Hi, yes of course, most of our classes are taught in heels but we do have classes that focus strictly on learning the tricks and building strength. Our goal is to have an environment that will fosters all of our client’s needs. For example we have climbs and inverts and we have miss tricksters, no dancing with those classes. I hope this helps 💕

evansbt22 karma

I kind of want to try getting into it, but I’m not in great shape. Any tips or tricks to prepare for a beginner’s class (a few weeks of at-home pushups/planks, aerobics, etc.)?

agemini_inwanderlust59 karma

Hi, just got for it! Saying you need to workout before going to a pole fitness class is equivalent to you saying you need to get in shape before going to the gym. Yes, your first few classes will be difficult but I promise, if you stick with it, you’ll be happy.

rororourboat21 karma

I took a pole fitness class once and I simply could not get up the pole even with cleaning my hands with hand sanitizer as the instructor suggested. Is this taught over time or is there some other trick to getting on the pole?

agemini_inwanderlust46 karma

Hi, a little of both. The trick is to use your knees more instead of trying to pull your self up. You should feel like you’re more so pushing up the pole. Also there are exercises that should be done your first few classes to train your muscles on what to do to effectively climb the pole. I never have my clients climb the first time because it can be very discouraging. It just takes time.

I_den_titty20 karma

Would you recommend the dancing pole they sell on Amazon?

agemini_inwanderlust60 karma

Hi, I can only vouch for the 2 poles I have used personally. The brand that I recommend most is X-pole, which I use in all of my studios. No drilling is required. Secondly, I would recommend lil’ mynx poles but It does require you to drill a small hole in your ceiling. I would be weary of anything else, it can be very dangerous using an off brand pole that doesn’t secure safely.

BGummyBear17 karma

Considering the large number of fail videos online where people's poles fall over, is there anything in particular to pay attention to when buying and/or installing one safely?

Also how much should you expect to spend on a pole that is worth the money?

agemini_inwanderlust24 karma

Definitely! I recommend x-pole and lil minx because I have used them personally with no problem at all. You should expect to pay around 300.00 for a decent pole.

cirquedusammy16 karma

I know guys who do pole but they're all hairless. I'm a hairy guy. I find this makes things difficult not because it hurts any more per se, but because it's so much harder to get friction on hairy skin, the pole slides much more easily. Do you have experience with hairy guys doing pole, or can point to any online (eg on instagram)?

agemini_inwanderlust12 karma

Hi, I’m sorry but I could definitely see how that could be an issue. Have you tried spraying firm grip on the parts where you need the most friction. I think that would work much better than itac or dry hands. You can purchase it on Amazon. I hope this helps 💕

BowlOfCandy14 karma

I have been helping my fiance explore her passion in aerial arts, so far she's about 18 months into practicing aerial fabrics and has reached an intermediate level.

Her dream is to one day perform and eventually teach and/or own her own studio. About how many years of practice would you say it takes to be able to perform? And to teach?

agemini_inwanderlust11 karma

Hi!! Everyone is different. I had no dance background entering pole fitness so I had to train my flexibility from scratch. I don’t think there is a set time limit, she will automatically know when she’s ready. She will feel confident enough to do it without doubting her abilities. 💕💕💕 send her my love.

Proximal139 karma

I'm super excited that I saw this AMA because my wife has been really really into this for a while now (2 years ish). My question is; we live in a rural area (an hour or so outside of Atlanta) and finding a pole for sport class is pretty much impossible this far out. Even the ones offered relatively close aren't centered around this particular sport, but more about stripping. Do you know of any good instructional videos that we could get that would be a good starting point? Thanks!

agemini_inwanderlust10 karma

Hi, I would recommend 123poling or Cleo’s rock n pole. I am in the process of hitting down ideas to start my own online portal where my instructors and myself will be teaching pole, chair dancing, floor dancing and flexibility training.

Loaki96 karma

I’ve just started dating someone who enjoys pole dancing for fitness. What would be important for me to know, and how can I support her hobby?

agemini_inwanderlust9 karma

Aww it’s so awesome that you care enough to ask💕💕. Well, one thing I hear the ladies complain a lot about is when they finally land a new move and they are excited to go home and show their significant other and he isn’t as excited as they are. Lol! When that happens maybe you exaggerate how happy you are for her. It really is very hard so it’s always exciting when something new happens💕

Knom3056 karma

How many classes do you teach a week and how does that effect your training for competitions?

agemini_inwanderlust8 karma

I teach approximately 15 hours a week. I will admit, it can be a little taxing to instruct and find the energy to train myself but I make it work. I do my best to listen to my body, Injury prevention is a top priority.

OnlyHalfReal5 karma

I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time but have never found the time or the place. I know there’s a gym in my area so after I have my baby, I want to try it out but it sounds like there’s a lot of emphasis on competition, which wouldn’t be my goal. I just want to do it for the workout but I doubt I’d ever be graceful enough for competition. Is it still worthwhile getting into if you never intend to go to competition level?

agemini_inwanderlust7 karma

Hi my dear, of course!! Only 10 percent of our clientele compete. Our clients come because this is a fun alternative workout that provides them with many benefits. It increases your strength and flexibility, helps you to lose weight, builds your confidence and give you a supportive environment to reach your fitness goals.

Osiasya5 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Reading this thread reminded me of how interested I am in Pole fitness and I went out and attended a beginners class today! Got a one month unlimited class pass so I can go to a bunch of classes and try it out over august.

Do you ever use the spikey/grippy gloves or 'socks' that give the better grip? I see a bunch of those, even for the knees and thighs to grip the pole on Amazon.

What are your other hobbies outside of pole fitness?

agemini_inwanderlust4 karma

Hi, I personally do not use them. I prefer to train myself without any grip aids because I don’t want to be dependent on them. As a beginner I recommend the ankle protector so that it helps protect your feet while you’re learning the right technique for climbing. Other hobbies... I’m a traveler . I travel about 5 to 6 times a year. My travel page is @agemini_inwanderlust if you’d like to see. Good luck on your new journey my dear 💕💕💕.

agemini_inwanderlust3 karma

Hi, she has the x pole! It’s hard to tell from the phone but it looks great to me. That’s the exact setup I have in my home when my pole is up.

IrishmanErrant5 karma

Hey there from Missouri! I love seeing the pole community getting some love on Reddit!

Internal pole question for you: what's your opinion on the recent PSO levelling changes? I feel like swapping releases around and getting rid of the "sandbaggy" Ayesha moves will be a much needed shift, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!

agemini_inwanderlust3 karma

Hi my dear, I’m so new to competing that I honestly don’t even know what the new or old rules are. My clients registered me for the comp and I literally just paid the fee and showed up.

agemini_inwanderlust2 karma

I’ll definitely look into it though. Are you on IG? Dm me if so. 😊

stra8NoCap4 karma

From the IG video link you got skills! How do you decide what song you perform to?

agemini_inwanderlust7 karma

Hi! I have only done one competition so far so I’m probably not the most experience in this area. I have a playlist with songs I use to warm up to because they allow me to be free and just dance. So far I have used my songs from that playlist.

pippythelongstocking3 karma

Hi I've been doing pole now on and off for a few years. I have suddenly become terrified of inverting and it's starting to stop me going to class. Any advice on how to get over it? Thanks

agemini_inwanderlust4 karma

How strange? Did the fear start out of no where? Have you tried working on it slowly with resistance bands ?

Imperial_Stout2 karma

A family member of mine recently opened a pole studio and is enjoying some success now (slow start getting people in) any tips for first time business owners that you have picked up after opening 3 studios?

agemini_inwanderlust6 karma

That’s a hard one as I’m still learning myself. I would have to say keep it professional. We are all women and naturally we want to befriend everyone but doing so can and will hurt your business. Do not give clients your private phone number and do not associate with them outside of the studio either. There will be some women who you be befriend but it honestly it can’t be everyone.

Sonnysdad2 karma

In 2001 I dated a girl who started as a dancer and then became a serious competitor she was AMAZING to watch! Does it intimidate men and or women that you dance as a sport?

agemini_inwanderlust2 karma

Not at all, they are often very fascinated. They appreciate the strength and grace it takes to make such challenge going moves look graceful.

iwantkitties2 karma

Hello! I've always been curious and wanted to try but I don't have the best upper body strength. Have you experienced people signing up but then not having the strength? Is it less intimidating than I think?

agemini_inwanderlust3 karma

Way less intimidating than what you think. Every single person that signs up feels the EXACT same way you do. The instructors will take their time and teach you all the intro moves. You shouldn’t be asked to do more than what you can handle.

vesperiie2 karma

Fellow pole sister here - what advice do you have about avoiding getting injured?

Also, what are your favorite polewear brands? :D

agemini_inwanderlust3 karma

I would definitely say don’t rush into new moves. Focus on really mastering what your instructor gives you. Injuries happen because we try to do too much too quickly. Also don’t leave out your oregano exercises. Especially those for the rotator cuff.