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Over the course of your entire “career,” how much did you make?

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As a man who’s interested in learning purely for the fun of it, how common is it for men to attend a class like yours? Is it easier, or more difficult?


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That’s good to hear! I might look up a class after an upcoming move.

Out of curiosity, why are men prohibited from chair dancing and floor dancing? Also...what do those two entail?

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Did you find anything interesting regarding different sexualities (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual), in terms of similarities and differences?

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Do you feel that you’re naturally gifted, or that your success is the result of significant hard work and effort (or both)?

How do you feel, looking back on a professional life that began at such a young age? Most of us don’t really begin making accomplishments until our late teen years or early 20s at best.