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Over the course of your entire “career,” how much did you make?

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...reading that was an absolute roller coaster! I’m sorry you had to go through all that from such a young age, but way to power through it all!

Questions and clarifications:

When you say you were “full-term pregnant,” you’re simply referring to the amount that the tumor was pressing against the inside of your midsection, right?

How would you say these experiences have changed your perspective on medicine as a person? Do you trust doctors, or do you tend to get second opinions?

Do you feel your view on sex/sexuality has been shaped by the experience? Is sex “normal” for you, today?

What was the treatment to survive with that much stagnant blood stuck inside you between finding out about it and the surgery?

Any major bucket list items you feel like tackling (or have tackled) now that you’ve overcome such an enormous challenge?

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As a man who’s interested in learning purely for the fun of it, how common is it for men to attend a class like yours? Is it easier, or more difficult?


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That’s good to hear! I might look up a class after an upcoming move.

Out of curiosity, why are men prohibited from chair dancing and floor dancing? Also...what do those two entail?

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Did you find anything interesting regarding different sexualities (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual), in terms of similarities and differences?