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Where did the ranks/titles in the KKK originally come from? For example, when and why did the head of the KKK get called the "Grand Wizard"?

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I get the feeling that English isn't OP's first language so they're just having some difficulties. I wouldn't read too much into it.

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I am also trans and can add a second opinion to this, but like OP I'm no spokesperson and you shouldn't take my word as fact.

I personally believe that the movement towards custom pronouns is completely idiotic, and neither me nor any trans person I have ever met wants anything to do with it. Trans men want to be men and trans women want to be women, not some unique special third gender.

Gender Dysphoria causes suffering to people who cannot fit in and be recognised by their preferred gender, and custom pronouns are the complete opposite of that. I don't want to be trans, I want to be my preferred gender both mentally and biologically. For a trans person, being seen as being trans is almost as dysphoria inducing as being seen as the wrong gender.

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It varies from person to person, but this is mostly accurate. MTF get female orgasms, so it's not really a loss.

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Considering the large number of fail videos online where people's poles fall over, is there anything in particular to pay attention to when buying and/or installing one safely?

Also how much should you expect to spend on a pole that is worth the money?