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I’m sorry. I have a hard time believing you don’t cave to behind market influence, after going to your site and reviewing a few of your lists.

For example- best pair of headphones for fitness folks- beats @ $199? That is laughable. At that price range, there are several brands with better quality sound, bluetooth connectivity, battery life, and storage- at that price range- than beats. I have a hard time believing you didn’t cave to the immense marketing campaign beats has laid out since the month of their introduction- if that is your pick.

The lists just seem like generic lists of products you see pushed on other sites, and it’s not because they’re the best.

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Thank you for the response. My statement is distilled down for poignancy. I question a few of the products as I have done comparison reviews for several of these categories- which is the real point of my comment.

There are good, high quality products, peppered in the list. But there are certainly some on there that are obviously not high-caliber products.

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Depends on if you want corded or wireless. Jabra Elite Sports or T65’s are superior for their freedom from cords, bluetooth connectivity, sound quality and battery life. I recommend these for the serious physical athletes. I love the touch controls of the T65, but I can not have them when I’m rock climbing, so I went for the Elite Sports, with the manual controls. ~$200

But they are expensive when it comes to earbuds. But if you have the cash, decide if you want touch controls or not.

If you don’t like cords, and are more of a casual fitness fellow but respect good sound— The Apple Airpods really are surprisingly good. The biggest problem I have with them is there is no sound isolation. You will always hear ambient sound. Which can be good depending on how you use your buds. ~$150

If you don’t mind cords, and you don’t have as much money. Jaybird X4’s at ~$125 is the biggest bang for your buck! Respectable sound, battery life, and connectivity. Passable storage and charging solutions.
I was dedicated to Jaybird before I went on the search for the perfect cordless buds.
Do not buy the X3’s!! It’s a bad model with defects- I personally returned 6 pairs. But their X2’s lasted me years, and the X4’s are equally as brilliant.

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Absolutely, to each their own. All of our ears are unique. But there are clear contenders at that price range, that punch much harder than beats.

This aside- I used that as a sole example, when there are a decent percentage of those products that are obviously not “the best” or close to it. It feels most like behind the market forces such as the beats company, or the As Seen On TV, or KitchenAid “sponsorship” happening.