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Gullex399 karma

Which was your least favorite state to visit and why was it Ohio?

APnews287 karma

OK, hilarious. But what about the Millard Fillmore Presidential Library bar in Cleveland? One of the great dive spots in the world! (This is NOT a presidential library, people - it's a place to drink!) So Ohio cannot be my ugly stepchild. I'm not going there - I love the 50 states too much to dis them.

VWJettaKnight154 karma

You heard it here first, /u/APnews ranks Oklahoma as the worst state to visit!

APnews98 karma

I would disagree strongly! Cattlemen's steakhouse and Cowboy Museum are totally worth a visit

W8sB4D8s10 karma

Cattlemen's... the Peter Lugers of the Plains.

APnews27 karma

I live in brooklyn and can tell you cattlemen's is way better than Peter Luger

ModeratelyTortoise54 karma

Nebraska though, amirite?

APnews85 karma

didn't love the food but the sandhill crane migration was awesome

bigbuzz5557 karma

You have something for every state, don’t you?

APnews85 karma

I try

coryrenton135 karma

What's the weirdest tip you got from a local? Also, travel tip-wise, what's something people always pack but are better off just buying at the site, and what's something people should always bring extras of, even if they could theoretically buy it anywhere?

APnews258 karma

Be careful not to hit the cows on the way up to the observatory on Mauna Kea - def the weirdest tip but boy were they right. You can't see those darn cows in the dark on a road with no lights. I tend to pack very light - I bring a backpack and that's about it. My philosophy is that I can almost always buy anything I need anywhere in the world - yes, even in the Amazon they have little convenience stores in port towns. The one time that philosophy didn't work was Havana - I forgot my toothbrush and it took me 3 days to find a store where I could buy one. And when I did find it, it was in a store where they sold luxury goods like perfume.

SAT072563 karma

What do they use for daily dental care in Havana? They must have some alternative?

APnews75 karma

I think consumer goods are just not so easy to find there. But I am no expert on Cuban economy! And I went just when it had started to open up to tourists. Maybe easier now

ONE_GUY_ONE_JAR111 karma

Did you really visit Delaware, or did you just drive through on 95 going from Baltimore to Philly?

Ovedya201171 karma

What's your favorite state, and what do you like most about it?

APnews218 karma

Favorite state: Well, I have a summer house on a pond in Maine so that’s my favorite but maybe not a fair competition. So let me say that New Mexico is my favorite state otherwise - great food, amazing landscape, incredible history. The diverse cultures create an unforgettable experience and in a few days you can do a road trip to most of the places you want to see. Make sure to visit the Acoma Pueblo for a tour and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch for a hike.

SAT072531 karma

This is an interesting answer as in my mind the way I picture Maine and New Mexico are as complete opposites in terms of environment. Are there similarities between the two that make you like them both?

APnews50 karma

They just both keep it real, you know? There's stuff in both places that you can't find anywhere else. Landscape, food, local culture.

rebel_alliance0565 karma

What states/city did you find the population of people most friendly and helpful?

APnews193 karma

I gotta say the Southern hospitality thing is for real! As a New Yorker, I'm not used to spending five mins on hello and how are you when I buy a soda. But I have to say that it's a custom I could get used to!

APnews87 karma

One of the places I got a taste of Southern hospitality was Avery Island, Louisiana, where Tabasco sauce is made. Here's a podcast I hosted about it: https://apnews.com/afs:Content:2033000115

jeremysomers63 karma

What’s the one thing you can’t travel without that most of us wouldn’t own/know about?

APnews219 karma

OK are you ready for this answer? A can of sardines! TSA has never questioned it and it has saved me a few times when all the places that I could buy food in some town were already closed or I was in some national park miles from a store and hunger struck. Thank goodness you don't need a can opener for the can anymore like you did when I was a kid and my dad got me hooked on them - but the oil can be a little messy. Skinless, boneless, protein. I highly recommend. In my drawer at work I have 2 cans just in case ever stranded in newsroom. NOT KIDDING.

jeremysomers42 karma

Wow, no i was NOT ready for this!

APnews68 karma

I even have a couple of cans in my drawer at work -- I asked a colleague to pull them out and take (and tweet) a picture. Enjoy. https://twitter.com/EricCarvin/status/1019979455480107008

wombatarama18 karma

This is the most Beth Harpaz answer in the history of answers. :)

APnews8 karma

you know me so well

Bill44562 karma

Did you have runza while in Nebraska?

APnews32 karma

No what is it? I must go back!

CorsairSC252 karma

Which state did you find to be the most overwhelming and which was underwhelming?

APnews155 karma

Alaska blew my mind. The wildlife, the colors, the landscape. It was like another planet, even on a standard summer cruise. We followed up with visits to Denali and then went back in winter to see the Northern Lights. It still feels like a dream, years later. I have to say that although a visit to see the amazing phenomenon of 500,000 sandhill cranes in Nebraska was unforgettable, I did not love the food there - had some not great resto experiences, though I did find an incredible Indian restaurant at a truckstop - Jay Bros in Overton, NE - go for it!

CorkyKribler37 karma

I am so bummed to hear that you didn't have good food/dining experiences in Nebraska. I have so many recommendations and things to say about it!

APnews28 karma

I did ask a lot of locals when we were there... Not sure where we went wrong but JayBros was great.

ty177148 karma

Rhode Island, Nebraska and Mississippi are the three "least visited states". Why should people visit each of those states?

APnews91 karma

Nebraska - see the sandhill crane migration between Valentine's Day and Tax Day, April 15. Mississippi - the Delta blues trail is INCREDIBLE. And Rhode Island - the mansions of Newport I've been to, but I really want to go back to do the HP Lovecraft tour of Providence.

SanctoServetus41 karma

I’ll bite: Why don’t you have wheeled luggage?

APnews128 karma

Why don’t I own wheeled luggage? Cuz I hate tripping over everyone else’s; I hate how they take up all the space in the overhead bin; and I’m an old hippie who likes my tattered backpack - LL Bean, vintage 20th c.

SwampRabbit36 karma

Do you have any recommendations for Illinois, excluding Chicago?

APnews10 karma

Sadly my only visit to IL was Chi. Must go back

SwampRabbit2 karma

What do you recommend in Chicago?

APnews11 karma

for me seeing American Gothic was a thrill but I'm geeky like that

gentleman_bronco30 karma

Hello! I'm a vacation junkie and avid international traveler with some experience in domestic USA (mostly Atlantic seaboard). Three questions:

  1. I am interested in snatching up the awesome travel deals! I follow a couple flight deal sites and Twitter handles that blast out flight deals all day. What are some of the ways that I can monitor travel deals?

  2. Traveling on a budget is a must-do, I get that and I've done a pretty good job but I know there has to be more I can do. Besides leveraging CC miles/points for expenses, never paying full price for a flight and grocery shopping rather than dining out, what are some of the tips and tricks that you have picked up along your travels?

  3. If you are anything like the rest of us, you will always have people in your life that enjoy gifts that you bring back from your travels. But I am simply miserable at gifts or souvenirs. I suppose it is the hipster in me that doesn't like the souvenir shops but I still want to bring gifts to my friends that are meaningful. What are some of the interesting things that you have brought back as souvenirs from your travels?

APnews122 karma

Here are some airline tips from my AP colleague (and one-time airlines reporter) Scott Mayerowitz:

  • Follow all the airlines on Twitter.
  • Then follow sites including The Flight Deal, AirfareWatchdog, Hipmunk and Momondo.
  • Google Flights, Kayak and - for advanced users - ITA Matrix are great for finding the best flights on specific dates.
  • Be flexible with your dates and look for nearby airports.
  • Search for both one-way tickets and roundtrip ones.
  • Look for one passenger at a time. Sometimes there is just one ticket left at the lowest price and if you search for three, all three will be at the higher price.

As for the rest of your question:

On budgeting: I crowdsource with locals on Facebook - someone always knows someone who lives in the place I’m going - and I ask them - hey what do you do locally on your weekends? The locals aren’t paying a lot of money to have fun - they know where the cool, great, free stuff is, the cheap eats. Also I once hosted a German tourist and she had made a spreadsheet of every museum’s free hours in the city of New York. That’s something worth doing. Public transit, too.

For souvenirs - I go for food when I can. On a visit to Alabama, I visited a pecan processing store and bought bags of pecans to bring home. What’s great is it doesn’t require someone to own the thing forever - they can consume it or give it away without guilty conscience. I look for fun candy - in Hawaii, we found coconut M&Ms that we’d never seen on the East Coast (though they later introduced them here) and unique local booze - in Portugal, the cherry liqueur is a thing and I was able to find tiny bottles as gifts. My son recently returned from Asia and brought the womenfolk in our family beautiful textiles - scarves, poncho, tablecloths etc., and we kind of divided them up. They were light for him to transport and don't take up room in our various homes.

Cheese_booger30 karma

Why do people fawn over Destin, FL? We went there, and while the water is clear and white sand beaches easy to walk, we found it way too crowded. Between the car traffic, helicopter tours, F-22 Raptor training, and 50 yards of the beach taken up by to the water controlled by umbrella rentals, we couldn’t relax at all.

APnews30 karma

I don't know the answer to that. But I have been to Apalachicola, 100 miles away, and that is wonderful.

smart_cereal24 karma

Did you find any hidden gems in Chicago? I’ll be going there in September. Also, what did you think of your time in Minnesota?

APnews24 karma

I did the basic tourist stuff in Chicago - not my strong suit, I'm afraid. Minnesota too - Guthrie, art museum etc. Some day would like to do northern Minnesota - maybe dogsled trip in winter?

coryrenton22 karma

quick Qs:

-most underrated US travel site?

-best region to visit if you're rich?

-best region to visit if you're poor?

-biggest difference in quality of experiences when visiting the exact same place?

-best place to visit long term but worst place to visit short term?

-worst place to visit long term but best place to visit short term?

-best free places to take a break in NYC that even locals might not know about (e.g. amazon loft)?

APnews58 karma

Most underrated US travel site: North Dakota. It's the 50th state for lots of folks doing the country but Teddy Roosevelt Park is stunning.

Best region if you're rich: Aspen in winter, Nantucket in summer.

Best region if you're poor: It can be expensive to find hotels in NYC but if you can figure out the lodging piece - there are SO many free things to do here and honestly great food that's cheap. And all transportation comes here - you can get cheap flights, buses etc. Just don't try to park.

Biggest difference in quality of experiences: I will answer this one in a kind of literal way. If you are planning a trip to see NYC from up high, make sure it's a clear day. You can literally see the curvature of the earth from the top of the Empire State Building on a clear day but if it's cloudy, fuggettabout it

Long term vs short term: For me, I need a nice quiet couple weeks in the country just staring at the sky to unwind and there are lots of places to do that. Short term - Most big cities offer so many great things to do that a weekend feels like a lifetime. New Orleans or New York, short term, I think deliver a big bang for your buck.

Free places NYC: You got me on Amazon loft, idk that one. Impressive, I'll have to check it out. The Red Hook pier has a great view of Statue of Liberty. Personally I love walking the 3-mile loop in Prospect Park. And even though it's not a secret, honestly, the 9/11 park is tranquil and beautiful - a place unto itself. I often go to sit there on a bench, to contemplate that awful day but also to feel proud of my city for this message of hope and recovery. We had some great advice on NYC itineraries in this podcast we did with the inimitable Pauline Frommer - take a listen https://apnews.com/afs:Content:2069490407/New-York-City:-New-Frommer's-guidebook-offers-trip-planning-advice

coryrenton7 karma

NYC is a very shocking answer for cheap travel! What's the budget for the cheapest NYC trip you've heard of?

APnews32 karma

you can stay in a hostel in Long Island City, Queens; do nothing but free activities; buy a one-week metrocard unlimited subway pass for $32 and if you eat a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, pizza for lunch and Joe Shanghai for dinner, you can eat for $30 a day. Lodging is the hardest part. Come in January when it's cheap

ukelele_pancakes18 karma

I also want to go to all 50 states and I'm a good way through them. The ones I'm having a hard time with are the ones in the middle of the country. What advice do you have for Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana? (Maybe Missouri and Arkansas too :-)) Thank you!

APnews16 karma

KS: Tallgrass Prairie. NE: Sandhill crane migration. OK: Cattlemen's and the cowboy museum. IN: the city of Indy is awesome! Iowa: My weak point - I've been there but need to go back. Maybe Grant Wood sites

APnews14 karma

Missouri - loved St. Louis and KC - bbq, great museums etc. Arkansas - the Walmart museum and town is amazing! Crystal Bridges in Bentonville

Curteye101218 karma

So what part of Oklahoma did you visit? Did you enjoy it, and would you come back?

APnews28 karma

OKC - Cattlemen's and the Cowboy Museum. Also went to Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequa (spelling?) and Tulsa - loved the Guthrie museum and the cool arts district. And the Wright skyscraper! Did the tour. Awesome

grungegrenade15 karma

What is the best city in Pennsylvania you have visited and why is it Pittsburgh? But for real, assuming you’ve been to all three, rank these historic east coast cities- Charleston SC, Savannah GA, and St Augustine FL.

APnews24 karma

It's TOTALLY Pittsburgh! You must know me! OMG. Love that place. On the others - I've been but don't know them well enough to rank. Sorry.

APnews14 karma

Here's a story I wrote about one of my visits and I didn't even get to the Mister Rogers stuff https://apnews.com/d497bc8a8dcd46cdbfeb21ef450ab710

MrFrode14 karma

What's your favorite movie to see while flying and why is it RAMPART?

APnews15 karma

laughing but I read books on planes

TheG0ldG0pher13 karma

I've never taken a relaxing/ romantic beach vacation. I need one. Where do I go that I might not have thought of? Would prefer it not to be kitschy manufactured boardwalks and t shirt shops. Thanks in advance, Beth.

APnews32 karma

I'm going to be honest here, this is not my type of vacation - the only time I did a trip like this was in Puerto Rico on the West Coast and I believe they are still in recovery mode from the hurricane there. But my colleagues are throwing out some ideas. If you can afford it, Turks & Caicos islands has a reputation for exactly what you describe, albeit pricey. Bermuda - but understand that it is not warm in winter - it is basically east of North Carolina. Hawaii is more affordable than you might realize - look for the plane deals - even from East Coast, you can find them. Florida, obviously, can be wonderful but choose your destination and time of year carefully - spring break is busy. But there are some beautiful spots -

APnews16 karma

For more on beaches, here's our podcast episode on Dr. Beach's top picks: https://apnews.com/afs:Content:2004090006

Beckels8410 karma

If we could only ever take one nice, big vacation to one state, which would give us the best experience and bang for our buck?

APnews35 karma

For one great vacation experience in one state - I think I’m going to go back to New Mexico mentioned earlier in response to another question for that one. You can fly into Albuquerque and then plan a road trip for a few days to other places. Obviously Santa Fe but there are national parks and historic sites and seriously - I’ve had amazing chile burgers from Bode’s General Store for a couple bucks. Taos, Enchanted Circle, O’Keeffe sites at Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch, hot springs at Ojo Caliente, Acoma Pueblo. And if you can splurge on a balloon ride, you will never forget it! The food, the history, the diverse culture, the arts, the landscape. It’s got everything. Here is a story I wrote a few years ago with some details to help plan https://madison.com/travel/national/new-mexico-native-pueblos-to-georgia-o-keeffe/article\_b35e0fea-aa76-5426-a4da-c21a1e4f3e09.html

cis4smack9 karma

How long did you stay in each state? Was it only just the popular cities or did you go to less popular?

APnews12 karma

Some states a day, some a week. Some I have been to many, many times. "Popular cities" is a relative term. I went to places I thought would be of interest to me. In ND, that was TRoosevelt Park. In Oklahoma, it was Tulsa, OKC and the Cherokee heritage site. In Nebraska, it was Kearney because I wanted to see a bird migration.

CorkyKribler5 karma

*Kearney is the town; Ft. Kearny is the historical site :)

APnews3 karma

thank you, fixing now

gamecocklarry7 karma

Do you have anything really bad to say about Charleston that you could share with the rest of the country, specifically Ohio, so that everyone will stop moving here?

APnews7 karma

cannot help you, my friend

AromaticFlamingo7 karma

I want to visit a National Park soon. What's your favorite?

APnews16 karma

I think I have to go with Denali. The wildlife, the landscape, the colors. It was like another planet.

exner6 karma

How/what do you pack to make sure you have the right amount of stuff with you for travel?

I only ask I never pack enough stuff and my SO always packs way too much and we always wind up getting into discussions arguments 😐

APnews7 karma

Packing your bag can be such a drag: the hassles, the mistakes that get you in trouble with the TSA, the impossibility of ever learning to travel light for a change. Check out this episode of the “Get Outta Here” podcast https://apnews.com/afs:Content:2085740706 I spoke with two AP journalists who’ve spent a lot of time in the air, Scott Mayerowitz and Lisa Lerer, to get their advice on how to pack the perfect bag. PS I also highly recommend the vacuum bags! I bought a bunch on Amazon and can't live without them!

np2061006 karma

What do you consider as a minimum criteria to say you visited a state? I do not count airports or freeway exit visits.

What was the last of the 50 states you visited?

What state was the hardest to visit?

APnews9 karma

We did a great podcast on the 50-state quest. I recommend listening to it! There's a 50-state club and everything!

https://apnews.com/afs:Content:1467960008 It's a personal decision for most people as to what qualifies as having been somewhere. We mostly agree that touching down in an airport for a connecting flight does NOT count. Personally I like to have a memorable experience whether or not I can stay the night - might be an authentic meal, a hike or visit to a historic place. My 50th state was Idaho. The hardest one to get to was North Dakota because it's not on the way to anywhere else!

hochkey6 karma

Any tips for Yellowstone and the grand Tetons? I’m going the second week of August.

APnews14 karma

Yellowstone is super crowded in summer. If there's anyway you can go as soon as the season starts or in fall, it will make your experience much better! If you can visit the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody, it's awesome (on your way in...). I've always wanted to visit Yellowstone in winter - sometimes those national parks can be amazing offseason.

thewineburglar6 karma

What state most surprised you?

APnews26 karma


Tsar_MapleVG5 karma

How do you like TN? Where’d you visit?

APnews11 karma

I love Memphis - more than Nashville, personally. Stax, Graceland, Sun and the civil rights museum in the Lorraine hotel blew my mind!

isthisyourbushh5 karma

My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon. One part of the honeymoon is to do Hawaii for a week and then fly back to San Francisco and drive down the pacific coast highway to San Diego the next week. Are there any must do spots for Hawaii and any stops or detours we have to make down the pacific coast highway?

APnews7 karma

We planned our week in Hawaii so that we could visit three islands. The interisland flights were cheap and easy. We were on a budget otherwise and did lots of things on the cheap and for free. Here's a story I wrote about it - just beware that the volcano has impacted what you can do on that island. https://www.stltoday.com/travel/classic-hawaii-attractions-can-be-yours-for-free/article_bb59591e-208a-5988-9f7e-c89b62a18a45.html This story is from a few years ago. One of my fave offbeat spots was the vintage Hawaiian shirt store at http://alohashirts.com/. I'm not an expert on the PCH - but here's the good news https://apnews.com/9b03acc471c440b3b3cc91ca5c466494

Batou20343 karma


APnews22 karma

Yes (laughing over here). I've been to Europe a few times, Shanghai for the World's Fair, Mexico and Canada, and one of my favorite trips - COLOMBIA! The Amazon, art in Bogota, the colonial history of Cartagena, the Christmas lights of Medellin - unforgettable. Because I kinda like weird stuff - other faves around the world include Helsinki in February and a week of listening to fado music in Lisbon.

AromaticFlamingo15 karma

The editor who sent you to Shanghai must have been AMAZING. And stunningly attractive? :)

APnews3 karma

one of my favorite editors of all time. And I've had 30 at the AP so there's a lot of competition.

Batou2034-10 karma


APnews9 karma

When I'm traveling, I AM the foreigner. I grew up in NYC in the '60s and '70s - nothing scares me.

MagicalBlack3 karma

What are your thoughts about Florida? Everyone seems to hate it.

APnews14 karma

My niece's baby lives there - how can I hate it? Seriously as a New Yorker I have to go there once a winter to thaw out and it's like the sixth borough anyway - half my relatives are there. I love Wynwood, I love the Keys (tho haven't been back since last year's hurricane) and I love the Everglades. So there's plenty of neat stuff. Oh and the oysters on Apalachicola - must eat

Sparverius883 karma

My least visited are of the country is the midwst. What's a good city to visit and a good Outdoor location?

P.S. I have already visited the Badlands & Mt. Rushmore

APnews8 karma

Wisconsin is awesome. Go do the Ice Age trail!!! And Madison is fun - the farmers market is so good. Have some cheese curds

tdmcnally93 karma

What’s your opinion on Massachusetts’s culture? What about the drivers?

APnews4 karma

I'm from NEW YORK. There's no competition! My husband gets in three fights just driving to the grocery store from Park Slope to Red Hook. ... On MA culture: I lived for a year in Somerville, so long ago that the T didn't even go there. Had to take the bus to Lechmere. But I loved the mix of high and low - immersing myself in the arts and history ... and then going to a Red Sox game. Tried not to root for the Yankees because, well, you know what would happen...

tdmcnally94 karma

I love living in Massachusetts. The culture, the cities, the landscape, history, healthcare, education, you name it. Just wanted to see an (I hoped) outsiders opinion on it. Thanks

APnews7 karma

Also love Western MA - Northampton, Amherst, hiking, Emily Dickinson etc

plaznine3 karma

What are your general thoughts about AirBnb, couch surfing and the like?

APnews22 karma

Re Airbnb: Many cities around the world are starting to regulate Airbnb out of concerns that it’s making housing unaffordable and changing the character of neighborhoods in places like Amsterdam and New Orleans. Some also raise safety concerns - fire codes etc. ANd then there's the whole airbnbwhileblack issue. The company is trying to address these concerns, of course, and lots of people love Airbnb. It’s made travel affordable for folks who find hotels too expensive. There are pros and cons to using it, as with any travel decision. Personally I admit to looking for good deals in chain hotels and then plan my itineraries carefully to find those fun, authentic things in neighborhoods and offbeat spots as activities. Couchsurfing - never done it! I'm kind of a prima donna when it comes to the perfect pillow...

kingcrow153 karma

Is west coast really best coast? Or is it just a quantity over quality issue?

APnews9 karma

West Coast is amazing. But I wouldn't say I prefer it over other regions! Beautiful, interesting, great food, and good weather. ... except for the forest fires.

Tree3432 karma

What is the most overrated place you have been?

APnews5 karma

In my own backyard: Not a fan of South Street Seaport though they are making it better supposedly.

averageathlete2 karma

Do you collect any interesting souvenirs from places you visit (ie keychains, snow globes, etc)?

APnews4 karma

I'm a declutter freak. I try not to collect stuff! But we do have some strange wood carvings from the Amazon - including a tray shaped like a rodent.

AlyJ222 karma

What’s the very first vacation you remember? Did you travel a lot when you were a child?

APnews2 karma

my mom was from Maine. spent all my childhood summers there and still go back there every year. Otherwise, I went on a plane ONCE before I went to college and did not leave the U.S. until I was 20

rodderz92 karma

Did you find that North Carolina was an angry state in general?

APnews5 karma

No. I have spent some time in Asheville on several visits and loved it

guavacadus2 karma

What has been your favorite forest-type area you've seen from your travels? And for the people who lived there, what were some ways they'd economize/work in a routine that you weren't expecting?

APnews4 karma

I am partial to the woods of Maine. If you mean save money - don't eat out! If you mean get exercise - go for a walk or a swim!

stillclickin2 karma

Must do's/see's in and around downtown Charlotte, NC?

IAmSinistar2 karma

If OP doesn’t reply, hit me up and I can suggest some things based on your interests.

APnews2 karma

I've been thru Charlotte but not spent time there. Most of my NC time has been in Asheville

AzEBeast1 karma

What type of trips do you prefer? Big cities, beaches, hiking? Tropical or cold climates?

APnews2 karma

I like all of those things.

jlingram1031 karma

Since you've visited all 50, where did you visit in Mississippi and what was your outlook before and after visiting the state?

APnews2 karma

Delta blues trail and Oxford. Loved it. Did not expect to love it SOOOO much. https://www.apnews.com/90620436cb3642c4bd72999001bc4dd5

SS_Sushi1 karma

Which states had the most unique experiences?

Also, I’m visiting Boston, Philadelphia, Michigan, and Chicago soon. What are some must see/must do activities?

APnews14 karma

For me, Alaska and Hawaii offer experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Visiting those states was like visiting other planets. The landscapes were just astounding - even the colors looked different. I’ve been to Alaska in summer and winter, by the way and there is nothing like seeing the Northern Lights from the frozen tundra north of Fairbanks on a winter day with 18 hours of darkness.

APnews7 karma

For the states you’re visiting - I would recommend Walden Pond outside of Boston; Detroit’s Motown Museum; Constitution Center, Philadelphia (go in the hall where the signers are standing around and take selfies!), Chicago - go see Grant Wood’s American Gothic at the Art Institute.

wombatarama2 karma

Why Walden Pond? I haven't been in many years, but all I remember is a pond by the side of a road. Is there more to it now?

APnews7 karma

I guess I'm a romantic - I'm a big Thoreau fan - even though the cabin is a replica, it's my kind of thing. And I figured worth mentioning because you might not think of it if you're concentrating on Boston proper. I do love the Isabella Gardner museum too and the Olmsted house in Brookline. Just my geeky inclinations...

redhotbos1 karma

Globally, a) where would you most like to visit and b) what is your favorite place outside the US that you have visited?

APnews5 karma

true confession time: I have not been to Italy! Dreaming of going there for a few weeks some day - after the dog dies. You know what I mean? Favorite place outside the US that I have visited - ooooh hard question. You know, I love the English countryside - as an English major, wandering the moors where the Brontes set their stories and visiting Thomas Hardy's house was a thrill. But hey that's geeky moi.

redwhiteand_lou1 karma

Is there a lowkey great vacation spot that is frowned upon by many people?

APnews2 karma

rent a cabin on a pond in Maine. Just chill out and turn your phone off

neonontherun1 karma

What did you enjoy about visiting Georgia?

APnews3 karma

the MLK national park historic site. got to do the tour of his house in Atlanta - fantastic!

fahim14561 karma

Northern Virginia- Southern or not?

APnews4 karma

It's south of Brooklyn, that's all I know

beaureve1 karma

What advice would you give to travel writers that are just starting out?

APnews5 karma

Very hard to make a living doing this. Not sure I would recommend it!

Valtoric1 karma

Were there any local food spots in your travels that you fondly remember? It may be hard to keep track of them all but some have to be distinct.

APnews3 karma

Jay Bros truck stop in Overton, Nebraska, has the most amazing Indian food you will ever eat. And I would have said Larry's tamales in Clarksdale, Mississippi, but it looks like it has closed. UGH! The Lost Kitchen up in Maine is amazing but good luck getting a reservation. Here's a great new one: Marcus Samuelsson's new resto in Newark, NJ - you can get there from the train station downtown -it's a 15 minute walk - try the dorowot rigatoni - resto is called Marcus B&P

thunder1851 karma

What would you pack for a trip to Norway in late August?

APnews2 karma

Not a place I've been but I imagine a sweater.