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Not really, it gives touching as an example of unwanted activity but doesn't limit it to physical contact.

It would have been better to ask directly "have you been the subject of a non-consensual sexual touch or grope" and ask about other types as specifically as possible. A catch all "Have you been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed" could also have been asked which if the person didn't respond affirmatively to any of the specific types would be interesting.

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Looking at the user it's probably a publicist making a client do something they're not very interested in.


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As a person and a journalist what do you think of the people going to Tucker Carlson's home and threatening his family?


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Do you have any concerns about view point diversity in news rooms? And if so what do you think can or should be done about it?

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What's your favorite movie to see while flying and why is it RAMPART?