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Which was your least favorite state to visit and why was it Ohio?

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I've heard similar stories about how ferociously cops and others will protect tourists in South America. I had a friend backpacking in the area some years ago, he was waiting to board a bus and was suddenly shoved from behind. He looked back and saw a man on the ground, bleeding, and a soldier behind him, holding his rifle up.

Apparently the man was attempting to go through my friend's backpack, the soldier saw it, and smashed the guy in the face with his rifle butt.

Don't fuck with the tourists, they bring money.

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Uh, yeah. Just recently the GOP took issue with new food guidelines that suggested people cut down on meat intake to help the environment.

Goddamn planet, getting in the way of our profit margins.

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It's uncomfortably comforting.

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Don't take it places where everyone is shooting at each other.